Real Rasslin Reviews: WWE NXT 13th April 2021

Pixc rounds up the events that happened on this weeks NXT!

Real Rasslin Reviews: WWE NXT 13th April 2021

Pixc here with the latest NXT review!

With a new era about to begin, let's see what this week brings!

NXT is now on Tuesdays. For all our new Real Rasslin league competitors, keep your eyes peeled for potential clues as to who is going to be on the rise going forward, I know I am.

Karrion Kross opens the show and our new NXT Champion has a few words to say. He is respectful of Balor and his ability, but claims he is going to out-wrestle everyone. He calls anyone to step up to him. He comments on the crowd being rowdy and references to time were made. This was a really good promo from Kross, he is in command, apparently.

We then get a recap of Takeover Stand and Deliver.

MSK (c) vs Killian Dain & Drake Maverick (NXT Tag Team Championship Match)

Didn't expect to see this title match so soon. Dain goes for a pin early on after a Suplex but finds no luck with it.

Once Drake is in he manages to get in some good offense, he ends up trapped in their corner though, and MSK take control. Bit weird as Dain could easily stop them but doesn't. However he does get back in and dominates them both.

Drake comes back in and allows Wes Lee to tag out. Carter gets some good offense in and then knocks Dain off the apron. Dain eventually comes in, drags Maverick to his corner, and tags himself in. MSK chop him down to size with some kicks, a nice double team offense.

The Corkscrew Senton, maybe? Even commentary didn't name it, but it was really good. The match continues and Drake comes in to help, they then go for the finish. Drake tags in and Dain Powerbombs him, he misses the fallen opponent though, Wes Lee dragging his partner to safety. The two then double team Wes Lee getting the pinfall as Nash Carter dives on Killian Dain, MSK retain as expected.

MSK were always going to retain here, but these two put on a decent match. It didn't set the world alight but it was entertaining to watch. Neither team looked weak. We then get a surprise appearance by Wolfe, who isn't alone. Imperium beat down Killian Dain and the salute is the end of that segment.

Winners MSK

Robert Stone and Aliyah are looking to get another tag title shot. Mercedes Martinez comes looking for him, throttling Aliyah in search of money for helping them. Jessi Kamea, who incidentally towers over her breaks it up and Mercedes will see her in the ring. Great segment, potential to build Jessi Kamea.

We get some more recap, the Unsanctioned match fallout. Definitely here to build tension, I sense this is not over and for me this is not a good thing.

Mercedes Martinez vs Jessi Kamea

Kamea comes straight out for Martinez, not sure on the attire, weird splatter black and white looking like cow print down one side.

Barrett and Phoenix argue over Robert Stone's potential fraudulent ways, but realistically they didn't win so I have to agree why is she still after the money? Jessi gets hit with a Death Valley Driver and there you have it, a quick win for Mercedes Martinez.

She goes to shake down Robert Stone getting her money. She then shouts at commentary, saying "Raquel Gonzalez, congratulations but I'm coming for you."

Winner Mercedes Martinez

We then head backstage for a quick chat with The Way, who are set for an eight person inter-gender tag team action later against Shotzi, Ember, Dexter Lumis and Bronson Reed.

Gargano is still convinced Regal is out to get them. Theory wants to finish things with Lumis and Indi wants to, well, get involved with Lumis. Candice looks disgusted and Gargano brings it back to him calling a hands in, which he gets Mackenzie involved, this was as ever Gargano gold!

Swerve Scott is in his “Lab”. He talks about his amazing performance at Takeover, but has his eyes on Leon Ruff saying after tonight, it's over.

Santos Escobar(c) vs Kushida (NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match)

Santos issues an open challenge, accepted of course, by Kushida. This should be good.

Escobar sends his henchmen to the back, lead by a lot of evading from both competitors early on. Escobar gets to the ropes to stop the early attempt at a Hoverboard Lock and Jushin Thunder Liger is mentioned a lot, big connection to both superstars in the ring.

Picture in picture begins after Kushida has to pull off a dive to the outside with a Springboard. Escobar works on his opponent outside the ring, going for that extra environmental impact.

As we return to full screen action, Esccobar is stood over Kushida in the corner. Barrett mentions he and Jushin Thunder Liger used to run the bingo in Mexico, even teaming together. Interesting titbit.

Escobar works on Kushida at the steps, he gets a sloppy cover and Kushida kicks out. Escobar throws some nice kicks and runs in for the Double Knees. Hitting a Hurricanrana from the top but again Kushida kicks out!

Escobar goes for a Stretch, the knee right in the back. Kushida comes back with some chops though, before getting knocked down with a Dropkick. Kushida gets back in control with the inverted Atomic Drop and eventually goes for the Submission.

He keeps things in his favour and hits a Suplex, holding on as they land and was close to the win here, but Escobar's foot found the ropes. They trade kicks then Escobar comes out on top in an exchange with a Backstabber! Off a reversal of the Phantom Driver they go into a bit of pin pong, which ends with Kushida seemingly adjusting to keep Escobar pinned. What a finish!

Kushida Shocks Santos Escobar, Wins NXT Cruiserweight Title

Image courtesy of Wrestlezone

I will first start by saying this totally unexpected and for me made the show and put a big smile on my face. Kushida accepting the challenge felt like a bad omen, with him never being used well, this was a nice turn around and I'm excited to see where it goes. I thought it was a solid bout that allowed Escobar to lose without too much disruption to his character. He will probably get a rematch or lead Legado del Fantasma to tag team glory soon.

Winner and NEW NXT Cruiserweight Champion, Kushida

Backstage Ciampa and Thatcher are sat down, they comment on the new landscape and they are apparently gunning for NXT Tag team gold. Interesting choice.

Kushida is with William Regal and Devlin interrupts them, He says he is coming back for that title. Kushida says anytime and Regal nods with a smirk.

Dakota Kai is in the ring, she calls for our new NXT Champion Raquel Gonzalez! Dakota is supportive and happy, so far. She thanks Dakota Kai, she shows Io respect.

We get an interruption from the debutant Franky Monet! She has arrived, not massively keen on her music. With the little dog in her arms she struggles with the mic, but manages to introduce herself. Raquel is not impressed telling her not to interrupt her again, otherwise she might shove that dog somewhere, not the greatest retort if you ask me.

OH MY GOD! Rhea Ripley's music hits, Gonzalez is asking why she is here, not keen clearly, They stare and then smile before clinking belts, clearly proud of each other. As they take each other in a familiar hair whip sounds and Bianca Belair walks to the ring, they celebrate this epic moment holding aloft all three womens belts in WWE. All products of NXT, group hug! Beautiful, if you didn't cry are you even human? Only one criticism, this should have ended the show, damn it!

NXT Draws a Great Viewership Number in First Tuesday Night Show

Image courtesy of

Next we get Pete Dunne, again reminding people who is the best and daring anyone to step to him.

Next William Regal, is bigging up the latest signing for NXT, Warrior of the Sun, Sarray, arriving next week, Great stuff. Mackenzie gets a quick word, but Roderick Strong is waiting in his office with his wife, Marina Shafir. He is apparently done with NXT. Regal gives him some words of encouragement, clearly sad to see him go. Roderick Strong going to main roster?

Leon Ruff vs Isaiah Swerve Scott

Ruff comes out swinging, great way to show off this heated rivalry.

Lots of energy in the early stages  Swerve gets an elbow from the top but only a near fall follows.

Ruff dodges and dives away from Swerve before getting caught, the momentum shifts in Swerve's favour. He takes his time but it fires Ruff up, some great countering from Swerve but Ruff eventually hits that Top Rope Cutter we all love to see.

A Missile Dropkick downs Swerve but he kicks out from the pin. A Hurricanrana from the top only gets Ruff a near fall, though.

Ruff reverses a big move hitting a Clothesline off the ropes, though. Then a really close fall before Swerve manages to drop Ruff on the top turnbuckle and follows with a Half Nelson into a Package Powerbomb looking thing finishes it for Swerve.

I quite enjoy the rivalry between these two it has been done really well. Swerve is getting better and Ruff is developing more of an edge in this scenario. I still don't think I see either of them doing big things, but I could be wrong.

Winner Isaiah Swerve Scott

Backstage Mackenzie is asking Zoey Stark how she is feeling after her win vs Toni Storm and her recent introduction to the womens division here in NXT. Mercedes Martinez comes and asks why she is bothering with her and claims she is going to challenge for the title next. Good build, something about these two, I feel it would be a good match.

A video package next of Imperium, apparently they are expanding.

Swerve is saying it's over with Ruff before he shows up and beats him up near the lockers. Great stuff, keeps this going.

Ember Moon, Shotzi, Dexter Lumis and Bronson Reed vs The Way

Lumis remains the obscure brooding figure, no fist bumps for him with his partners tonight.

Loving the matching attire of "The Way". Indi is great, trying to get closer to Lumis even as they enter the match.

Theory goes for the first tag and Candice stops him tagging in Indi, Shotzi comes in to face her. Lumis is back in, Gargano is in trouble and Indi is smitten on the apron. Candice pulls her away and Gargano stomps him in their corner.

Theory gets some good offense on Lumis in the picture in picture, Lumis turns it around as we return to full screen action. Bronson comes in and works over both Theory and Gargano, a Double Splash in the corner, double dropping them in the ring.

The ladies of The Way come in to break things up, Barrett commenting that no tags were made. Theory gets a brilliant dropkick on Bronson, starting a chain of offense which involves a DDT from Candice to Lumis, Bronson throwing Shotzi on the competitors and Gargano Superkicking Bronson before Lumis gets The Silence on him. Indi tries to break it but can't bring herself to do it. Indi is hoping for a kiss but Lumis is attacked from behind, on the second attempt Lumis carries her from the ring.

Bronson calls Ember to take to his shoulder and delivers an Eclipse to Theory, Gargano breaks Bronson's momentum briefly but he gets dropped onto Theory. Candice tries to Superplex Bronson and Shotzi comes over to drop her on Theory. The Tsunami from Bronson finishes the match. Great sequences of action, they did really well!

This match I expected to be a bit of a mess and personally I think it went down pretty well, some won't like the angle with Lumis and Indi but it's more comedic gold from Gargano and The Way for me.

Winners Ember, Shotzi, Bronson Reed and Dexter Lumis

So in summary, this was without a doubt an emotional roller coaster. The victory for Kushida was unexpected and such a great moment. It feels like someone is listening with this show, ya know?

The three WWE Womens champions standing in the ring, celebrating their victories, that was amazing, beautiful, thank you Triple H, I expect it was largely down to him that was allowed to happen.

Well with that said, I'm Pixc and that was your first NXT on a Tuesday, come back next week for another round. Thanks for reading, I'm out.