WWE NXT 12th October 2021

WWE NXT 12th October 2021

Pixc here, back with another week of NXT. Should be a fun show tonight from what I’ve heard.  

We start with Hit Row arriving, who get jumped by Legado, meaning Swerve is left alone as the rest are taken away in a car. Interesting development. 

Then we get to the ring with Joe Gacy sat with a microphone. He represents all of you, his snowflakes. Wow... this is terrible, it’s funny but I can’t believe they actually went with it. 

Joe Gacy vs Tommaso Ciampa (if Joe Gacy wins he is added to the NXT title match at Halloween Havoc)  

Gacy offers his hand but Ciampa kicks it away lightly. Ciampa is dominating early on, his experience proving too much for the new rookie. Gacy manages to get a backbreaker in, but had no chance with a cover that early on, Ciampa kicks out. 

Haarland is in the crowd, this distracts Gacy and Ciampa is able to regain control of the match. Ciampa signals it’s time for him to go to sleep and chases Gacy back into the ring, before once again he escapes. They brawl by the announce table and Ciampa avoids a dropkick when they return to the ring. Ciampa hits a drop toe hold and looks for the submission next. He adds insult to injury with a stomp before continuing his offense. Gacy comes back with a slam that gets him a two count. He then dives on Ciampa on the apron, the hardest part of the ring ya know! 

Picture in picture break now, with a splash of colour and the brand logo. The wrestling is even smaller now, might aswell not have it visible it’s so tiny! If you display 2.0 big enough people will love it, right Vince, right? Gacy looked to do ok here, even getting another near fall. Just before we return to full screen Ciampa throws Gacy into the pathetic looking barricade. Then we see his traditional patting himself on the back, which you've gotta love, vintage Ciampa right there! 

Running clotheslines from Ciampa next, a few in the corner and one in the centre of the ring. Gacy rolls through to avoid what could have been the finish and they trade blows in the middle of the ring. Gacy gets another near fall next off seemingly very little offense. Gacy then reverses another move and gets a pinfall in, but again Ciampa kicks out. Ciampa then hits the Fairytale Ending for the win, bit of a sudden end but makes sense for Ciampa to win. 

In the replay I spotted a nice drop kick mid handspring which looked pretty brutal, this match was pretty good considering, I think Gacy having a controversial gimmick and Ciampa being one of the fan favourites in recent times was a nice blend. The aftermath, Haarland comes to blows attacking Ciampa then Gacy somehow manages to escape getting mauled by stroking Haarland’s face. Weird but it does draw you in, what will happen next? 

Winner Tommaso Ciampa 

Toxic Attraction make their way to the ring next. Gigi starts by commenting on their failed attempt to destroy the women’s champion, Raquel Gonzalez, thanks to Io Shirai and Zoey Stark. Jacy Jayne announces they are facing Io and Zoey for the tag team gold. Mandy Rose finishes things off by challenging Gonzalez at Halloween Havoc, oh dear, not yet surely. I cringe at the thought of Mandy Rose as champion, but it would likely help shake things up around here and we do need a new women's champion. Bit shoddy that microphones were left in the ring in my opinion. 

A vignette for Halloween Havoc “I will bury the past, so I can start again” weird. 

Xyon Quinn vs Malik Blade 

Xyon using his strength to overpower Malik early on. He picks him up and drives him into the corner, following up with an Irish whip that sends Malik to the floor as he hits the turnbuckles. Malik rolls out and gets a dropkick from the top, he even gets a near fall from a roll up using his speed to surprise his opponent.  

Xyon then hits a slam and his flying clothesline looking thing to get an easy win here.  

Nothing special Xyon Quinn looks good but squash matches won't do much for him if you ask me.  

Winner Xyon Quinn 

A little interview with Tommaso Ciampa next, interrupted straight away by Grizzled Young Veterans. Zak Gibson is keen to point out he can’t wait to see him lose that title to a rookie. Bron Breakker turns up offended at the term rookie, he wants to go. Gibson and Drake leave them to it and Bron says he’ll stand by Ciampa until Halloween Havoc as he wants to beat him at his best! 

While we await Ivy Nile’s debut Swerve Scott tells McKenzie about the attack on Hit Row, he is confident he will be taking that belt to Smackdown, yeah right? How thick must they think the fan base are to think that is happening, come on Vince get with the programme! 

Ivy Nile vs Valentina Feroz 

Diamond Mine’s Ivy Nile is about to debut, pretty excited for this, I'm not expecting I’ll like her but this is a spectacle surely. Feroz angers Nile but she seems to be slowly building it. She then hits a delayed vertical suplex showing off her strength. Pulling her out of the corner then crushing her using the count to cause more damage.  

Ivy Nile showing her strength as she puts Feroz in a torture rack position and even throws in some squats, eventually Feroz taps, easy win for Ivy Nile. Not a fan of squash matches but it was better than I expected. She won’t impress me until she goes up against a big name though. 

NXT Spoilers] Ivy Nile with her own twist on a classic finisher:  SquaredCircle

image courtesy of Reddit

Winner Ivy Nile

After the match, Malcolm Bivens talked up her debut and then draws our attention to the Creed Brothers. He then gives the mic to Roderick Strong. He barely gets a word out before Ikemen Jiro’s music hits and he comes down to the ring. Julius isn’t impressed and says you have to earn it. Jiro strikes him into shock.  

Ikemen Jiro vs Julius Creed 

Julius gets brutal as he charges at Jiro knocking him down, taking his legs out from underneath him. He prods him with his feet while he’s down then suplexes Jiro. His first mistake is a missed elbow opening a door for Jiro to fight back. Jiro hits some strikes before taunting after his irish whip is reversed. He kicks Julius away from him and hits a top rope move before diving to the outside on Julius. He looks for another into the ring but Julius catches him and slams him in the ring. Julius hits a clubbing blow to Jiro as he lays there and gets the pinfall victory. 

Another win for Diamond Mine. I don’t much like that a tag team wrestler was given a win over a singles star, or that Jiro came out to face Strong but wasn’t given that match. However, it works for Diamond Mine and builds them as a faction, I guess. 

Winner Julius Creed 

Next up Diamond Mine attack Ikimen Jiro, a proper mugging, but Kushida comes to make the save only to fail to do so, partly by not attacking Ivy Nile, understandable he stopped but a bit weird.  

Lash Legend has another talk show for us, she mentions the draft. She calls Hit Row the Legends of the week. Mark from the crowd mentions Tony D’Angelo wanting to come on her show, to which she says three words, “Forget about it” love it! 

Kyle O’Reilly & Von Wagner vs Ridge Holland & Pete Dunne 

Von Wagner and Dunne start us off, Dunne looking to take the fight to the bigger man. I actually type the former’s name as “Con Wagner” previously wonder if it’s a sign of a future turn on O’Reilly. Wagner comes back with clubbing blows and a vertical suplex even under pressure from Dunne’s joint manipulation techniques.  

O’Reilly tags himself in and hits a brutal knee to Dunne. Ridge comes in shortly after this and O’Reilly looks to drag him over for a double team but Ridge is too much for him at this point. Dunne comes back in with O’Reilly down. They work on O’Reilly keeping the momentum on their side. O’Reilly gets an opportunity to change the complexion of the match hitting dragon screws on both Dunne and Ridge, this momentum doesn’t last as he tags Von Wagner and Ridge is tagged in too. They brawl before Ridge pulls Von Wagner to the outside. He ends up regretting this as he tastes the steel steps. 

With the action returning to the ring O’Reilly tags in and is worked over again by their opponents. Dunne gets a near fall. O’Reilly looks for the tag but Von Wagner wasn’t there, Dunne manages to get the tag again despite being in an ankle lock. Ridge looks to finish him on the outside but Von Wagner dives into the fray, scattering Dunne and Ridge. He runs round to their corner for the tag and Kyle crawls to get it. Ridge cuts him off but he reaches out and there it is, tag!  

Von Wagner comes in and does a number on Ridge, he even avoids Dunne as he tries to intervene. Von Wagner calls for Kyle O’Reilly to finish Dunne he fires himself up and hits a knee diving off the apron. Von Wagner then dispatches Ridge in quick fashion. A double underhook suplex for the finish, pinfall victory.  

I quite liked the finish for this match. The 'finish him' line from Von Wagner and the faces picking up the win, really helped a I had zero interest in before it started. I’m sick of Pete Dunne vs Kyle O’Reilly and want to see fresh feuds going forward please Vince! 

Winner Kyle O’Reilly & Von Wagner 

Andre Chase University next, kind of feels like a copy of Thatcher’s school and a bit of Matt Striker, he comments on Odyssey Jones needing to have more ring awareness. A student calls him out and he gets angry sending him to the dumbass class with Steve, made me think of Red from That 70s Show, ok segment, I guess we've got to wait and see if he does ok. 

Tony D’Angelo talks himself up, and takes a shot at his opponent Malik Blade. He also comments on the producer Mark from Lash Legend’s show. Apparently, he is in the trunk of the car, wow! That was pretty unexpected, ties in with his mafia gimmick nicely. I can see him developing well. 

Grayson Waller vs Duke Hudson 

Grayson Waller references his boxing pedigree and says he is “All in” for tonight's match, referencing Duke’s poker playing schtick. Hudson powers his opponent into the corner, he continues to try use this power to his advantage but Waller is quite agile and seems to have the better of him. A belly to belly suplex slows him down though. 

Duke Hudson grinds his opponent down but Waller comes back with some strikes and uses his speed to hit a rolling stunner of sorts. Hudson comes back though with a quick roll up and with a handful of tights he steals the win.  

I wasn’t too bothered about this match, it ended up being ok, Grayson Waller has potential, Duke Hudson is just not my style at all. Vince will likely love him and push him to the moon though, sorry Grimes. Not sure what the idea of giving him a poker chip was, maybe Duke will start a poker tournament for some weird angle shenanigans like the APA. 

Winner Duke Hudson 

Santos Escobar is backstage with Legado del Fantasma, joking about the attack on Hit Row and promising Swerve his familia will stay backstage for their encounter tonight. Not that anyone believes him. Good build and hopefully the end of a decent feud between the two factions. 

Lumis gets a kiss from his wife Indi before she heads out for her match. A vignette for Imperium comes up next, they have an issue with MSK, to them “the mat is sacred.” 

Indi Hartwell and Persia Pirotta vs Sarray & Amari Miller 

Persia starts off well against Sarray getting her into the corner for the tag and double team. Indi then gets a taste of Amari Miller who comes out swinging. Persia gets in again taking over, looking really strong dumping Miller, before hitting Indi Hartwell from the top rope with the elbow, brilliant finish. 

The match was short and enjoyable, Persia really stood out for me, she looked great and it could be a great move for Indi to step into tag team action but in a more leading role. The aftermath though, that was something else. Persia seemed acceptable on the mic already, not trying too hard if you ask me. They want them tag titles, Io and Zoey come out followed by Toxic Attraction and a brawl ensues. While I liked Toxic Attraction taking a shot at the relationship between the champs, “she likes me, she likes me not” is a great line. I do feel it’s a bit early for both these teams to be trying for those titles. I smell a triple threat tornado tag. 

Winners Indi Hartwell & Persia Pirotta 

Grayson Waller is backstage. He spies a lady in blue, seemingly sweet talks her in a few seconds to arrange a date and then Cameron Grimes comes into the scene. He’s down about his loss to Pete Dunne and Grayson is trying to help him out with some advice. He shows him dating apps as we cut back to the ring. 

Isaiah Swerve Scott ( c ) vs Santos Escobar (NXT North American Championship match) 

Swerve attacks before the bell as Escobar comes to the ring. He throws him into the steps and Swerve talks a little trash before they enter the ring for the bell. Escobar ducks out of the ring once the match starts and Swerve drops on him over the top rope. Swerve seems more vicious in this match, selling the anger from the attack on his stablemates earlier. He pulls the pad off a turnbuckle, not the inside bit though so the referee seems to let it slide.  

They are locked in a grapple in the ring, countering move for move when Escobar drops Swerve on the ring apron, hardest part of the ring ya know! Then he dives to the outside, sending Swerve over the announce table with the momentum. Picture in Picture time next, as Escobar works on his opponent. He's still in control as we return to the full screen, seemingly dominating Swerve. 

A slugfest ensues, the crowd following it in awe. Swerve gets a clothesline in and follows up with a running strike in the corner, Escobar manages to counter his next move though and looks to steal the win. The pinfall falls just short and the match continues. Escobar gets the knees in the corner before hitting the whistling hurricanrana. Swerve kicks out again and Escobar can’t believe it. A low dropkick sends Swerve to the outside, but Escobar grabs him and Swerve has to counter, dropping Escobar on the ropes, ouch! Swerve slams him into the hardest part of the ring, that’s the apron remember.  

Escobar manages to avoid a high risk move as Swerve went up top. The knees allowed him to get another near fall and this is where it gets interesting, Legado appear on the apron unhappy with the way things are going. The interference is short lived though as Carmelo and Trick come to the aid of Swerve, dispatching the two henchmen. Swerve hits the JML Driver after a brutal shot from that exposed turnbuckle from earlier.  

That was a great match, didn’t expect Swerve to win but I’m glad he did. Carmelo holds his hand up to celebrate then he “cashes in” his opportunity for a title shot anytime. It’s like Money in the Bank? What? I don’t believe it, right now? 

Winner Isaiah Swerve Scott 

So, this is how it happens is it? 

Carmelo Hayes vs Isaiah Swerve Scott ( c ) (NXT North American Championship match) 

Carmelo quickly takes Swerve down and goes for the pinfall but Swerve manages to kick out. Swerve gets a strike in, giving himself a little room. Carmelo though heads up to the top, he drops the legs on Swerve and boom there it is, a big win for Carmelo Hayes. The new North American Champion is... Carmelo Hayes!  

I like the way this was done, it was unpredictable and it solves the problem of Swerve moving to Smackdown. Though it would have been interesting breaking the wall between the brands for a bit. I’m not sure about Carmelo with the title but he has shown a lot of promise, he just needs to be himself. I loved his promo where he referenced ruthless aggression.

Isaiah 'Swerve' Scott loses the North American championship ... to Carmelo  Hayes - Cageside Seats

image courtesy of Cageside Seats

Winner and NEW NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes 

In summary even though this was a decent show, I just felt it dragged a little for me, maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for it this time round. I feel the future is looking bright, hopefully not vomit coloured though. I’m curious to see what happens going forward and I particularly enjoyed seeing Persia’s debut with Indi. I’m hoping to see a great match between Bron Breakker with Tommaso Ciampa against Grizzled Young Veterans. Hoping to see Imperium vs Creed Brothers someday too. 

Thanks for reading guys, Pixc Out.