WWE NXT 11th January 2022

Pixc is back to run us through the events from this week's episode of NXT

WWE NXT 11th January 2022

Pixc here back with another week of NXT, once again taking a paintball of colour kind of bullet for the team, struggling through Vince’s reimagining of our beloved black and gold brand. With a new era looking set to begin, welcome to the Bron Breakker show? Let’s find out what went down on NXT. 

We kick off with that, Bron Breakker finally your NEW NXT champion. He thanks Ciampa for his respect and then offers the locker room some advice, hyping himself up in the process, good segment if a little short and void of confrontation. As he's about to leave, Santos Escobar and him have a little stare down, Bron laughs before leaving him to make his way to the ring. 

Xyon Quinn vs Santos Escobar 

Xyon comes out of the gates early smashing Santos in the face catching him off guard. He shows a lot of strength early on and Elektra Lopez is watching on from the podium in the crowd. Xyon continues to be dominant until we go to picture in picture, not much to note just typical brawling. Santos eventually gets some shots in, looking to chop down the bigger man. Full screen returns and he has an ankle lock on Xyon. Santos focuses on his legs then sets him up in the corner for a running attack that downs him. Elektra has moved to ringside by this point.  

Escobar hypes himself up for another running attack but Xyon cuts him off, then dives into him with some shoulder thrusts. Mendoza is on the apron, Xyon dispatching Santos in the ring before rushing to attack him, but he gets caught by Santos. While on the outside, Elektra comes over and Santos drops Xyon making it look like a distraction to help Xyon, Santos heads back to the ring. Xyon and Elektra have a moment where it looks like she encourages him to finish Santos, he looks strong as he fends Santos off but Elektra kicks him with a low blow, causing him to fall to the ground. Mendoza grabs him throwing him into the ring. Santos hits a Phantom Driver and that is it, Santos wins! 

This just seemed a waste and very Hollyoaks for no reason, other soaps do exist. I hate when a faction wins by some cheap tactic, especially when the guy in the ring is more than capable. I’d rather have had Xyon win, but it probably won’t hurt him going forward. Wonder if this is the end of the feud, or if Xyon will get revenge? Elektra stays with Legado del Fantasma then, will a new faction come to feud with them seen as WWE released Hit Row? 

Winner Santos Escobar, Elektra Lopez is still Legado del Fantasma. 

Tony D’Angelo is telling Pete Dunne next to worry about him, hyping their match tonight. This rivalry is my favourite at the moment, always been a fan of Pete Dunne and Tony D’Angelo has grown on me, just love his gimmick. 

We get a clip of Grayson Waller who showed up on RAW to ruin AJ Styles’ match against Austin Theory. They seem to be linking NXT to the other shows more, I’m not a massive fan personally but I guess it might be beneficial, pulling some fans between the shows who might normally never watch NXT or never watch RAW. 

Cameron Grimes hype next, time to go Twenty Twenty To the Moon! Nothing much in that clip, it leads to a bit about Roman Reigns and it seems Seth will be showing up on Smackdown, so if you’re interested look out for more on that I guess, intriguing.  

We next go pool side, Mandy Rose is having a photo shoot after her first successful title defence. Hyping herself up, telling us to keep watching and keep staring.  

Damon Kemp vs Cameron Grimes 

We get to see the end of this new guy’s entrance which is unusual for a “potential jobber.” It looks like Malcolm Bivens is interested in Damon Kemp, he looks on from ringside. Kemp shows his skill as Bivens claps him. Grimes manages to escape the grip of his opponent. He then hits a running attack and heads to the top. He dives onto Kemp before signalling for the cave in, he gets all of it and it’s over. Cameron Grimes wins.  

Kemp seemed to do ok in this match, hopefully he gets some wins soon and this won’t hurt him. Grimes needs to keep his momentum going in my opinion, he has been a favourite of mine for a while. I really want him to win gold soon. 

Winner Cameron Grimes 

Joe Gacy is talking about the Dusty Classic, they, that is to say himself and Harland, are being allowed to enter into the tournament. They will face Edris Enofe and Malik Blade in a qualifying match tonight, could be a good match but expecting a squash by Harland. 

We recap Von Wagner’s heinous actions last week getting his hands on the audience. He has been suspended and fined. 

Edris Enofe & Malik Blade vs Harland & Joe Gacy 

We get a clip of them hyping themselves up while they are waiting for their opponents, seem like they could make a good team. Gacy is going to start in the ring against Enofe. Gacy has him in the corner and looks for the cheap shot but Enofe dodges it. Some rope work and then Gacy plants him into the mat. Looked like a sambo suplex,   

Enofe makes the tag having stunned Gacy with a knee. Blade comes in but almost immediately tags back out. A nice double team and Enofe only gets a near fall. He dives for a splash in the corner but Harland comes in as Gacy dodges it. Harland manhandles Blade then hits a knee in the corner. He drops Enofe on the apron and dispatches him to the outside. He is pummelling Blade in the corner and the referee counts for a break. He loses the match by Disqualification.

Good character development for Harland, feels like he is heading for a ticking time bomb where he either turns on Gacy or who knows, maybe he could be put in stipulation matches. Gacy could alternatively get control of his monster but seems unlikely.  

Winners Edris Enofe & Malik Blade 

Tony D’Angelo vs Pete Dunne (Crowbar on a pole match) 

Both seem popular with the crowd early on. Typical Pete Dunne style roughneck, British strong style brutality straight away, targeting the head and manipulating the joints. Tony stops him twice from getting the crowbar following very similar moves. Dunne stops him next and the two battle in the corner. The crowbar drops into easy reach but Dunne is unable to clip it in time.  

Dunne continues to work on his opponent stomping on his hand. He works the arm in typical fashion. Then again looks to grab the crowbar. D’Angelo somehow gets there to stop him and suplexes him away from that corner. D’Angelo then easily gets the crowbar. Dunne manages to dodge his hits with the crowbar and take it off his opponent. D’Angelo manages to get to the outside, he drags Dunne out and manages to get the weapon back.  

Dunne fights him and the referee is counting as Dunne breaks the count following knees to the arm on the outside. D’Angelo forces Dunne into the corner whilst the crowbar is being used to wear him down. Dunne bounces off the corner and into a neckbreaker, but Dunne is still in this one. Dunne builds momentum with strikes then grabs the crowbar. He manages to stay on his feet when suplexed surprising D’Angelo with a drop toe hold.

The two end up fighting over a chair that D’Angelo brings into the ring, the referee grabs it and Dunne gets D’Angelo in a triangle hold. D’Angelo makes it to the ropes but had hold of the crowbar just in case. He lets go and Dunne grabs as he rises. D’Angelo sends him into the corner, nasty landing before he sends him into the pole and gets a full strike with the crowbar in the middle of the ring and it’s over. Your winner Tony D’Angelo. 

This was a good match but I honestly feel it might hurt Dunne losing again. Are they ever going to push him to do much? Interested to see where Tony D’Angelo goes from here to be fair.  

Winner Tony D’Angelo 

Grayson Waller is backstage with McKenzie and he hypes himself up and talks about his “Main Event” match with AJ Styles tonight.  

A little build for Indi, Persia and it seems Wendy Choo as they are in action next against Kacy, Kayden & Amari Miller. It is interesting to see Wendy still snoozing but she gets up and stretches, still wearing her PJ’s.  

Toxic Attraction hype next, Gigi and Jacy Jayne. They are claiming men want to be with them and women want to be them, they are “The” attraction. Honestly this feels very forced and kind of like the writers have nothing original, old rehashed lines, maybe I’ve seen too much and WWE now is for new fans, I liked Gigi before Toxic Attraction but I just don’t think they are anything special anymore. 

Indi, Persia & Wendy Choo vs Kacy, Kayden & Amari Miller 

Wendy does indeed come out in her PJ’s and fluffy slippers, with her pillow, this I have to see! After their opponents finish dancing to the ring Indi gets us underway with Amari. Amari quickly tags out and Kayden & Kacy both dive to the outside. Indi takes a lot of damage from Kayden, Persia is even knocked from the apron before Amari comes in. Wendy Choo is in also and seems a little like someone has been watching Orange Cassidy. She is a bit more active in the ring considering her sleepy demeanor. She dominates Amari but only gets a near fall. The match breaks down and we are left with Wendy Choo half asleep, Amari grabs her but she kicks her off and makes the tag. Persia dominates tagging Indi then slamming her opponent to the ground setting up Pretty Savage, which is a nice name for Indi’s elbow drop finisher, game over. 

My two favourite women’s teams here with a couple of add ons, in a decent match, the comedic value brought by Wendy Choo, WWE’s female version of Orange Cassidy it seems. I liked her style and I want to see more, hopefully this means Indi and Persia get a tag title shot soon. Gigi and Jacy Jayne need to defend those titles, maybe Vince is back to his old tricks again not doing much with the tag titles. Do you want to see more of Wendy Choo? Do you like this new gimmick? 

Winners Indi, Persia and Wendy Choo 

MSK backstage come across the Dusty Classic trophy. They are having a moment, talking about the teams they might have to go through when Dakota Kai comes to stir the pot. She says “nothing divides friendship, like success.” They wave her away, clearly offended by that notion. I have to agree, if Vince breaks these two up it will be the end for both of them, they are a team and a damn good one at that!  

Solo Sikoa next, he is keen to fight Boa, he doesn’t care which version shows up. Seems anger is on the menu on NXT this week as next up we get Kay Lee Ray seeing the remnants of Mandy Rose’s photo shoot, this one backstage, she smashes it up with her baseball bat. Great stuff, could be your next challenger if that is anything to go by. 

Solo Sikoa vs Boa 

We come back to the ring and this match gets going quick. I think it felt a little messed up as the bell rung so quickly after the camera was back there. Sikoa looked to ground Boa before using strikes. Boa uses the ring post and then sends his opponent back in the ring. Boa continues to work on Sikoa with strikes up against the ropes. A nice double underhook suplex only gets him a near fall.  

Boa looking strong but Sikoa fights his way up, then strikes away before hitting a running senton and dispatching his opponent to the outside. Sikoa throws Boa into the steps and Boa turns things around at the wrong time it seems, the two continue brawling and the referee calls for a 10 count, this match is a double count out.  

They continue to brawl backstage. I personally thought this was one of Boa’s best showings. Sikoa still looked good but the double count keeps the rivalry going which isn’t going to be a bad thing, maybe they can have a stipulation match or no count out match, feels like they want to get some more out of this rather than just a couple of matches and then one of them disappears into nothing. 

Double Count Out 

AJ Styles is asked to comment on what just happened, he loves the passion of the NXT superstars and then takes a shot at Grayson Waller before saying “The Grayson Waller effect ends tonight!” Intrigued as I am about AJ Styles wrestling on NXT, I hope he doesn’t lose to Grayson Waller. 

We have a recap for Carmelo Hayes vs Roderick Strong. Then Carmelo arrives in a fancy car. Heading to the ring it seems to address the NXT universe.  

Boa and Sikoa are backstage having a goa what dya knowa! Brawling somehow, Boa changes and Sikoa falls back needing medical attention. Bit of breaking news, Von Wagner’s fine is paid and his suspension has been lifted. Wonder what that is all about, Robert Stone? 

Trick introduces our North American champion. Carmelo wants to get serious. He proper milks it, he comments he “ain’t passing” which has Trick worried but he dismisses his concerns, “you know what I mean” and continues to hype himself and rip off old lines from WWE with “step up and get stepped on” forget who said that or something similar but it just seems Carmelo likes to steal or tweak others catchphrases or lines. AJ Styles music hits and Carmelo does not look impressed. 

Carmelo and Trick go to leave but Cameron Grimes has his keys, he is there to tell the champ he is coming for that North American title! Yes, hopefully he wins too but realistically I think he will lose as it is always going to be about Vince’s guys now. 

AJ Styles vs Grayson Waller 

Waller looks to be trying to wind Styles up, dodging away from him as they start. Styles look to be in control but still Waller taunts him. A nice backbreaker by Styles as Waller looked for some offense. Waller gets a shot in but Styles answers back. As he looks to dive to the outside though, Waller cuts him off dropping him on the apron, then a neckbreaker before sliding to the outside with a clothesline. 

As we return to full screen action, Waller has Styles down in a cravat hold. Styles fights out but Waller holds his own. Styles then hits an impressive combo before hitting a forearm to a downed Waller. He follows up and gets a near fall on Waller. Styles looking for the Styles Clash but Waller makes it to the ropes. Styles dives on him on the outside before signalling for the phenomenal forearm but Waller avoids him and gets him down for a middle rope elbow drop, no luck on the pinfall though.  

Waller looking to counter but Styles rolls through into the calf crusher. Waller screaming in pain somehow manages to crawl to the ropes with ease. Waller gets a roll up next and Styles kicks out, he walks into a slam from Waller next but still Styles remains in it. Waller looks to hit the Styles Clash signalling but it doesn’t work. Waller somehow manages to hit his rolling stunner but Styles kicks out, thank god! Styles manages to escape a dangerous position in the corner, before he then hits a leaping Pele kick. AJ then goes for the phenomenal forearm, he gets it and it’s over, AJ Styles wins! 

AJ Styles gives him his props saying “you’re good but you’re not phenomenal” but signals it is not over introducing a good friend of his, LA Knight is back! LA Knight attacks Grayson Waller, revenge for the attack by Grayson Waller a while back, he brawls with him a little then sends him packing before seemingly having a miscommunication with AJ Styles but the two shake hands and celebrate with the crowd. 

Winner AJ Styles 

All in all, NXT was alright this week. I don’t like how Carmelo can’t be fully original, but I fear that is a product of the system, in wrestling if it isn’t tried and tested it seems it doesn’t do well often. I think the promo for Bron was a bit meh, nothing special and a lot of the time NXT feels like slow filler these days, the wrestling is average but the character work is often good. Vince loves his characters, so it stands to reason that is the positive aspect here. What did you think of NXT? Feel free to let us know on our Facebook group or catch us on your social media networks. 

Thanks for reading, I’ve been Pixc, this has been NXT and I am out!