Real Rasslin Reviews: WWE NXT 10th March 2021

Pixc is back with this weeks NXT review

Real Rasslin Reviews: WWE NXT 10th March 2021

It's time once again for a weekly review with me, Pixc. Right here on Real Rasslin! We have a bumper edition of NXT and I for one think this is a great response after a great PPV from AEW, as they are sure to have a good show this week, if you care about the ratings war which I don't, this is a night to pull out all the stops!

We start with a few clips of the main champions and tonights challengers making their way in to the Performance Center. Two main title matches and apparently Regal has big things to announce, suprised he didn't get MVP to come help him!

William Regal kicks us talking up the time of the year, his first announcment is a two night takeover special, Stand and Deliver! Wednesday and Thursday night! Damn it Regal, why you do this to me. Looks like a busy week for me.

The women of NXT are at ringside for the next announcement, he bigs them up as the best division. Have to say I agree. He calls Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai to the ring and announces they are now the first ever NXT Womens Tag Team champions, selling his dislike of the drama from last week, wow! They do a little speech bigging the division up but saying they dominated them. Shotzi and Ember come to congratulate them and challenge for the titles tonight! Regal makes it official, ah boom!

NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver set to take place Wednesday, April 7 and  Thursday, April 8 | WWE

Image courtesy of WWE

So let me weigh in before we move on. I am not totally against the idea of the NXT women's tag team titles, but we shouldn't need to do this. The tag team titles currently held by Shayna & Nia, are not used properly, they don't put actual tag teams first in their booking, they fail to give them a spotlight, so why not have them defended across all three brands by a real team, I'd love to see Gonzalez and Kai face Riott Squad, Sexy Muscle Friends and still defend it on home turf against the women of the black and gold brand, more on this no doubt later.

Io Shirai (c) vs Toni Storm (NXT Womens Title match)
We kick off with the womens title match, god I love Io's music! They lock up and Toni pushes Io against the ropes, dirty break from Storm. Her attempt to dive out is blocked by Shirai and she next gets some nice strikes in. Shirai gets an abdominal stretch in trying to wear down Storm. Storm pulls her down onto the apron and throws her into the steps before we head into everyones favourite feature, picture in picture. Storm builds momentum here, taking control of the match. As we return to full action Io starts to fight back, a nice feint kick, but only a near fall follows. A nice reversal next with a double stomp and Storm has to recover quick to meet Io on the top rope. A near fall for Storm off a nice bridged german suplex. Storm with an excellent adjustment Io ducks but she was wise to it and drops an elbow, beautiful chemistry! Shirai then hits her moonsault to the outside and both of them are down as the referee counts. They both make it back in Storm getting a near fall from a sitout powerbomb. Shirai then hits some nice strikes and drops her into a crossface, this looked so good! Shirai then misses her moonsault but manages to kick out of the Storm Zero that follows. Storm misses a headbutt from the top and she gets caught in a crossface, she taps! Shirai wins, nice finish.

I really enjoyed this match. These two have great chemistry, I honestly thought Storm could win this, but I'm glad Io retained, what a great match. I think just the right balance of back and forth in this one. Hopefully they go again someday, who knows maybe it will be at takeover. We shall have to wait and see,

Winner Io Shirai

Next up Finn Balor is hyping his match later with Adam Cole, claiming Adam was very confident trash talking from a distance but now it's time to fight. Reminding him he is on his own now. Great tie in with the Undisputed Era story.

LA Knight is backstage, he says he might debut next week in the ring. Bronson Reed turns up to get in his face, looks like he wants a piece. Bit of a mismatch for me here but let's see what happens.

Jake Atlas vs Pete Dunne
Pete gets straight down to business, manipulating Jake's arm and even after he's used his speed to attempt to counter Dunne soon switches things back in his favour. Dunne then pins Atals down working on the fingers and arm. Atlas fights back with a few strikes but his standing moonsault even on the second attempt does not managing to get the pinfall. Dunne stops the cartwheel DDT by hitting the ropes. Going back to his joint manipulation and Atlas submits from the following hold.

Dunne celebrates with tag champs before grabbing the mic. Dunne talks about himself and how people need to step up to him, claiming he is the best technical wrestler, daring someone to prove him wrong. Reminds me of someone else who is known for that accolade.

Winner Pete Dunne

Next Imperium are backstage calling on Timothy Thatcher to join them. It seems he was once a part of Imperium. Wonder if we can check that out on the network. They say that if needs be you can bring Ciampa with you. Interesting development.

As we build towards the Womens Tag Title match, Leon Ruff is backstage talking about Swerve Scott, building to a match next week, claiming it is going to be another Ruff Landing for him next week. Love that name for his signature crucifix pin, great idea.

Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez (c) vs Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart (NXT Women's Tag Team Title Match)
Beth makes reference to the Jumping Bomb Angels, Barrett is pretty impressed and I have to agree, well worth a mention. Different music for Shotzi and Ember, interesting. A nice opening sequence sees Ember dropkick Gonzalez into her corner for the tag, then Kai returns the favour kicking Ember back towards Shotzi. Shotzi locks in a cloverleaf submission, Kai crawls to the ropes eventually breaking the hold. They then get a double kick takedown as we head into another picture in picture break. Kai showing great aggression after dodging Shotzi to bring Gonzalez back in to the match. They work over Shotzi in the corner and Kai gets a near fall it looks like. Shotzi then gets one of her own, before a further pin from Kai and the action continues. Gonzalez is back in, she locks in a bearhug and full screen action is returned to us in all it's glory. Kai is back in with a near fall straight away. Shotzi forces the break getting a pin while in a submission hold. Shotzi manages to escape for the tag and Ember comes in hot. A nice sequence of moves, she doesn't let up and even Gonzalez gets a taste before the champs escape to the outside, Gonzalez is dived upon though and Kai almost gets pinned in the ring. Gonzalez and Kai gets some double team action in but no luck with the pinfall attempt. Gonzalez clearly frustrated stretches Ember on her shoulders dropping her for a pin but Shotzi breaks it up. Shotzi gets the tag taking both opponents out from the top rope. She drops Kai in the ring and gets a near fall on her before tagging Ember back in. A nice double team almost gets them the win as Ember brings Shotzi back in. The double team brings in Gonzalez who almost suffers an eclipse thanks to some innovative  offense using her strength to catch Ember before Kai accidentally takes them both out of the ring. Kai then is rolled up by Shotzi for the win. New tag team champions Ember and Shotzi, their friendship is clearly on display, ya love to see it!

Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart def. Dakota Kai & Raquel González to win  newly unveiled NXT Women's Tag Team Titles | WWE

Image courtesy of WWE

I loved this match, the back and forth, the strength factor from Raquel Gonzalez and the resilience from Dakota Kai, the gutsy teamwork of Shotzi and Ember. I am happy no matter what the result in this match was, but you gotta feel for Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez. They deserved a little run in my opinion but who knows what will happen now.

Winners Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon

Adam Cole is in the locker room next, claiming he put Kyle and Roddy in their place and he decides when Undisputed Era is dead, he played Finn Balor and tonight he becomes a two time NXT champion. 

Bit of hype for Kayden Carter vs Xia Li up next. Followed by the NEW womens tag champs coming to the back to applause and cheers, but The Way ain't happy. Gargano fires Austin up against Lumis. 

A little video package promoting womens history month, their inolvement in sport, including some notable names.

Xia Li & Kayden Carter
With her friend Kacy out injured thanks to Xia Li, Kayden looks for some payback. Kayden is ready for Xia Li but it doesn't take long for Xia Li to start to gain momentum. It feels like the first time Xia Li looks in for a fight. Kacy shows up at ringside on crutches. Xia Li then spots her and says this is for you, looking to damage Kayden the same way. Kacy causes the DQ by blasting Xia Li with a crutch then goes on a wee rampage with the crutch, Boa comes in and blocks it. He then looks to attack her but Kayden intercepts and the two escape the ring.

I like this storyline, really building Xia Li and not hurting the two plucky underdogs, Kayden & Kacy, I hope they keep building them all as I think they do need to work on some of the other women not already at the top of the roster here on NXT.

Winner Xia Li by Disqualification

Next we see Jordan Devlin at the airport. Telling us he loves this time of year and he has big news, he is coming for that pretender, Santos Escobar. His travel ban is lifted, this is going to be epic!
A package is aired next hyping up Zoey Stark, some footage and words about her journey from the new woman in NXT. I liked her showing against Io and look forward to seeing her in the ring some more. She says she can work any style.

William Regal is backstage in discussion with Santos Escobar, getting heated about Jordan Devlin, clearly not happy. Legado del Fantasma come for their match and he tells them to get out to the ring and deal with their busniess.

Legado del Fantasma vs Grizzled Young Veterans
Grizzled Young Veterans come out and Zak Gibson trash talks for a bit, he comments on them and then mentions MSK and what GYV did to them, usual gold from Gibson. Mendoza and Gibson start the match. Gibson takes control and tags Mendoza in, but he fights them off and a few quick tags follow from Legado. Wylde is then distracted by the astronauts at the top of the ramp. GYV then get distracted as MSK are revealed to be wearing the suits. Wylde maanges to get a pinfall and the win off this distraction. Legado del Fantasma win. GYV not happy with MSK and the two teams brawl at ringside. Wes Lee getting Gibson back with the hand slammed against the steel steps. Breezeango then show up in the ring, and do a number on Wylde in the ring before he is dragged clear by Mendoza and MSK and Breezeango celebrate in the ring with a little gyrating!

This was definitely more build and filler here, curious to see where it goes but was very short and a great way of getting more wrestlers on the card I guess. Keeps the tag title picture interesting I think.

Winners Legado del Fantasma

Backstage Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez are with Mack, Kai's choice of words not mine, you love to see it. They are not happy but know that they were the 1st ever NXT womens tag team champions. Io shows up and she wants Gonzalezz next. Well the official number one contender from War Games is finally in the picture, let's go!

Timothy Thatcher is asked backstage about Imperium's offer for him and Ciampa to join them and takeover NXT. Ciampa interrupts the interview and says he ain't down with that, he is however interested in Walter, looks like the two will face Imperium next week?

Speaking of next week Leon Ruff vs Swerve Scott and L A Knight debuts,  Austin Theory will go one on one with Dexter Lumis. Lot's to look forward to then. I think we might get Johnny Gargano vs Dexter Lumis and Takeover Stand and Deliver. 

Adam Cole vs Finn Balor (c) (NXT Title match)
Some trash talking to start this one off. Some rope work straight away from these two. Early going is a bit of a grind, nice slow back and forth. The two break for a stare down as we go into picture in picture. More of the same during this section but Cole is building as we return to full screen action. Finn is selling the jaw well again. He then grounds Cole, the action eventually spills to the outside though with Cole on top. He throws Finn into the barricade then brings him back into the ring. Finn comes off an irish whip into the corner with a dropkick taking Cole down. Balor working on the left knee. follows up with a double stomp, tries to continue but Cole reverses, another counter by Balor then a near fall as Cole kicks out. Adam Cole goes to mess with the steps. It kind of backfires as Finn suplexes him onto the ramp instead. More picture in picture next, finally i'm certain the adverts and wrestling are tied together and repeat a little, not sure if its a WWE thing or the video I'm watching. Full screen action continues with a slugfest of strikes. Cole counters the 1916 into a brainbuster into a near fall, Finn is still in it. 

Imperium confirmed to be facing Timothy Thatcher and Tomasso Ciampa here.

Coup de Grace from Balor misses and Cole comes back with a superkick, Cole locks in a crossface looking to tap Finn out. Finn eventually makes it to the ropes. Wish the referee didn't tap here, was a bit off putting. Cole breaks it at 4. Some itty bitty stomps next from Cole but Balor then explodes back into action, Cole counters though and hits the last shot, commentary highlight the jaw again and Finn is selling it but he still kicks out. Great stuff here. Cole then hits the Panama Sunrise and Finn kicks out again! Barrett is convinced Balor just will not die, claiming Cole might need a truck to run him over. Cole is at ringside as Kyle O'Reilly appears on the other side of the barricade. Balor takes control and has a breif look at Kyle as he looks to finish things. He delivers the Coup de Grace for the win. Nice finish, can't really claim  it was interference that cost Cole in fairness, but they will!

Kyle enters the ring and paces round Cole, who profusely apologises and then goes for the low blow which Kyle blocks and kicks him in the face, the brawl ensues, Kyle throws the referee off a couple of times and referees eventually flood the area to break things up. boooooo! Cole escapes up the ramp but Kyle follows him and the exit the ringside area. We cut to Finn in the ring and the crowd raises the noise levels as Karrion Kross is revealed to be stood behind Balor. He says "What took you so long?" 

This match was ok, I think we have been spoiled during Finn's run as champion to some epic wrestling, though I think Adam Cole is pretty good, I found Finn's matches with Pete Dunne and Kyle O'Reily much better. So this felt a little like filler for me, just waiting for Kross to get his shot. I don't really want to see Finn lose yet, not to Kross anyway, but I fear it is inevitable. What do you think?

NXT's Finn Balor Retains NXT Championship and Teases Karrion Kross TakeOver  Showdown

Image courtesy of

Winner Finn Balor (c)

In summary this was a stacked NXT show. Three title matches, some great build towards next week and likely Takeover Stand and Deliver, the two night Takeover. New womens tag champs in NXT and L A Knight will debut next week. I can't wait to see what goes down next week , so I'll see you back here, right here on Real Rasslin! 

Thanks for reading, Pixc out!