WWE Legend The Undertaker admits to using Steroids.

Taker made the revelation during a podcast appearance

WWE Legend The Undertaker admits to using Steroids.

On a recent Joe Rogan experience Podcast, WWE legend, The Undertaker, revealed that he took steroids during his Historic 30-year career. He would go on to reveal that WWE had a strict drug policy for current WWE superstars. 

This is what he had to say: 

"There was a time where everyone had to be big, jacked, right. Especially the 6ft 8inch guys, the big guys - there was a stigma, you've got to be 330 pounds. 

It's in our heads - nobody gives a s**t. They're interested in the characters and what you do on tv.  But in our heads, f**k you gotta be 330 pounds"

He also added that:

"Now, we're tested for everthing. They test for steroids - they have for a while. Which i don't understand because there's some big motherf**ckers out there and cut. And I don't know how they did it - i couldn't get that big when I was on steroids" 

During his final years, The Deadman wrestled in a handful of matches every year including Wrestlemania main events. However, he was still subjected to the same drug testing as the full time roster. 

He continued by saying: 

"Before I switched my contracts, and no I'm not a talent, now I'm a "legend" I guess. I'd work only two or three times a year. 

This is at the end of my career, but I was still under a regular contract. So under a regular contract - this is if you've tested clean - you have to have four mandatory p*ss tests and two blood tests every year" 

The WWE’s official drug policy says: “The ‘non-medical use’ and associated abuse of prescription medications and performance enhancing drugs, as well as the use, possession and/or distribution of illegal drugs, by WWE Talent are unacceptable and prohibited by this Policy, as is the use of masking agents or diuretics taken to conceal or obscure the use of prohibited drugs.The non-medical use of anabolic androgenic steroids (“AAS”), which include and are based on the natural steroid Testosterone, is prohibited.”

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