WWE Leaking AEW Fast National TV Ratings.

Reports are indicating that AEW Rampage Fast National TV Ratings are being released to various wrestling news outlets in underhanded fashion by WWE.

WWE Leaking AEW Fast National TV Ratings.

In a move that is sure to come off as sneaky and undermining it is being reported that WWE have been leaking AEW Rampage’s fast national television ratings to various wrestling news outlets.

According to Voices of Wrestling, in recent weeks AEW Rampage's fast nationals, which usually aren't made public, have been hitting the internet prematurely. These fast national television ratings have been routinely showing up at various outlets at the weekend before the final, and more importantly, accurate ratings figures come out on a Monday afternoon. These fast national ratings are generally lower, which in turn is painting AEW Rampage as a less popular alternative and less successful than what they really are when the final ratings are typically released.

Since its debut AEW Rampage has proved to be a ratings success despite the lacklustre timeslot of Friday evenings, which is when AEW broadcasts Rampage on TNT in the 10PM ET Timeslot. Since Rampage’s August 13th debut, the show has rated in the top five cable original programs every week, that is until last week when it slumped much lower to 15th due to the heavy competition from Major League Baseball.

Most weeks AEW Rampage starts as WWE Smackdown is ending on rival network FOX. This week however will see both shows go head-to-head with WWE announcing an extra 30 minutes featuring no commercials which will overlap with Rampage. Meanwhile AEW will pave the way for Rampage with an hour long “Buy In” on YouTube which will give fans a huge dream match in Bryan Danielson versus Minoru Suzuki, which is generating huge buzz, as well as the newly signed Bobby Fish taking on Lee Moriarty, as announced by Tony Khan himself on Twitter:

Underhanded tactics such as this make us think of the underhanded tactics World Championship Wrestling would employ during the Monday Night Wars. Underhanded tactics that backfired on them drastically, as history can attest.

Is WWE acting out of desperation as they finally see AEW as a threat?

Is this the start of something bigger brewing between both promotions?

What do you think about this turn of events? Please leave your thoughts below.