WWE Is a "Political Minefield" says Former Writer!

Former WWE Writer, Andrew Goldstein reflects on his time with WWE, get the details below!

WWE Is a "Political Minefield" says Former Writer!
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Andrew Goldstein worked with WWE Creative from June 2006 until July 2007. Goldstein recently spoke with the Universal Wrestling Podcast where he referred to WWE as a “Political Minefield” and used terms such as “Shark Infested Waters” to describe the workplace within World Wrestling Entertainment.

In the interview with Universal Wrestling Podcast, Goldstein had the following to say; 

“So like, the perception of you palling around with a legend could get turned on you in an instant. It could be like, ‘Look at this guy, who does this guy think he is?’ There was a lot of that like, you just really had to toe a careful line. Like if you were sitting down in the bleachers with wrestlers, with a superstar going over a promo, someone somewhere would turn that around on you and be like, ‘You’re trying to curry favor for the boys … You’re playing favorites. There was just a negative side to everything, you couldn’t win.”

WWE Chairman and CEO, Vince McMahon recently stepped back from his positions within the company after the Wall Street Journal published a report alleging that McMahon paid $3 Million is Hush Money to a former employee that he had an affair with. The controversy has also ensnared John Laurinitis. The WWE Board of Directors have sourced an independent law firm to carry out an investigation. Vince McMahon’s daughter Stephanie McMahon has stepped in as interim CEO and Chairwomen until the investigation is completed and their findings revealed.

There has been claims for years that WWE foster a negative workplace and that the political game within the company is akin to “Walking on Egg Shells”. It seems that these allegations surrounding Vince McMahon and John Laurinitis are not only shining a light on the powerhouse sports entertainment company, but also bringing to light what the morale and landscape is behind the scenes within WWE.

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