WWE Files New Name Trademark

Rumours swirled over who will be receiving this new name

WWE Files New Name Trademark

News has broke today that WWE have filed a new trademark request for the name Gunther Stark.

The request was filed on January 13th and is believed to be for a debuting in ring talent.

Given WWE's past reluctance to give people similar names, there are some who are theorising that the incoming Gunther Stark will be some form of relative to NXT's former Women's Tag Team Champion, Zoey Stark.

As for who the name could be going to, for our two cents worth we believe it could potentially be going to the Ring General, and record holding NXT U.K. Champion, WALTER.

However, the name itself could represent an issue for WWE going forward, as it relates to a former captain lieutenant of the same name who served in the Kriegsmarine, the navy of Nazi Germany, during World War Two.

Stark was a U-boat commander that operated in the English Channel until he died on June 8, 1944.

whether this dissuades WWE from using the name remains to be seen, but it seems unlikely this would stop them.

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