WWE Experience 29th November - 3rd December

Another week of WWE programming has come and gone. Find out what happened this week!

WWE Experience 29th November - 3rd December

Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages! It’s your amazing Raw and Smackdown reviewer, Champ-JP here back with another week of WWE programming. It’s fair to say, nobody is expecting anything from these weekly shows anymore, Pay-Per-Views seem to be just as shocking nowadays!!! If only there was another viable wrestling company to watch weekly… anyway, let’s go! 

Raw 29th November

The visionary visions himself visioning the vision of being WWE champion

Seth kicked off the show declaring that he will face Big E for the WWE title at Day One. As always, the main man himself was repping a gorgeous suit, so welcome back to:

Name: Chef Rollins. Rating: 8/10. Gordon Ramsay lookin ass bitch. 

Balor wasted no time after he announced this and he attacked the visionary, throwing him out of the ring, over the barricade, and back in the ring. Rollins came back with a big dive, but Balor avoided it and threw the steel steps at Rollins head… concussion-safe entertainment Vince exclaimed! This eventually transitioned into a match between the two.

This match was so fast paced it was difficult to keep up with and make notes. Rollins hit the top rope superplex-Falcon Arrow combo for a near fall. Balor came back with a double stomp for a near fall of his own. He followed with a Pele kick before Seth reversed the 1916 with a cheap jab to the eye, which gave him the opening he needed to get the stomp and pick up the win. 

On this day, Edge sees clearly, that the miz is a wanker 

Edge made his triumphant return next, excited at the prospect of the matches he could have at Raw. The theme of Raw this week was interrupting before a sentence could be strung together, as The Miz tried to upstage Edge’s return with one of his own, however the crowd didn’t react as positively. The A-Lister asked Edge why his name wasn’t mentioned in the list of potential dream matches he could have on Raw, to which Edge reacted by getting the crowd to chant ‘you suck!’

The Rated-R superstar did praise Miz, and took a not so subtle dig at CM Punk and MJF’s promo battle last week on Dynamite. He stated that he focused only on in-ring competition whereas The Miz uses it as a platform to ‘get his next gig.’ They were about to fight before The Miz walked off. 

A Big Ending to RAW!!!!! Just kidding, it was a DQ

For the main event of this evening, we had Kevin Owens taking on Big E. Rollins came out to ‘watch’ which was about as suspicious as when a priest offers a child a fruit shoot if they follow him. Owens instantly focused on Big E’s injured Big Knee as Rollins sarcastically cheered on Big E, mocking crowd chants. Owens hit Rollins and taunted him hoping he would retaliate and cause the DQ, but Seth didn’t oblige… for now at least. 

Back in the ring, Big E took control and hit numerous belly-to-belly suplexes before attempting the Big Ending, but Owens dodged this and hit a cannonball. He followed this up with a superkick, but took too long to capitalise so ate a Uranage courtesy of the WWE champion. Owens came back with a powerbomb before turning his attention to the outside, and attacked Rollins while Big E was down. 

After a few minutes of being control, Rollins got back to his feet and attacked Owens after he hit a superkick, causing the DQ and giving Owens exactly what he wanted. This strategy was genius by Owens and some good storytelling by WWE, who would’ve thought? This emphasised KO slowly turning heel, as he didn’t win clean and it also protected Big E as it shows Owens knew he couldn’t beat him one-on-one, so he took a different approach by enticing Rollins to get involved. However, due to the constant overusing of the DQ finish it totally diminished the meaning of it actually being used well for once, and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at another DQ. However, I do believe this was a good finish for the match. That triple threat at the Day One PPV is sure to give me a reason to watch!

And that brings us to the end of this week’s Raw. The return of both The Miz and more notably Edge added a lot to this week’s show, as well as a unique main event that was unlike any I’ve seen, as Owens wasn’t even attempting to pin or submit Big E. I’m interested to see the WWE title match at Day One, and my theory is that Owens will take the pin and Big E will retain, meaning Rollins isn’t part of the finish. This will protect him as I then believe he will go on to win the Royal Rumble, and finally end Roman’s Reign. That’s all from this week's RAW, let’s move on to Smackdown! Find a full list of results below:

  • Seth Rollins DEF Finn Balor
  • RK-Bro DEF The Dirty Dawgs to retain the Raw Tag Team titles. 
  • The Street Profits DEF Alpha Academy
  • Damien Priest DEF Apollo Crews to retain the United States Championship
  • Rey and Dominik Mysterio DEF The Hurt Business
  • Team Liv (Liv Morgan, Rhea Ripley, Dana Brooke, Nikki A.S.H & Bianca Belair) DEF Team Becky (Becky Lynch, Zelina Vega, Carmella, Doudrop & Tamina)
  • Kevin Owens DEF Big E Via DQ to be added to the WWE Championship match at Day One

Main Event 2nd December

Find a full list of the results below:

  • Reggie DEF R-Truth
  • T-Bar DEF Akira Tozawa

Smackdown 3rd December

Broccoli Lettuce is back on Smackdown!!!

Brock lesnar kicked off this week’s episode, which is a change to the usual Roman Reigns start. Very simple promo from himself, stating that he had his eyes on the Universal Championship, before Sami Zayn decided he had a death wish and interrupted… Oh dear Sami! 

Sami said he would face Roman at Day One and Lesnar would be first in line when he won. Is this man crazy or something? Lesnar instead insisted that he could see Sami as Universal Champion and he should have the match tonight. Sami was too scared to say no to the Beast Incarnate and thus said yes. 

Backstage, Zayn was panicking and told Deville to tell Lesnar that the match couldn’t be fit into tonight's show at any point, as he didn’t want it tonight. As soon as Lesnar showed up however, Deville stated the match was made for later tonight. THE CONSPIRACY CONTINUES!!! #Justiceforsami!

The weatherman has predicted a Storm for Flair!!!

The title game is still lacking, I'm aware! Charlotte was out next, why I hear you ask? Well, we have a backstage exclusive for you right here! These are the exact words from Vince McMahon himself when he saw the script for tonight’s Smackdown:

Charlotte stated that she knew Toni Storm’s plan and she intended to ignore her. She said that Storm’s stunt last week was an attention grab, which is hard to say considering she came out the end of Ric Flair’s dick, and that she knew if Toni had a match with her, It’d boost her career leaps and bounds, therefore she isn’t acknowledging her challenge. Don’t tell Roman Reigns! 

As Flair was walking away, Storm attacked her from behind, and not in the way Andrade used to! She got creampied by Storm as revenge for last week, and the Queen left furious. Yes, I meant a pie in the face, get your minds out of the gutter people!

This match went as quickly as Adz saying f*** off after someone mentions Moose! 

If that doesn’t tell you how fast this match went, I don’t know what will! All hail the King of the SharpMooser! Sami Zayn was out before his match for the Universal Championship, and I think we all knew he had less chance of winning this match than I have of finding my dad... 

He stated Texas was his least favourite state, you know, the usual I hate your town heel promo, and he wasn’t happy he had to have his big match there. He swore he would beat Roman tonight and thanked Brock Lesnar. Why? I have no idea! Lesnar came out to ‘watch’ the match, and Sami hinted at Brock to help him in the match before reminding him of his loss to the Tribal Chief.., Oh Sami, Sami, Sami. It’s safe to say Brock wasn’t best pleased, as he hit three German suplexes on Sami then an F5 for good measure. Brock hit a second F5, because f*** Zayn, before walking out and leaving him laid out in the middle of the ring. 

Reigns casually strolled down to the ring, and after the bell rang, he hit a spear and locked in the guillotine for the win. 

It was then confirmed that Roman Reigns would defend his Universal title at the Day One PPV against Brock Lesnar. 

That brought us to the end of this week’s episode and it’s fair to say, it was bang average, and I think even Raw was better this week! Sami Zayn definitely deserves better, I genuinely love the guy! However, he was destroyed to the extent of Paige after being in the middle of an XXXavier Woods and Brad Maddox sandwich!

Find a full list of the results below:

  • Sasha Banks DEF Shayna Baszler 
  • Los Lotharios DEF The Viking Raiders
  • King Woods DEF Jey Uso via DQ
  • Sheamus DEF Cesaro 
  • Roman Reigns DEF Sami Zayn to retain the Universal Championship

205 Live December 3rd 

Find a full list of the results below:

  • Elektra Lopez DEF Valentina Feroz  
  • Amari Miller DEF Erica Yan
  • Solo Sikoa DEF Andre Chase


That brings us to the end of another week of WWE programming and I have mixed emotions. Raw was surprisingly decent, whereas Smackdown was fairly disappointing. However, what I can say is that there are some exciting matches announced for the Day One PPV, most notably for me, the triple threat between Big E, Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens for the WWE Championship. It’s shaping up to be a good show to kick off the New Year! Anyway, that’s all from me, thanks for reading and I’ll catch you on the next review!