JP’s WWE Experience 15th -19th November 

Another week of WWE programming has come and gone. Find out everything that happened this week!

JP’s WWE Experience 15th -19th November 

Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages! It’s your amazing Raw and Smackdown reviewer JP here, back to give you all of the events from WWE programming this week. With Survivor Series being just around the corner, these shows were respectfully their brands go home show for Survivor Series. So, without further ado, let’s crack on with Raw to begin with. Let's go!


Raw 15th November  


Big E, doesn’t like Jimmy, he has no pity, may as well have asked him ‘hit me!’ 


I have no idea what that title was but we’ll go with it, why not! Raw kicked off this week with Big E stating he believed the bloodline made things too personal when they went after his family, the New Day, last week on Smackdown. He promised his revenge on Roman on Sunday at Survivor Series before he addressed Kevin Owens.  


Because it is the start of Raw and someone mentioned his name, out came Owens. He said he had flipped after Big E cost him his match. He said everyone who doubted him will be proved wrong and from now on, he will not be held responsible for what happens to Big E next. Owens walked out of the arena, but when Big E went after him, he was blindsided by the Usos. They beat him to a pulp before they taunted him and the red brand, before Riddle came and made the save. And speaking of Riddle, you know what time it is! Welcome back to:

 This week's thought: who decided the alphabet was in alphabetical order? Riddle me that! Got to love a bit of word play!  


Sonya Deville made her way to the ring and made it a tag team match between the Usos and Big E and Riddle. For the match, Seth Rollins made his way to the commentary team, and O..M...G I love the man. The drippiest man of every universe combined, what a suit! Speaking of suits, Welcome back to: 

Name- Gold Digga. Rating- 6/10. Still great, but with the quality of some of his past ones, it doesn’t give me that wow factor.


Becky Liv-ing on the edge 


Becky was in the ring promoting her match with Charlotte Flair on Sunday, you know the usual I'll win, you lose blah blah blah. She was interrupted by Liv Morgan, who stated she had won a title opportunity but Becky had ignored her challenge. Lynch started firing shots at Liv saying she was underperforming, so I can only assume she needs to start paying more attention to the erectile disfunction adverts! She fired back by calling Becky a ‘Big Time Bitch,’ which Becky clearly didn’t ignore and went to attack her challenger. She reversed though and beat the champion up, before posing with the title.  




Balor v KO scheduled next, and what a match on paper! KO dominated the early going and hit a senton, before Finn turned the tide and hit a huge basement dropkick. Owens dragged him to the outside and went to powerbomb him onto the floor, but Balor managed to wiggle his way out, but this was to no avail as he ended up being dropped on the HARDEST PART OF THE MOTHER F’IN RING!!!!!  


After a spell of being dominated, Balor gathers some momentum, hitting a huge double stomp and a suicide dive to the outside. We return from the break with Owens back in control, as he gets a near fall off a satisfying perfectly executed vertical suplex. Balor hit a slingblade, which if you know me managed to allow me to reach the point of orgasm, before hitting a dropkick on the outside.  


Owens went for a senton, but Balor managed to get his knees up. This didn’t faze Owens though who ducked some offence and hit a huge stunner for the victory. This match was reminiscent of some of their old classics, and what a treat for an episode of Raw. This feud needs to be reignited, as some of their previous work together was nothing short of incredible, notably in NXT. 


Rey-Rey-Rey your boat, gently in the ring, if you see Bobby Lashley, don’t forget to scream 


Well, we do know my talents would be better suited to a songwriter!!! Bobby Lashley was set to face Rey Mysterio. Long story short, Mysterio was getting tossed about like a sex doll for five minutes before Dom decided: "ah shit, I should probably do something!" Rey used the distraction to gain control, in this spell included an improvised 619 on the outside, which I must say was fairly creative! 


Lashley recovered however, and sent Rey crashing through the barricade. Mysterio refused to give up, kicking out of many pinfall attempts from the almighty. He managed to hit a 619, and even hit another, but failed to get the pin off the splash, which was the beginning of the end for Mysterio, who was caught in the Hurt Lock and had no option but to tap out.  


After the match, ScrapDaddyAP (Adam Pearce) stated Rey Mysterio was off the Survivor series team, and would announce a replacement ‘later.’ Austin Theory attacked Dom and Rey after hearing this announcement, and after watching the attack take place, Pearce decided to award the final place on the Survivor Series to Theory. Therefore, this is now the final team: 

That brings us to the end of the go home Raw before SS. We’ve seen the Raw men's team already, so below is the Raw women’s team:

Overall, a fairly standard episode, but the point of a go home show is to get me excited for the PPV, however, I cannot say I am looking forward to it any more than I was before. The Owens v Balor match and Liv Morgan segment were quality though! Find a list of the full results below and let’s move on to Smackdown!  


Big E and Riddle v The Usos- DNF 

Seth Rollins and The Usos DEF Big E and RK-Bro  

Bianca Belair DEF Tamina 

The Street profits DEF Alpha Academy  

Queen Zelina DEF Nikki A.S.H 

Rhea Ripley DEF Carmella 

Kevin Owens DEF Finn Balor 

AJ Styles and Omos DEF The Dirty Dawgs 

Bobby Lashley DEF Rey Mysterio 


Main Event 15th November 


Find a full list of results below: 

Veer Mahaan DEF John Morrison  

The Hurt Business DEF Apollo Crews and Commander Aziz 


Smackdown 19th November  


Onto Smackdown we go now, on the official go home show before Survivor Series. The sole focus was on promoting the PPV and finding a much-needed replacement for the Smackdown women’s team. So, without wasting any time, let’s begin.  


Bloodline tings init 


I decided to be about as creative as Smackdown’s openings to the shows with this title. The Bloodline kicked the show off, because why wouldn’t they and Roman Reigns did his usual shtick. ‘Tribal chief’ ‘Acknowledge me’ ‘Head of the Table,’ you know, all that jazz. He stated he took XXXavier Woods’ crown just to prove he could, and we all knew what was coming because it’s the start of the show, and out came Woods. He had just one question for Roman Reigns... 

He argued the cape and crown wasn’t what made him king, it was in fact his in-ring ability. 


Roma Reings (if you know you know) then asked the Positive Pete, or Woods for short, if he cared about the stuff Roman took. Woods briefly answered no, so the Bloodline continued to destroy the cape, sceptre and even his throne. Roman turned his attention to the crown, and was about to destroy that too, before Woods rushed into the ring. The numbers game was his demise however, as he got beaten almost to death. Roman posed with the crown before destroying it and leaving Woods lying in the ring.  


Won by order of the Peaky Blinders 


Next up we had a fatal-four-way match to decide the final participant in the men’s Survivor Series team. It was Sheamus v Ricochet v Cesaro v Jinder Mahal. Cesaro and Sheamus went for each other from the bell, but Jinder-me-Hinder Mahal planted them both. Mahal and Sheamus ended up teaming to take out Ricochet, after both throwing Cesaro to the outside.  

Jinder soon turned on the Celtic Warrior though, but he only ended up getting thrown out of the ring as Cesaro returned. He attempted the swing but Sheamus blocked, before Ricochet returned and took everyone out with a massive dive, because it’s Ricochet... that’s the only explanation I have folks considering physics went out the window! 


All four men were down after a lovely sequence from our Irish hero Ric O’Shea, before Mahal rose to his feet and took out Ric, before being caught in the Cesaro swing, which I can assure you is not as fun as it sounds! The Swiss Cyborg, or Superman WWE can’t make their minds up so what’s new there, transitioned into a sharpshooter, but this was broken up by Ricochet.  


Ricochet proceeded to hit a huge top rope move on Sheamus, because again, fuck physics! He kicked out from a near fall and tried to go for the finish, but Cesaro returned, unlike my father, and hit him with an uppercut. None other than Tommy Shelby... I mean Ridge Holland came out to aid Sheamus, but missed with the weapon shot. However, the distraction was enough, and Sheamus hit the brogue kick for the victory and a place on the Survivor Series team. Find below a picture of the completed team: 


Before we move on, I refuse to cover it but following this we got a women’s tag match...

 Shotz have been fired at Banks!!!!!! 


Top notch wordplay as always from yours truly! Shotzi was next to face Sasha, and what a match we had on our hands here!!! Shotzi was in trouble from the get go, as Sasha hit a slingblade from the bell. Two in one week... I'm starting to feel some kind of way! They began to pull each other's hair, replicating some kind of high school fight.


Banks hit the three amigos and gave us a little shimmy in honour of the late Eddie Guerrero, but when going for the splash to follow she missed. Banks went for the meteora on the apron but missed, she needs to be more careful, I've heard that’s the hardest part of the ring!!! Shotzi started bringing out her more aggressive side we’ve seen develop as late, as she sends Sasha crashing into the steel steps, before trapping her hand in the steel and viciously stamps on it. Banks finally recovered and hit the meteora off the apron to the outside.  


After a break, Shotzi had regained control, and called Sasha ‘trash,’ which must’ve broken Banks’ heart!!!!! I’m sure that’s the worst insult she’s had since she was called a sports entertainer!!! Shotzi went after the injured arm, before sending her to the outside. This was a mistake though, as when Sasha returned to the ring, she countered a big move and locked Shotzi in the bank statement using her legs to replace the injured arm, leaving Shotzi no option but to tap out.  


What a match this was! Shotzi is currently building herself up slowly to finally snap and turn heel, and the slow build makes the week-by-week developments that bit more intriguing and important.  


Banks went for the handshake after the match, but then hit the backstabber on Shotzi solidifying she was the heel in this feud. Interesting after match development as well as the match itself being quality. This really is a feud to keep an eye on! 

She wasn’t even involved in the match, or in fact any segment on the show, but Toni Storm was added to the Smackdown women’s Survivor Series team, so find the completed team below:

Before we move on, we also got a video package announcing the arrival of Xia Li!!! Very exciting for the women’s division. (Assuming she isn't released beforehand...)


Pancake Party! 

For the main event segment, Woods made his way to the ring and stated he wouldn’t have lost if Roman hadn’t enlisted the help of his cousins. Roman made his way to the ring, but the Usos were tossed lifelessly onto the stage, and it was the work of...... Repo Man!!!!!!  Well, unfortunately it was only Big E, but Repo Man would’ve been cool.  


The biggest of E’s, he should just be called capital E from now on as we know how much WWE love getting rid of half people’s names, then got in a huge brawl with the tribal chief. Woods took over the beating as the WWE champion hit big endings on both of the Usos before turning his attention back to the Universal champion. Woods hit a huge dive over the top rope taking the Usos out as well as himself, as back in the ring Roman hit a superman punch. Big E came back and almost hit another big ending after countering a spear, but Roman wiggled out and fled backstage leaving his cousins laying on the oustide.  


This closing segment accompanied the opening segment really well and it ended with the feud coming full circle in one episode. The whole show achieved what it needed to, filling the blanks for the Survivor Series team and hyping the main event of Survivor Series. However, I'm very disappointed there were no feuds for any of the other champion v champion matches that are to take place. Find a full list of results below:  

Sheamus DEF Ricochet, Cesaro and Jinder Mahal 

Natalya and Shayna Baszler DEF Aliyah and Naomi 

Jeff Hardy DEF Madcap Moss 

Shinsuke Nakamura DEF Angel Garza 

Sasha Banks DEF Shotzi 


205 Live 19th November 

Find a full list of results below:  

Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter DEF Valentina Feroz and Yulisa Leon 

Edris Enofe DEF Malik Blade 

Tiffany Stratton DEF Amari Miller 


And that brings us to the end of WWE programming this week! The lead up to Survivor Series has been very poor from the start, with the only match being built properly being Big E v Roman Reigns. The other matches feel like an afterthought and I can’t say I’m buzzing to watch the PPV. But that’s all from me this week, thanks for reading and I'll catch you on the next review!