WWE Cruiserweight Classic: A Casual Fans Retrospective Part 6

This week, Josh takes a look at Episode 6 of the 2016 WWE Cruiserweight Classic!

WWE Cruiserweight Classic: A Casual Fans Retrospective Part 6

Happy Saturdayhausen! Thank you for joining me for the 6th edition of my coverage of the 2016 WWE Cruiserweight Classic! This week we cover the events that unfolded in Episode 6!

Episode 6 was recorded on July 14th 2016 at Full Sails University in Winter Park, Florida.

This week I have elected to go for a slightly different format when introducing the competitors, nothing too major, though.

The Beginning of the Show:
At the top of the show we are introduced to our usual introduction of our commentators, the entrance and discussions of the previous episode, with Daniel Bryan citing he was "So hyped up by the previous Episode's Main Event he wanted to jump right in and join them" (I'm glad you didn't D-Bry.. Let the guys have their moment.)

The First Match: Akira Tozawa Vs Jack Gallagher
First Entrant: Akira Tozawa comes out to minimal response from the crowd and is announced as "Having a PhD in Trash Talking."

Second Entrant: Jack Gallagher comes out to a more energetic response than Tozawa and gives two fingers up to the crowd. (The good kind.)

The competitors begin with a handshake then grapple up (I think I'll begin to just refer to this as "performing the usual" from here on, we cool with that? Good? Good.), they reverse each other into multiple holds, switching constantly. 

Gallagher drags Tozawa around the ring like a wet seal with a Leg Lock. Continuing from this they both get back to their feet but soon enough end up on the floor again performing more locks with Jack Gallagher breaking out by employing a Handstand walk.

Gallagher hits Tozawa with a Shoulder Barge then proceeds to... Tie Tozawa up into a ball which he seems to be unable to escape from..? Gallagher lines up his shot and gives his best David Beckham impression by kicking Tozawa directly in the butt.

Tozawa gets back to his feet looking visibly enraged, he starts an offensive on Gallagher but gets countered by a European Uppercut which doesn't seem to stop him as he continues his offensive to a failed pin attempt.

He kicks Gallagher in the nose and delivers a Snapmare to a Chin Lock, continuing by Stomping on Gallagher, ending with a standing Senton to another failed pin attempt.

Both competitors get back up to their feet and Gallagher attempts to push back but fails after a Fake Out Jab by Tozawa. Gallagher counters Tozawa's next assault by evading his attacks with a Cross-Legged Hurricanrana.

Gallagher targets Tozawa's left leg and pushes an assault on the leg and performs a Romero Special and then has Tozawa's leg "In his crotch". Tozawa manages to grab the rope and get himself free and Elbows Gallagher in the gut but Gallagher is intent on continuing the assault to his leg.

They reverse each others moves until Tozawa delivers a running Bicycle Kick to Gallagher to a failed pin attempt.  

Tozawa prepares for a big assault but is countered while he is screaming his head off with an Achilles Lock by Gallagher. He desperately tries to reach the bottom rope and he makes it!

Both physically spent they take time to recover. Gallagher tries to throw Tozawa against the ropes but he buckles under his hurt leg. But it seems to have been a ploy as he unleashes two quick kicks and gets reversed by Gallagher with a Head Butt to the chest. 

Tozawa pulls his Small Package out on Gallagher and then pulls off a Lightning fast German Suplex.

He attempts to dead lift Gallagher with a German Suplex and he tries to grab Tozawa's leg to debilitate him, but it doesn't work as he hits the Suplex and pins Gallagher for a 3 count.

Match 1 Summary:
This match started off really slow and for a while I wasn't really interested. Fortunately it picked up and turned into an extremely entertaining match.

Gallagher showed off more of a vicious side in this match, especially some of the facial expressions he was holding and the fact he was constantly targeting one part of his opponent to debilitate him to massive effect.

Tozawa showed off his incredibly fast offense and lightning quick reflexes showing why he is not to be taken lightly. He also as usual shows off his incredibly loud voice box.. (I feel sorry for his dog.)

The star of this match for me was Gallagher. His attacks, movements and facial expressions really sold the story of the match for me. 

This match was a great start to the episode but not as good as other matches we've been treated to thus far, as such I'm going to rate this match a 5.5/10.  

The Command Center Segment:
We are now brought back to Corey Graves in "The Command Center" (Or Greenscreen if you're not a Power Rangers fan, I see no Zordon here!) As usual he tells us what is upcoming in the show, even though we were already told what was upcoming in order of matches tonight. (My honest opinion is that we really don't need that segment.. WWE is just desperate to try and keep Corey Graves relevant.. Just let him go!)

The Second Match: Noam Dar Vs Ho Ho Lun
First Entrant: Noam Dar comes out to a fairly high level of energy, he gives off his usual Pinky for the "No Pinky No Party" nod to his home of ICW.

Second Entrant: Ho Ho Lun comes out to the crowd clapping along to his music and cheering him. 

They begin by performing the usual and then Lun throws Dar against the ropes and he responds with a Shoulder Tackle. Dar speeds himself against the ropes but gets hit by a Spinning Heelkick from Lun.

Lun manages to Snapmare Dar but he responds by locking Lun into a Wrist Lock. Lun breaks out, Snapmares into a Dropkick to the back.

Dar knocks Lun to the outer apron with a Dragonscrew Legwhip then a Basement Dropkick to the knee sends Lun off the Apron.

Lun recovers and gets back in the ring but is instantly hit with a Southpaw to a European Uppercut, a punch to the jaw, back suplex to a failed pin attempt.

Dar gets Lun into a reverse indian death lock, wrenching his leg. Lun gets free and Dar tries to continue his assault but Lun goes for a pin which fails but nails Dar in the face with a kick and proceeds again to fail a pin.

Dar kicks out his left leg dropping Lun to the mat, he then runs from the opposite turnbuckle and dropkicks Lun in the face. Dar then punches Lun in the head, grabs his leg and then starts kicking him, trying to get him into another lock but ends up Elbowing him in the head.

Lun is seen to be physically suffering but Dar is not letting up. Lun tries to counter attack but it doesn't work for long as Dar gets him in another leg lock and steps on the back of Lun's head to stop him getting to the ropes.

He manages to get to the rope and break out, tries to rest for a while but Dar charges at him only to be met with a boot to the face. Lun is on the turnbuckle when Dar grabs his leg but gets a right hand to the face followed by a Missile Dropkick.

He hits with a Running Knee but this hurts his knee more, he continues by hitting Dar with a Michinoku Driver but fails the pin. 

He hits a Fisherman's Suplex with a bridge which once again fails to pin Dar. Lun then knees Dar in the back of the head, Kicks him in the front and then fails the pin yet again.

Dar retaliates with a Back Elbow and a Knee Bar on the bad knee while Kicking Lun on the back of the head with the heel of his foot, which forces Lun to tap out, giving Dar the win.

Match 2 Summary:
This match didn't take any time to pick up. It started off like a horse out of the gate.. That being said, I would like to have seen more of Ho Ho Lun in this match but it seems like he was very much dominated the entire match.

Noam Dar was very meticulous in his assault, aiming for the leg of Ho Ho Lun, dominating the match and focusing his assault on that one part, which worked out very well for him as it earned him the win.

Ho Ho Lun unfortunately didn't get a big showing in this match. He had some fairly good spots but overall was very much beaten down and had no chance to shine.

The star of the match for me was for sure Noam Dar. Right from the beginning he dominated the match, it didn't leave much opportunity or chance for Ho Ho Lun to retaliate or even really have a fighting chance much to my own dismay as I grew to like Ho Ho Lun during his initial match.

This match was entertaining with some good spots. Though, it felt very one sided. I rate this match at a 7/10

The Main Event: Brian Kendrick Vs Tony Nese:
First Entrant: Brian Kendrick enters the arena to a big response which is not at all surprising when you consider his history with the WWE.

Second Entrant: Tony Nese enters the arena to a similar roar of energy. It's impressive he can get as much love as someone as well known as Brian Kendrick, this to me just goes to show how impressive he was in the first match.

At a stark contrast to the usual they get right into the action, Kendrick tries to Fake him out and then charges to Nese but only receives a Knee to the chin. 

Kendrick crawls into the turnbuckle then gets hit by a running elbow then running knee, knocking him out of the ring. Nese follows and drags him back in.

Nese springboards off the middle rope, Kendrick evades by rolling out of the ring again and Nese lands the flip on his feet and follows him out.

Outside of the ring he chops Kendrick across his chest, slaps his chest and runs towards Kendrick but gets lifted on to the top turnbuckle. He cartwheels off and Superkicks Kendrick to the jaw.

He drags Kendrick back into the ring and fails a pin. Nese drags him up and chops Kendrick's chest knocking him down, only for Nese to drag him back up and punch him back down.

He picks him up into a Fireman's Carry but Kendrick retaliates by fish-hooking his nostrils and waist locks him and runs into the turnbuckle, using it to trap Nese's hand. Kendrick takes advantage by driving his foot into Nese's face.

Back up on his feet, Nese retreats to the turnbuckle but gets hit by Kendrick charging into him in the corner. A series of counters follow which lands Tony Nese in control ending with a failed pin attempt.

Nese hits Kendrick with a Leg Drop, rolls him over, repeats and fails another pin. Kendrick looks spent at this point but pulls Nese's beard to get leverage which earns him momentum as he next avoids Nese's kick, traps his leg in the rope and kicks his hamstring.

He has Nese on the ground and sits on Nese's shoulder with a brutal Armbar. Nese breaks out by using his strength to roll Kendrick over and beat him in the head. Nese tries to throw him out of the ring but fails.

Kendrick tries a slingshot to a sunset flip. He fails and Nese attempts a moonsault but misses, Kendrick has a wild look in his eyes as he gets Nese into another Armbar.

After a while, Nese manages to break out by pummeling the back of Kendrick and rolling him away. He tries to get time to recover by knocking Kendrick off the apron of the ring after he dived at him.

Nese repels himself off the rope and hits Kendrick with a Fosbury Flop, he drags Kendrick back into the ring and they exchange blows. Nese eventually dodges and hits him with a knee to the face and a spinning heel kick.

Nese lifts Kendrick for a Suplex but gets Knee'd in the head, this doesn't stop him and he hits Kendrick with a Falcon Arrow. 

Nese climbs onto the turnbuckle for a 450 but does not get time to pull it off, instead he gets hit by a big boot to the face but retaliates with a Lethal Lariat.

Nese tries to get back onto the top rope again but Kendrick pulls his foot out from under him and fails a pin attempt. Back on his feet Nese gets planted again with a Dropkick and Kendrick once again gets Nese back in the Armbar. 

Nese manages to break out by deadlifting Kendrick and hitting a Buckle Bomb to the turnbuckle. This doesn't help him for long as Kendrick gets him into the Bully Choke to a failed pin attempt.

Nese hits Kendrick with a Baseball Slide to a Pumphandle Slam to a failed pin attempt. 

The competitors both nearly spent exchange blows until Kendrick gets the upperhand with some Head Butts to Knee Strikes ending with a Leg Lariat knocking Nese to the ground.

Kendrick climbs to the top rope but gets knocked down by Nese with some kicks to the face. He in turn climbs up to hit a 450 splash but no one's home! Kendrick capitalizes and catches him with a Bully Choke causing Nese to tap out.

Main Event Summary:
This match was brilliant from start to finish and was my favourite of the episode. Both competitors put up a really strong fight and the match could truly have gone either way.

Brian Kendrick earned the win by employing, as always, his underhanded scoundrel ways, playing the coward and trying everything he can to win, which, to his credit, seems to be going well for him.

Tony Nese is incredibly entertaining to watch. He has agility and athleticism to always put on a good match. With dives off the turnbuckle, the top rope and his leg strikes make me believe he could easily be a Strong Style practitioner.

My star for this match was Tony Nese. Given his experience It'd be easy to say it's Kendrick but Nese has impressed me a lot during this tournament and both of his matches have been entertaining to watch. He always brings his best and always brings the best out of his opponents. Personally I think he should have won this match.

This match was a great main event, I was hooked, the crowd was hooked, my assistant was busy cleaning his kitchen. We all enjoyed it. I rate this match 8/10.

This brings us to the end of Episode 6 and this article!

The matches were brilliant in this Episode and we were treated to some great match ups. There were some victors who in my opinion, shouldn't have won but I'm sure it will further the Tournament as we dive further into it!

As always, I look forward to seeing you next time for our coverage of Episode 7 and the third installment of the Round of 16!

I hope you enjoyed this week's edition and I welcome and encourage any comments & feedback!

Until next time!