WWE are struggling to sell tickets for shows!

WWE are turning to multi buy promotions in order to sell tickets….

WWE are struggling to sell tickets for shows!
Credit WWE

It has been reported inside of WWE, that they are struggling to sell tickets to fill the upcoming shows. In order to put “asses in the seats,” the company has resorted to two-for-one on single seat tickets…..

Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has said:

“WWE is offering two-for-one deals on a number of upcoming shows this week, including tonight's episode of Raw in Long Island, New York. The same goes for the 10th December episode of SmackDown in Long Island, New York, a 29th December live event in Baltimore, Maryland, and likely other cities as well”.

But that’s not the only thing, as there is no main WWE pay per view in December, but there is the Day one PPV on the 1st of January in Atlanta Georgia instead. It also seems that ticket sales are not going well for that show either...

As a result of this, WWE have also offered a buy one get one free ticket on every sale. Now for a company that claims they are gaining record profits this year, they don’t seem to be doing too well do they?

Just to give you an example of their previous ticket sales for shows:-

As of last count (23 October), WWE had sold 4,944 of the 7,466 tickets initially made available for the New Year's Day pay-per-view. The promotion has currently sold 5,264 of 7,169 for tonight's episode of Raw at the UBS Arena.

WWE's average house show attendance for 2021 currently sits at just under 6,000, per further data from WrestleTix.

Maybe it’s the fact that they are releasing too much good talent and us as fans are retaliating in the best way we can….

Saying that, it probably doesn't help that they now have serious compitition though does it?

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