WWE are planning to Schedule releases every 90 days in future.

You have 90 days to improve or your sent packing…

WWE are planning to Schedule releases every 90 days in future.
Credit: WWE

It has become an unfortunate habit for WWE to release talent from NXT these days.

Over the past week WWE has released a great number of talented superstars from the NXT 2.0 roster such as Dakota Kai and Dexter Lumis.

However it seems that this is only the beginning, according to a report from Dave Meltzer, WWE will be scheduling releases every 90 days from this point on.

In his report he was quoted as saying “I think we are going to be seeing more and more of this when it comes to NXT is people they are just gonna make decisions that they are bringing a lot of new people in. If you don’t make progress there, they are gonna get rid of you, in most cases."

A prime example of this case Meltzer mentioned WWE releasing Harland (Parker Boudreaux), even though he was a sought after signing ahead of his NXT debut. 

With Harland the reason why he was released is because WWE didn’t think he was improving at a rate they would like or expect him to, with Meltzer saying this reasoning could be applied going forward with WWE basically giving talent 90 days to improve or face being cut.

What do you guys think to this cutthroat approach that WWE are planning to use for their future talent? Is it warranted?

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