WWE Angry at Christian Cage following "Wednesday Night Wars" Shot on Dynamite

In the image below, you can see Christian looking for all the f**k's he's supposed to give...

WWE Angry at Christian Cage following "Wednesday Night Wars" Shot on Dynamite

In one of the funniest things that this writer has ever heard, some people in WWE are angry at Christian Cage for his remarks during his promo on AEW Dynamite this week.

During a backstage promo with Jurassic Express where they discussed Adam Cole's friendship with the Elite, Christian remarked that Adam Cole clearly had very good friends as they "pulled him out of developmental".

He then remarked how Cole had lost the last "Wednesday Night War".

What makes this completely hilarious is that just this past Friday on Smackdown, Roman Reigns took a pot shot at AEW and their upcoming Arthur Ashe Stadium show by saying that WWE runs New York City, which WWE higher ups were very pleased about.

The fact that they have then got all pissy about AEW firing back with their "Wednesday Night Wars" remark makes WWE seem like a petulant child that gets all huffy when they don't get their own way.

Oh, wait...

This all came to light on Wrestling Observer Live, when Bryan Alvarez mentioned a conversation he had with someone in WWE. They were very happy about what Roman had said, but  were very upset about Christian's comments.

“Someone in WWE texted me and they were all excited when Roman Reigns made that comment last week, and the comment that the Usos made and they were so happy that they had taken the shot, and then on Dynamite, Christian took a shot at WWE and they were angry. I was like, bro, come on it goes both ways, that’s just what’s gonna happen.”

It's unlikely that this little war of words will end any time soon, but Tony Khan and All Elite Wrestling should be careful, or they might get an angry phone call from Little ol' WWE's parents...