Wrestling News Daily Round-Up! 05-12-2022

Wrestling News Daily Round-Up! 05-12-2022

What’s up guys and girls, James here once again with your daily Wrestling news round up.  
So, what’s been happening today, well let’s find out!  
The Usos Top The 2022 PWI Tag Team List.  

Current WWE Undisputed tag team champions, The Uso’s topped the PWI top 100 tag team list.  
Pro Wrestling Illustrated released the 2022 top 100 list on December 3rd  
The list was evaluated from the period from October 1st to the 30th September 2022. The ranking was based on accomplishments in the ring and ability as well as influences within the sport and quality they bring.  
The Uso’s came first overall after an impressive run as the longest reigning Tag Team Champions in WWE history. They accomplished this feat by defeating RK-BRO, The New Day, Street profits as well as a whole host of other teams.  
Congratulations to The Uso’s, not only for making the tag titles seem relevant once again. Last year they came fourth with The Young Bucks coming first.  
Cain Valasquez Agrees to a Verbal Deal with AAA to Work Dates Through April 2023. 

In a new report by Nick Hausman of Wrestling Inc, Valasquez and AAA Luch Libre have reached an agreement for the former UFC Heavyweight Champion to perform multiple dates for 2023,  
Valasquez recently had a match with the promotion and the new report states that he and AAA have reached a new agreement. The report also states that the performances will be a per-date basis.  
Valasquez and AAA have a dated history going back to 2019 with his last appearance being at the Mexican Super Show of that year.  
NWA Star Colby Corino to Finish up with Contract and is Expected to Join WWE.  

Colby Corino is one of NWA’s youngest and brightest stars is set to be finishing up with the company. Bodyslam.net’s Cassidy Haynes reported that Corino will be finishing in NWA after the December 5th and 6th editions of NWA. She also reported that his contract is set to expire at the end of this month.  
Sources close to her also state that WWE are interested in signing the young star. Corino is reportedly due to appear at the WWE Performance Center once he becomes a free agent in January. It was also reported that if he manages to impress WWE higher ups, then fans can expect to see him sign on the dotted line and make his debut on WWE NXT.  

 Ring Of Honor Honorclub Status Update.  

Back onMarch 22nd of this year AEW CEO Tony Khan announced he had purchased the promotion after they took a hiatus back in 2020.  
When the hiatus was announced, the ROH service Honorclub was also closed. 
In an interview with K&S WrestleFest, ROH announcer Ian Riccaboni where he teased a possible return of the service. Here's what he said below:  
“A lot of folks ask me about Honor Club, that might be re-launching soon. There might be some news coming your way about that.” 
he continues... 

“I think so. I don’t have any inside information, but I’m very hopeful because, if you look at the folks coming in, it’s very public that we have Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, Maria, they’re all signed. Brian Cage is with Ring of Honor. Samoa Joe has the TV belt, Jericho with the world title, FTR with the tag titles, Mercedes with the women’s title. 
“If you look at where the chips are being positioned, Bandido and RUSH getting signed. Shane Taylor with a big chance at Final Battle. There are all these folks who were with the last era of Ring of Honor that are suddenly in the AEW fold. I don’t think there’s any reason why there wouldn’t be an appetite for Ring of Honor broadcast, especially as you see the army that’s being built that has Ring of Honor ties.” 

Ring Of Honor will host Final Battle on December 10 which well see ROH World Champion Chris Jericho defending his title against Claudio Castagnoli. 


Tony Khan: ''ROH PPV Profits Are In line With What I paid For The Company'' 

Tony Khan reveals that the revitalised ROH has been a success since he purchased the company. 

Khan bought the company back in March of this year from the Sinclair Broadcasting Group. Before the purchase ROH had gone on a long hiatus following the Final Battle PPV in 2021. Since buying the company Khan has put on two ROH pay-per-views which has set the record high buys and business for the brand. 

In an interview with the Battleground Podcast he said how successful the brand has been upon it's relaunch.
Here's what he said below: 

“One thing I’ve tried to do — we only have 3 hours of AEW TV per week, so I tried to limit the Ring of Honor focus on Dynamite to mostly the ‘Ring of Jericho’ and Chris Jericho, the Ring of Honor World Champion. 

he continues on.... 

“We’ve seen a lot of the other Ring of Honor titles more so recently on Rampage.

“I saw somebody saying they thought there was too much Ring of Honor on Dynamite. I thought that was amusing because there’s been almost no Ring of Honor on Dynamite,” Tony added. “Other than Chris Jericho and frankly, Chris Jericho should be on any wrestling show in the world he wants to be on. So on Rampage, we have had a variety of them and these new wrestlers and I think that’s going to be good for our business because these pay-per-view shows that Ring of Honor has done it been really successful for us. We’ve made good money and the grosses of those shows frankly have been in line with what I paid for the entire business. I would say it’s been a very successful relaunch and now I think we’ll have potentially some of our best pay-per-view numbers yet with Final Battle.”

It remains to be seen what will become of Ring of Honors future in regards to having a separate show away from AEW television. It has been documented that Khan has had positive talks with executives at Warner Bros and Discovery about the possibility of a ROH TV deal. Khan has stated that he feels that ROH is a bigger commodity for a show to be aired on YouTube for a weekly show. 

It would be great to see a week Ring Of Honor on TV as a weekly show and give fans some epic matches it was known for! ROH was home to much loved superstars we all know today and it would be great to see future stars making their name in the Rasslin world! 


Well, that concludes the news round up for today, what do you make of the stories today? Let us know in the comments below!  

We’ll be back again tomorrow for more of the daily news round up!