Woes of a Wrestling Widow: Wrestlemania Edition

After being coerced into watching Wrestlemania, Paul’s wife Rosie is back again with another of her unique perspectives on the biggest show of the year.

Woes of a Wrestling Widow: Wrestlemania Edition

I'm back again, giving my untrained muggle perspective on this years Wrestlemania, which I watched willingly (Translation: Was practically forced)


1. Drews' thighs. Sigh. He can literally do no wrong in my eyes. Sorry Paul.

2. Logan Paul was awesome. They even dressed up to match his Pokémon card!! He was given a Wrestlemania moment on a plate but he put on a good show.

3. I don't think Seth would have been that cocky. He'd just watched Bianca Belair beat the shit out of his wife. He looks good in his new lacy pants though. 

4. Cody Rhodes looks like a Ken doll. But that fight - fuck yes. Really good entrance.

5. I think Owens and Austin shouldn't have been main event of night 1. I thought it was just weird when Rollins and Rhodes was a much bigger event. 

5. Oh my God! Omos is actually massive!

6. JACKASS FOREVER! Brilliant match!! 5 star entertainment. 

7. Johnny Knoxville looks like a kitkat in that getup. That's not me being a bitch, I fully approve.

8. Damien Priest - I have not seen his face before. I shall Google more later. 

9. I'm always sad when New Day lose because they are my favourite. But this wasn't a Wrestlemania match- what the hell was that?

10. I'm not entirely sure that WWE's HR department is going to be happy about Vince beating up an employee. 

I went off on a tangent thinking about this. How are their contracts worded? Is there a list of staff that can hit you around the head and others that can't? Would Beverley in accounts get the sack but Triple H gets a payrise? WHAT ARE THE RULES?!

11. I'm so happy that Roman won but I'm so bored of him vs Lesnar.

Romans arm - that looked painful! I think they had to cut that match early as I don't think the main event was meant to only last 12 minutes. 

Overall I actually enjoyed this year's show, which surprised me!

Some wrong predictions of my own though:

A- Corey Graves would have an in ring return
B - R Truth would interrupt something and win the 24/7 title. 
C- Reigns and Lesnar have an unpredictable and interesting match. 

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