Woes of a Wrestling Widow: Part Two

Remember that time that Paul's wife hijacked the site? Well, she's done it again...

Woes of a Wrestling Widow: Part Two

Dear Real Rasslin fans,

Last time I wrote, I merely complained about my wrestling obsessed husband. Alas, the situation has deteriorated much more rapidly than expected.

Let me explain. I live with Paul, who is my wrestling nut husband, AND he runs a website about wrestling! He's now a nut on steroids.

Situations I now have to contend with are:

1. I can use the kitchen only part time. Many evenings are spent with Paul on the computer, and I don't wanna be caught in the background looking like a troll in a dressing gown.

2. Before, I only had to have updates about actual wrestling. Now, it's about wrestling, who's writing what, who filmed what, calender changes, who's getting interviewed, and how the edits are going. It's exhausting!

3. Paul watches the podcasts. I mean, I would hope he knows what the content is, considering he is in them!

4. I know things about women's wrestling (one of his article series) that I have no interest in knowing.

5. Paul always organises the recordings for after our daughter, Lilly, is in bed. 

This never works as she will inevitably get out of bed to say hello to all the guys!

6. It's not just wrestling, it's football too!

This is how a conversation often goes:

Me - Are you taping tonight? 

Paul - Nope!

Me - Cool! We can watch Breaking Bad! 

Paul - No there's a match on between Sweden and Madagascar for the Non-existent Cup. 

Fuck off!

7. There are Real Rasslin stickers on everything! 

8. I'm constantly needing clarification on which Josh we are talking about.

9. I'm concerned about how low I am in the fans Predictions League.

10. Most annoyingly of all... I find myself coming up with ideas and wanting to be involved somehow! 

So there you have it. Another episode of me moaning away, lamenting my life. Please feel sorry for me...

Until the next rant

Rosie x

Paul: Much like last time, I can't argue with any of this.

I'm sure she loves me deep down...