Woes of a Wrestling Widow

In a short piece for Real Rasslin, Paul's wife Rosie shares her pain at living and dealing with a wrestling fanatic.

Woes of a Wrestling Widow

Life with a wrestling fan can be difficult. You often find yourself dealing with things you wouldnt normally expect to. No one knows that more than my wife, Rosie.

Here, she shares with you all her throughts on this:

I have been with my Husband, Paul, now for 6 years... I'd like to share a few things that I have come to 'accept', as he is a wrestling nut.

1) There are toys in the house, that can't be played with. He calls them 'collectables'. He even offers to buy me CHEAPER VERSIONS if I do look vaguely interested in what he's bought now. And. They. Are. Everywhere.

2) We live in the UK; therefore most pay-per-views are in the middle of the night. Usually, for some reason, a Sunday night. So rather than watch the next day like a normal human, he books the Monday off work. Then moans about how tired he is.

3) He wrestles with our 6-year-old. Fine. But then tells her off when SHE wants to wrestle (she usually wins, obviously).

4) Phrases that cannot be used in my house, otherwise there is a chorus of excited shouting- 'you can't see me', 'ten', 'yes'. I also cannot start a sentence with the word 'finally.....' nor say 'woo'!!

5) I have almost no idea what is going on in the wrestling world, but my dear husband will come and find me to tell me the latest gossip.

6) We can't go swimming without Paul threatening to German suplex me.

7) He gets his replica championship belts out (remember, the toys...) and parades around the house with them for no reason. Just carries it around. Like a teddy bear, or a comfort blanket.

8) Paul discusses potential articles with me that he would like to write. I DON'T KNOW WHO THESE PEOPLE ARE!

9) It's okay for him to say he thinks Alexa Bliss is pretty, but when I say I would leave him, slaughter him and burn him in the house just for a 10 minute shag with Drew McIntyre ( it's just those thighs... ) I'm wrong and have taken it "too far".

10) Paul feels a romantic gesture in our relationship is to one day whisk me off to America for a long weekend.... For Wrestlemania. Oh, the joys.

I'm sure I could think of a ton more, but these are the first that spring to mind! It's just lucky that I love this guy anyway! Are you also a wrestling widow? What have I missed out? Let us know in the comments!

Rosie (Paul's poor wife)

Paul: I cant argue with any of these........