Windham Rotunda in amazing shape as he reunites with former stable-mates!

Windham Rotunda in amazing shape as he reunites with former stable-mates!

The man formally known as "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt looks to have gotten into fantastic shape during his time away from the ring. Get the details below!

Wyatt, now going by his real name, Windham Rotunda, attended the For The Love of Wrestling convention this weekend in Liverpool, England. During his attendance there was a Wyatt Family reunion with himself, Adam Scherr (Formally Braun Strowman) and Eric Redbeard (Formally Eric Rowan). This is Rotunda'a first public reunion with his former stable-mates since his July 2021 release from WWE, which came months after he was taken off television. 

Rotunda's departure was shocking to fans and the industry alike at the time, since then his next foray into the professional Wrestling business has been quite the mystery as no news has been revealed at this time of where he will end up. 

The former Wyatt Family members came together for a photo, Rotunda is holding a skull mask in the picture, which could be a possible tribute to former member Brodie Lee, who tragically passed away in December 2019. Scherr posted the picture to his Twitter account, which you can see below. 

Pro Wrestling fans are begging for Rotunda to have one more run within the industry. Upon seeing Rotunda's transformation fans were quick with nothing but positive feedback. 

"They should have let you guys run with all the belts for a while (sic)" one fan said without naming any one specific promotion.

"Wow I almost didn’t recognize Bray all trimmed up. All of you look great in this picture. Just wish Mr. Lee could’ve been with you. He’s smiling down at you guys though, waiting to see what you do next. I love y’all. Nice tribute here. God bless." Another fan wrote. 

And a third fan chimed in with "So when are we seeing you three redominate the wrestling world?"

With Rotunda showing off his new physique fans have to wonder if another run in the pro Wrestling world is just around the corner. 

What do you think? 

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