What happened at NJPW Dominion 2022?

From title changes to talking points we look back at the newsworthy moments from NJPW's latest PPV.

What happened at NJPW Dominion 2022?

With so much news and talking points coming out of NJPW Dominion as we head closer to Forbidden Door we round up all the news from the event in one convenient location. This article contains spoilers but with that in mind lets look back at the event.

Who will Jon Moxley face for the AEW Interim World Championship at Forbidden Door?

Jon Moxley defeated Kyle O'Riley in the main event of AEW Dynamite to advance to Forbidden Door but the question still remained who would he be facing? The answer is Hiroshi Tanahashi who defetated Hirooki Godo at NJPW Dominion. This means if Hiroshi Tanahashi was able to defeat Jon Moxley and hold onto the championship for CM Punk's return the dream match could still happen that was originally announced. The more likely option is Jon Moxley will win at Forbideen Door to keep the AEW title within the AEW brand.

A new IWGP World Heavyweight Champion has been crowned

Jay White defeated Okada at NJPW Dominion to become the new IWGP World Heavyweight Champion becoming a Grand Slam Champion in New Japan. The match featured the usual heel tactics from Jay White including tearing up the ring apron to smother Okada, Gado distracting the referee to conceal a low blow and White goaded Okada throughout. The win came after White reversed the Rainmaker into a Blade Runner for the three count. After the match Jay White adressed Hangman Adam Page's comments on AEW Dynamite saying he can have Okada and calling him a "stupid cowboy son of a bitch". Page had put a challenge out to Okada as he wanted a shot at his IWGP World Championship. It is not yet known if Page will face White for the championship instead.

Will we get Zack Sabre Jr. vs Bryan Danielson at Forbidden Door?

It would be a technical wrestling dream match if it were to happen at Forbidden door and it looks like that dream might be realised as Zack Sabre Jr. appeared to call out Brayn Danielson in the post show interviews. Zack Sabre Jr. said "I know you're busy playing Golf with the Blackpool Country Club, but let's make it clear who the best technical wrestler in the world is!" It will be intresting to see if Bryan Danielson answers Zack Sabre Jr. on AEW Dynamite on Wednesday.  

Will Ospreay is the new IWGP United States Champion

Juice Robinson had to undergo surgery to have his appendx removed which meant he had to forfeit his IWGP United States Championship. As a result the vacated championship was on the line as Will Ospreay faced SANADA. The match had a lot of near falls and was a close encounter but in the end Will Ospreay won by pinfall after hitting The Strom Breaker. After the match Ospreay was not awarded the championship as Juice Robinson still has the title with him, much to the dismay of Ospreay who made his feelings known post match.

Karl Anderson is the new NEVER Openweight Champion

Karl Anderson defeated Tama Tonga with the help of his long time tag team partner Doc Gallows. The match itself was a grueling back and forth for over 15 minutes before Anderson came out on top. An speaking of Doc Gallows...

Toru Yano gets a surprise win over Doc Gallows

 This was the upset result of the night. Toru Yano managed to defeat Doc Gallows in less than 5 minutes with a low blow whilst grabbing the referee to distract him. Yano is nown for his unique ways of cheating to win including tieing his opponents up with wrist tape in the baracades to attempt a count out win. These two are now even on wins and losses according to the commentary team so we may see a rubber match somewhere down the line.

New IWGP Tag Team Champions

 It was a good night for the United Empire. Will Ospreay captured the IWGP United States Championship and earlier on in the night Jeff Cobb and Great-O-Khan captured the IWGP World Tag Team Championship off Chase Owens and Bad Luck Fale of the Bullet Club. Bullet Club would go onto have more sucess later on in the night with Jay White defeating Okada and Karl Anderson capturing the NEVER Openweight Championship.

The unusual stipulation of the Provisional KOPW 2022 Trophy - A Pinfall Scramble Match

Finally I feel I have to say something about this unusal match. Shingo Takagi faced Taichi in a 10 Minuite Unlimited Pinfall Scramble Match. The rules to the match were whomever could get the most referee counts in 10 minutes would be the winner. Shingo Takagi managd to hold onto his provisional KOPW 2022 Trophy by defeating TaiChi 11-9. I really enjoyed the uniqueness of the rules and stipulations like this are what the KOPW is all about.

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