WALTER has reportedly helped produce NXT matches.

WALTER has reportedly helped produce NXT matches.
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On a recent media call featuring Triple H (Paul Levesque) and "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels, a question had been raised if former NXT UK champion Pete Dunne had still been contributing in his role as a producer for the black and gold brand as he had been doing on the UK brand. 

Triple H had noted that backstage work wasn't for everybody, though he did go on to reveal which NXT superstars have had a helping hand in production, this includes the current NXT UK champion, WALTER. 

Here's what Triple H had to say: 

“Backstage production work is not necessarily for everybody. There are certain people that gravitate towards it, and then there are certain people that have zero interest in it whatsoever.”

“He’s just a sponge. He will dig into every single aspect of this business and engage it in every single way you allow him to. He’s just incredible, especially at such a young age. He has an incredible mind for it. Johnny Gargano produces matches sometimes, especially with the younger guys for the other shows when we were on the live shows, what they would call the "Coconut Shows" in Florida." 

He continued: 

“[Tommaso] Ciampa and Candice [LeRae] have done it before. They would produce matches for younger talent coming up, and work with them and sort of mentor them to that next level. Pete Dunne does it, Damian Priest has done it and I know Finn Balor has an interest in it. I think WALTER’s done some of that with guys in the UK. I think it’s no different than being an actor and then dabbling in directing a little bit. It just makes you think about it from the other side of the camera a bit differently, and then it makes you a better performer.”

Michaels would make a note, that several of the NXT superstars have made requests to help produce matches. He stated that in producing, it helps talent out in their own matches. 

Here's what he said: 

“We’ve had a number of guys who have just asked, and the people who show interest in it, we give it a whirl,” 

“They want to listen on the headsets, and it helps them. Every one of them has commented that it gives them a little bit of a better understanding at a performance standpoint of how they can accentuate everything that it is that they’re doing. And clearly when we were in the UK, Pete was one of the people to have shown interest in that.

“Lately, WALTER has as well, and we’re always more than happy to certainly give them the opportunity to do that. And of course, Pete did a phenomenal job. Then of course, when we were beginning to transition him over here (NXT), so you aren’t going to use him on TV as much over there (NXT UK), but while the wait was happening, we utilized him as much as we could. We’ll continue to do that with the people that show interest in that respect.”

It would appear that talent who help produce matches find that it does help them to further their own matches. What do you think? Do you agree with superstars producing matches? Let us know in the comments!