Vince McMahon 'in huge Trouble' with Government

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Vince McMahon 'in huge Trouble' with Government

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has landed himself in hot water regarding wrestlers in WWE being classed as independent contractors. U.S. Presidential candidate Andrew Yang has noted that even though WWE classifies them as independent contractors, the restrictive nature of their contracts state otherwise and was in contact with Zelina Vega at the time of her release.

Andrew Yang has issued an open invitation to any current or former WWE talent who feel they were misclassified by WWE to get in touch with labour attorney Lucas Middlebrook in a statement that read...

"Had a call with the Department of labor. If you are a current or former @WWE performer feels you were misclassified as an independent contractor contact @lkmiddleb and let's get what Vince owes you. Been a long time coming but this storyline is real"

Personally I feel that while in some companies it can be argued wrestlers remain independent contractors, in WWE this has not been the case for a very long time. Between incidents such as Twitchgate and the well known no compete clauses, WWE has been treating wrestlers as though they are actually full time workers. This could mean that WWE would be on the hook for a whole host of extra things such as travel costs and medical insurance that it does not currently cover. This could become an extremely expensive lawsuit depending on who and how many wrestlers choose to get involved.

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