Vince McMahon in Hot Water as WWE Board Investigate “Hush Pact”!

Allegations that Vince McMahon had an affair with a former employee and paid her a large sum of money as a “Hush Pact” have been revealed, which could see both Vinnie Mac and Johnny Ace land in some serious Hot Water, get the details below!

Vince McMahon in Hot Water as WWE Board Investigate “Hush Pact”!

The Wall Street Journal has published a report stating that the World Wrestling Entertainment Board of Directors has launched an investigation into an alleged Multi-Million Dollar “Hush Pact”. The payment was made by the Chairman of the Board, Vince McMahon to a former employee after an alleged affair between the two. The Wall Street Journal are claiming that WWE’s 12-Member Board, where Vince McMahon sits as Chairman, is currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the alleged affair and the alleged hush money that was paid.

Back at the start of the year in January, McMahon the CEO and Chairman of the Board, allegedly agreed to pay a former employee with whom he had an affair with, a whopping $3 Million in total, over a 5 year span. The women with whom the alleged affair occurred with, was employed as a paralegal back in 2019 states that McMahon paid a sum of $1 Million up front with the remaining $2 Million spread out over the following 5 years.

Vince McMahon has been married to wife, Linda McMahon since 1966, who he has two children with. Shane and Stephanie McMahon have both been heavily involved in the family business over the course of the last 20 years, with Stephanie taking more of a leadership role than her brother Shane who walked away for a period of time to pursue other interests. What makes this situation very interesting is not only is Vince McMahon the CEO and Chairman of the Board, but the actual board is made up with members from his family. These include his daughter Stephanie, who recently stepped away from the company to focus more on her family along with her husband, former wrestler and Hall of Famer, Triple H who is also on the board.

WWE President Nick Khan is also on the board as well as 8 other members, who have hired a law firm from New York City to investigate this situation. According to the Wall Street Journal, the investigation shows that McMahon made this alleged payment using personal funds. Please see a statement below that World Wrestling Entertainment released regarding this story. 

“The Wall Street Journal has published a report about WWE with allegations that we and our Board of Directors take seriously. We are cooperating fully with the independent investigation initiated by our Board of Directors.”

There was speculation within the company that there was suspicions something was going on with the women at the centre of these allegations when she was given a significant raise during the 2021 Budget Cuts, she was also promoted from John Laurinaitis assistant to “Director”. Back on April 30th former WWE Superstar Nia Jax randomly tweeted the following.

At the time sources, including Fightful Select stated that the general word going around WWE at the time was that Nia Jax was “sour” and “bitter” about being released, but it seems that there was more to that tweet than what was originally though considering the reveal of this investigation. It should also be noted that Jax’s tweet was posted after the investigation had begun.

Concerning Stephanie McMahon’s sudden stepping down from the board of directors, it is noted that she was on the board at the time the investigation commenced, so it is fully expected that herself, Nick Khan and husband Triple H were all aware of this investigation, while there is also speculation from within the company that information relating to the investigation was leaked internally.

John Laurinaitis was appointed as Head of Talent Relations back in 2021, Fightful Select states that several female WWE talent expressed their frustrations with Johnny Ace’s hiring with one female superstar saying;

“I’d rather get all my shit sent to me in a trash bag when I get fired than have to deal with him, and neither are good options.”

Fightful Select also adds that their sources within WWE say that this investigation could be the biggest threat to Vince McMahon since the Steroid Trials and some are expecting John Laurinaitis will be replaced in his Head of Talent Relations position before all is said and done, having been set up as Vince McMahon’s latest “Fall Guy”. Former employees believe that this will see a domino effect that will result in Vince McMahon fighting to stay in power within the company he created and turned into a global sports entertainment juggernaut while Laurinaitis is expected to resign.

World Wrestling Entertainment is a publically-traded company on the New York Stock Exchange. WWE’s stock closed up nearly 5% on Wednesday, despite the story going public earlier in the day. Even though WWE is a publically-traded company, Vince McMahon holds immense power as a majority stock holder with the world’s largest Sports Entertainment Company.

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