Update on the Darkside of the ring series

The future may be looking bright for the dark side of the Ring after all…

Update on the Darkside of the ring series
Credit vice TV

As our fans know we released a news article recently about the popular Vice TV series the Dark Side of the Ring potentially not being issued a fourth season.

The original speculation came about all because Vice TV had issued the release schedule for upcoming shows and episodes for their 2022 and 2023 schedule and it did not mention anything about the Dark Side Of Ring franchises, which include “Dark Side of the Ring“, “Dark Side of the ’90s” and “Dark Side of Football“.

As there has been a great number of speculation due to the future of the series and a lot of rumours spreading around from multiple news outlet, Vice TV have issued a statement on Twitter stating the following

“We’ve heard some rumors flying around about Season 4 of Dark Side of the Ring. We are as committed as ever to both the series and the broader Dark Side franchise. Evan and Jason are hard at work making more content that we know our fans of the series will love. Stay tuned.”

I can say this for many fans, including us, that we are glad that this will not be the end of the Dark Side of the Ring franchise and we look forward to seeing what content they produce in the future.