Triple H Reaction To Recent Releases.

There’s nothing of the old NXT left

Triple H Reaction To Recent Releases.

Triple H's reaction to the new WWE Performance Center releases has been revealed in a backstage message. 

WWE fired a number of performers and employees from the Performance Center on January 5, including William Regal, Samoa Joe, Road Dogg, and Scott Armstrong. 

Wade Keller mentioned on his PWTorch show that he had heard that Triple H had established an NXT squad that he would have wanted with him if he was ever called upon to command the WWE main roster.

Keller stated: 

“I’ve talked with people who had said Triple H was building his team that he would bring with him to the main roster, and if his day came to run the main roster he wanted his group of people. At some point, it was thought that it would include William Regal and Gabe Sapolsky and Road Dogg and they’re gone.”

“NXT just isn’t what it once was. I’ve heard just a little about Triple H’s reaction to all of this and nothing super reportable other than it sounds like he’s bummed out.”

It had previously been noted that WWE were releasing people who Triple H had personally bought in, during the latest round of cuts.

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