Triple H has a new idea for NXT

Triple H wants to put the spotlight on NXT stars to give them more in-ring time.

Triple H has a new idea for NXT

Triple H, the father of NXT, is considering options to get NXT Superstars more in-ring time. This is allegedly to shine a spotlight on lesser used NXT Superstars so they can showcase their talents.

According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer News, Triple H is looking at his budget to figure out a way to fund another show and get more air time. Currently NXT airs weekly on the USA network, with NXT UK airing on the WWE Network, also on a weekly basis. Everything else is done behind the scenes. NXT primarily used house shows to get their talent ready for TV, with house shows currently not an option, this could be a way to get them ready for the main NXT show.

It has also been speculated that underneath these good intentions of Triple H's, it could be a way to combat AEW and their free to watch YouTube show AEW Dark, which is doing exactly what Triple H is trying to do. It's unclear whether NXT's new show will air on YouTube or be exclusive to the WWE Network, but it's a safe bet to think it will be a network exclusive.

No other details are available at this time.

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