Tribal Chief Not Happy With Wargames Spot!

It seems Roman Reigns was a bit miffed after Wargames this past weekend. Get the details below!

Tribal Chief Not Happy With Wargames Spot!

There have been rumours circulating was Expletively pissed with a unplanned spot in the Men's Warhames main event at Survivor Series. The unplanned spit involved Reigns and Kevin Owens who had a very stiff exchange of hard slaps and hits against each other. 

As Reigns entered the backstage area it is reported that he divulged he may have a ruptured ear drum due to thr stiff exchange with Owens. WWE insiders stated that Roman was very "Expletive" in his comments backstage post match and it was very clear the Tribal Chief was not happy at all. 

Roman was said to have not been happy that the spot did not go as originally planned. Insiders spoke to Fight Select and reported that despite Roman's "Expletive" rant, that there is no heat on Owens, who is rumoured to be lined up to face Ronan for the gold at Royal Rumble in January. 

It has been stated to Fightful by sources that despite what happened at Survivor Series there wouldn't be any extended heat heading into the Rumble as it has been reported that this situation was more in the heat of the moment than anything else. 

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