Top 3 Takeaways from Dark: Elevation 2nd Jan 2023

Brief review of the main AEW Dark: Elevation show on YouTube. For episode 96 on the 2nd Jan 2023.

Top 3 Takeaways from Dark: Elevation 2nd Jan 2023

This week’s Elevation came to you from Denver Colorado, with 9 matches featuring the House of Black, Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal and more... Here are your Highlights


#1 Jarrett’s heated & hilarious Fan interaction

This week’s top moment has to be the interaction between Double J and a fan located on the corner of the ramp way! Jarrett is no stranger to fan heat, and this particular fan couldn’t help but catch his eye (He also managed to grab the attention of Athena from earlier in the show!).

You can’t quite make out what the guy said to him, but whilst stood on his seat JJ attempted to grab his sign which read “Jaaaaabroni” and initially failed! After a few seconds of tussling he did manage to nab it, and returned it to him by slapping it on his head – clearly thought he was a slapnut...

Jarrett managed to pick up his 2nd Dark victory this week, this time teaming with Jay Lethal, beating the returning Jacksonville-era regular - Ryzin & his partner Justin Andrews.


#2 Great light hearted match by Dark Order

 Another of tonight’s bouts saw Ryan Nemeth, accompanied by Peter Avalon sporting a brand new look (RIP to his Pornstar-looking-ass Gimmik) teaming up with Luther (also sporting a new haircut) and Serp. And they went against the ever-dwindling Dark Order.

If you ever wanted to see the Original Death Dealer doing hip thrusts – this is your match. In fact, everyone involved in the match busted out their moves at one point during the match – with Reynolds attempting Angelico’s signature moves.

An overall entertaining match with Dark Order picking up the win against two thirds of the newly formed “SAP”.


#3 ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy’s return...?

For a few weeks in a row now, we’ve seen Ethan Page pushing Hardy closer and closer to ‘breaking’. We’ve had Isiah telling him “Don’t let them break you” and last week we even saw Hardy pull out his old Damascus robe...

With Quen now out with injury, Hardy and Isiah went out and picked up their win as a tag team this week. In their post-match interview, All Ego interrupts their celebration, imploring them to follow his demands. This week he took umbrage with them coming out of the “Face Tunnel”.


Bonus moment: Young Bucks “Stand-in” injured

If you watch BTE regularly you should be familiar with the Young Bucks “Stand-in” who gets used and abused on a weekly basis – Dean Alexander & Rosario Grillo.

This week the stand-ins teamed up with Hagane Shinno, who seems to be a new regular on Dark. And they took on the team of the House of Black – yikes. As expected HOB dominated the match and unfortunately Grillo took an awkward landing from the top turnbuckle in the match’s finish. The Bucks did confirm on Monday’s BTE that he did suffer a shoot injury.