Top 3 Takeaways from Dark 24th Jan 2023

This week’s review & takeaways for AEW Dark on YouTube, for January 25, 2023

Top 3 Takeaways from Dark 24th Jan 2023

This week’s Dark came to you from Universal Studios, Florida, with 8 matches, featuring Anthony Henry, Mascara Dorada, Action Andretti and more... Here are your Highlights

#1 The Doctor is Most Definitely In

This week’s Dark felt minty fresh with new faces, new wins and old faces we’ve not seen for a while. The biggest of those names is Dr. Britt Baker. The DMD opened up Dark with a singles match against 18 year old Billie Starks.

This was not a squash match in the slightest, Starks (no relation to Ricky, as Taz rightly pointed out!) had every opportunity to shine against arguably the biggest star there is. In fact she put on so much of a show that she bloodied the Good Doctor’s nose (again, seriously I think poor Britt is on 3 or 4 nose bleeds/breaks now!). Baker does ultimately pick up the win – as expected.


#2 A Guaranteed W for Someone

When we first saw the above graphic, we knew someone would be getting their first ever AEW win! Which for me is quite exciting, this normally means we will start seeing them some more or even a potential new signing.

However when the entrances started, it became apparent who was going to pick up the win. The returning Brittany J was already in the ring, leaving newcomer Harley Cameron all the spotlight with her first ever entrance.

Both ladies held their own in a great match, but Cameron, billing from the same town as our own Toni Storm, Gold Coast Australia, picked up the win. Will be keen to see where she goes from here!


#3 Another New Notch in the Win Column

Contrary to my comments above on lack of entrances... GCW regular Tony Deppen also didn’t receive one. However, in this instance it wasn’t necessary, as he managed to pick up a great win over signed talent Serpentico!

The match had all the zany antics you would expect from a Serpentico (w/ Luther) match. With Serp even throwing out his tag-team partner in a classic referee style! Perhaps not the wisest move, as this allowed Deppen to pin him for 3 and throw him out of the ring for good measure.

Bonus WTF Moment: Peter Avalon has long hair, again?! Don’t panic though, as Excalibur quickly doused the confusion by rightly explaining they were extensions. Taz & Excalibur = Commentary Gold.

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