The WrestleBox Review: Survivor Series 2021

Simon is here to run you through Survivor Series!

The WrestleBox Review: Survivor Series 2021

Hi I'm Simon. and THIS is REAL RASSLIN (In Johnny Knoxville Voice)

I'm here to attempt to reignite my passion in WWE, lets face it. Without the McMahons we wouldn't have anything that we have today. Yes, he's a geriatric old man now but hey. We ALL believed Kane was the victim of an arson attack by his older "brother" Mean Mark...

We kick off with some weird link up with a Netflix movie starring The Rock. Obviously this is the closest we will get to him making an appearance...

Becky Lynch v Charlotte Flair ⭐️ ⭐️

Trash talk from big time becks kicks us off. We get into the action. Quite sloppy from the get go. Very interesting gear choice from Becky. Doesn’t leave much to our imagination. Lots of stomps but other then that not much substance. The Brooklyn crowd aren’t really behind it and if I’m honest I don’t think either competitor is.

Charlotte went for her patented moonsault from the top to the outside which barely connected. We hear 'woooos!' from the crowd upon chops landing but that’s the most animation we get from Brooklyn. Absolutely awful finish to an equally bad match. Reversed backwards roll up and big time becks grabs the rope to “steal” the win. Even Pat McAfee isn’t happy “Smackdown takes an L because of that” Couldn’t sum up the match better myself pat.


Team Raw v Team Smackdown (Mens)

⭐️ ⭐️

Next it’s the men's teams from Raw and Smackdown.

Owens and Rollins arguing who should start the match. Owens eventually starts to which he just gets counted out. Great start. Seth and McIntyre double team Theory for a while until Corbin is tagged in. Very stop start on the offensive front from both teams so far. Team Raw have 4 Smackdown still with the full 5. Lots of quick tag work and the Brooklyn crowd are still not really into it. Occasional Hardy chants but that’s it.

Balor and Drew square up and before a move is landed Jeff's tagged back in. Finding it very hard to stay invested in this with such quick in and out. No chance to build any momentum. Big deep Six on Balor and everyone’s in the ring. Corbin cleans up but gets hit with a coupe de grace by Balor to be eliminated. It’s now 4-4 and we’re all back in our corners like a boxing match. Not gonna lie, I lost interest a little here as it’s just not how I envisage Survivor Series matches.  There’s no grit or aggression. Lashley and Drew trade hard hitting blows with Woods being eliminated by Lashley

We’re on the outside as Lashley and Drew are both eliminated via double count out. Drew’s on his knees begging Lashley to come back into the ring. I can’t help but think there’s just way too many stops and starts so far. A British rounds match would have suited better in my opinion.

We’re left with Hardy, Sheamus, Rollins, Balor and Theory.

Sheamus moved out the way of a coupe de grace and lands a brogue kick, Balor eliminated. Back to my own disappointment. I remember the days where future rivalries were born during Survivor Series. But the ball was dropped on that a long time ago. Crowd still dead as a dodo and we’re 1hour 10 into a PPV. Shades of the Hardy boys when Sheamus drops to all fours for Jeff to hit the splash on Theory and Rollins in the corner. Double 10 beats of the bowdrum with Sheamus and Hardy working together. Rollins hits a super kick to nearly eliminate Sheamus. It seems the speed is picking up now which is better late than never. Theory enters to attempt to take out Sheamus and is successful with a handful of the Irishman’s tights! It’s down to 2v1 with Hardy being the last remaining from Smackdown. Sheamus plants Hardy with a clothesline to reaffirm to the WWE universe he is a heel.

Rollins hits a frog splash where Jeff kicks out. Rollins is thrown out the ring. Hardy hits Theory with a swanton bomb to eliminate the selfie king. Rollins v Hardy, a match I didn't know I wanted or needed. Again with the stop start. Not sure if it’s me being autistic but I’m really struggling to be invested so far. Hardy goes for the pin with his leg drop to the groin pin combo. Piped in “this is awesome” chants. Jeff with a Twist of fate then swanton. And the knees are up! Rollins hits the stomp to get the 1….2….3

Sole survivor Seth gimmick incoming….


Battle Royal ⭐️

Usually a fan of these kind of matches so let’s see how this goes. Not really sure on where this will lead but let’s be open about it. Not been a great show so far.

Not much attention from the commentary team. People flying out left and right with no real direction to the match. Omos is massive. That is all. AJ styles has spent the best part of the match on the outside so maybe there’s an argument to be had! No don’t talk silly. Just general heel tactics. Styles eliminates Ziggler. Can I just say. Ziggler. Seriously. Tenured athletic legend. Needs so much more. Deserves the world!

We’re down to Sami Zayn trying to team with Ricochet and Cesaro. Profits and Commander Aziz are scrapping at the ropes and Aziz is sent over by Omos. It wouldn’t surprise me if he gets some kinda record in this match of sorts. (Quickest eliminations in succession or something). So with my cup of tea in hand Omos has won. And the Street Profits have stolen his prize for winning. A triple stacked pizza box. Wow.



Uso's v RKBro ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Finally something I can get behind on a personal level. Uso's and RK-Bro.

Massive fan of RK-Bro. Reminds me of team Hell No with Kane and Bryan all those years ago. It’s always the misfit teams that I like. But then again that’s me, Mr Misfit!

Straight out the bat, Riddle's on the top with that spinning side suplex. Orton takes the record for most PPV appearances with this match and I believe most PPV wins if he’s the one to get the 1..2..3.

Solid match so far with some good outside flying work from Uso's as always and the heel work in the corner splitting RK-Bro. Massive fan of how they’ve booked Jimmy and Jey with Roman. Severely botched GTS by Riddle, No connection at all. Orton gets the hot tag. Vintage Orton backdrop onto the announce table in quick succession for Jimmy and Jey, before a Blocked RKO by Jey. Riddle sneaky tag and hits the Pele kick and high knee to get on top but to no avail as Uso is back to his feet. Riddle's looking for the tag but Orton is still down on the outside.

Awesome pop up Samoan drop double team, Uso's looking to get the win. Double super kick to Orton then Riddle with a kick out at 2 and 11/12ths, Looking like he was in the bed scene of the excorcist. Orton gets the tag. Uso's aren’t aware he’s the legal man. Riddle and Jimmy fighting with Jimmy going up top for the splash that’s very quickly and amazingly out of nowhere turned into a RKO for the 1…2…3.

Orton and Riddle win. What an RKO. Overall very good match. Nice to see Orton celebrating and having fun!


Now. Let’s talk about this egg shtick. Why? How? When? Yes it’s sports enteraintment. But come on! Even vince wasn’t sold on it. I guess we know where it’s going. But there’s surely better ways to bring the Great One back?

Nice video package for Xia Lee. Let’s hope she doesn’t get the initial asuka treatment!


Team Raw v Team Smackdown (womens)

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

No tank for Shotzi is a crime!

So with very little build and no real reason for these 10 women to be fighting, we have the womens Survivor Series match. Storm and Carmella start the match, but Carmella takes too much time trying to get her mask on, and Storm rolls her up for the quick elimination. Back and forth tags brings Queen Zelina into the fray for some quick back and forth between her and Banks, who tags in Storm who picks up the elimination of Zelina

Morgan hits her finisher to get the elimination on Storm.

This was the match people kind of crapped on the most. Fans took the opportunity to do the wave, chant “CM Punk”, “AEW” and any other obnoxious chant they could think of. We got down to Bianca facing four members of team SmackDown. The whole destruction on team SmackDown felt forced and not natural at all. They all just started pulling each other from the ring and did the predictable Shotzi/Sasha fighting.

We get down to Belair against everyone and we know where it was going from there. Belair picks up the win but I still can’t help but feel underwhelmed at the whole show.

Onto the main event. Please. Lord and Saviour Eric bischoff come and help ????


Roman Reigns v Big E ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Big powerhouses and hard hitting from the get go. Reigns doing heel things and getting out the ring shows cracks to his confidence which was needed to put E over subtly.

Some of these blows are brutally hard. It's pretty much a stalemate but we know it's gonna just keep escalating from here on out. 

Heyman has been an amazing addition to the Bloodline and I'm eager to see where the whole Lesnar angle leads.

Back to the match, I digress "This ain't New Day." This ain't no comedy crap here. You in here with the biggest of all, men." says Big E as he threw Reigns into the steps.

Notable mention of THE ROCK BOTTOM being hit on Big E! 

Big E kicks out of the spear! He gets back up and hits the Big Ending but Reigns grabs the rope to force a break! This match has been heavy hitting and I really like it

On a personal note Roman doing some of his finest work by telling the Brooklyn crowd he'd slap the shit outta them! 

The outcome we all knew was written in the stars. Big E eats a spear and takes the L in the centre of the ring. Absolute slug fest with an unusual clean ending! 

We know E can be a star and with facing Roman this can only elevate him. Let’s face it. I could get in there with Roman and become an instant star. He’s just money on money. I didn’t hold much hope again for this match but I was pleasantly surprised.

Decent match length with Reigns getting the win but still making E look strong. Not sure where we can really go from here as Reigns has now beaten all legitimate contenders including his rival brands champion.

Nice clean victory also proves WWE are looking on the right track to actual finishes again or at least for now.

Overall the show was lacklustre. No Rocky makes Simon sad! I mean, even Impact got a video message for Ken Shamrock's HOF induction. But hey, the budget got stolen in the form of an egg. Vince has ordered all talent to be present on Raw since the egg was stolen during a backstage skit, so as per we may get a decent Raw surprise or that video link with Rocky!

Thanks for reading my first review for Real Rasslin, see you all next time!