The WrestleBox Review: Day 1... 11 days later!

Simon's finally back with his WWE Day 1 Review... It's only 10 days late!

The WrestleBox Review: Day 1... 11 days later!

We start with a video package featuring Quavo. Apparently Brock Lesnar demanded to be added to the WWE title match... and here’s me thinking it was because Reigns came down with covid. 

WWE have rebranded this event as a premium live event. 13,657 fans are in attendance for WWE day 1. 

We head ringside for an update by Michael Cole and the absolute legend and G.O.A.T Pat mcaffey. 

So before we even get started. Congratulations brock on becoming new WWE champ. Big E. it’s been fun. I Say this as Brock has randomly been added to the main event making it a fatal 5 way due to our Tribal Chief testing positive for Coronavirus. 

Usos V New Day SD Tag Titles

We kick off with the Usos v New Day for the Smackdown tag team titles. In our predictions league, I went with the Usos for the win mainly due to Roman's god like push. 

Slow start to the match with very little crowd noise. General back and forth and trash talking from a dominant pair of Usos. 

Homage is paid to Rikishi with the ass to face in the corner. Usos have the upper hand and have since the start. This is a rather lacklustre match with lots of corner work and still a really unhyped crowd. 

Top rope tornado DDT from kofi turns the tables in the New Day's favour. Michael Cole calls it as a reversal even though he’s the one that instigated the move. F*** SAKE MICHAEL ????. 

King Woods gets the tag and is finally in the match. For me the whole king gimmick has done more bad than good. Mainly due to the fact that it hasn’t elevated Woods in any way, which is the whole point of KOTR. 

Woods fights back and we’re over to the new days corner for a double team that fails. 

Double super kicks on Kofi by Usos, and he's dragged to the middle for the big Uso splash in stereo. 1…2…. Woods breaks the count. 

Both teams have a stare down in the middle before Jimmy is over the top rope being landed on by Woods. Jimmy and Kingston are the legal men. Usos hit a 3D out of no where for the win. 

Such a random finish and didn’t have much if any structure throughout the match. 

Usos still on top! 

We move to a video package bigging up Big E. Shame his title run has been a slow burn in the sense. He hasn’t really won many matches and has seemed to be an afterthought. And tonight it seems he’s being used as a scapegoat to keep the new tiger king happy. 

Backstage segment now with Big E. He says he didn’t have brock being added to the match on his bingo card. Line every single one up and I’ll knock them down. Ok E. Calm yourself. 

Madcap Moss V Drew McIntyre

First off. Why?  Second… whyyyyyy? 

From WWE champion to pandering a terrible gimmick in madcap moss and happy Corbin. 

Drew should be made to look strong as the Loch Ness monster after a can of red bull, but no. Let’s let moss throw him around a bit and get Drew hung up on the ropes. 

I can’t even bring myself to review this match because it’s just on and on with these two. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a massive Drew fan, but cmon man, let him be the Scottish psychopath and dominate again. 

Drew of course gets the three count for the win after a claymore. NEEEEXXXXXTTTTTT. 

Video package for Seth Freakin’ Rollins now. Nice to see WWE aren’t being petty and removing Dean Ambrose (Mox) from their packages any more. Well. Any more in a sense that they realised that Seth has other achievements than The Shield. Remember WWE title. Universal title? 

RKBro v Street Profits 

Looking forward to this one. Gutted the tournament got moved due to illness but here we are. Solid start with both teams going at it. In this bout both teams are face, RKBro bringing Migos ringside meant this match had a little more extracurricular behaviour than the SmackDown version. You could tell who was going to win when they came out with RK-Bro in their entrance. This was a very basic match with a very basic formula. Nothing too insane, nothing too out of the norm, save for Ford's athleticism and jumps, which he displayed once again. Sometimes all you need is something simple and straightforward.

Montez Ford reminds me very much of the late great Eddie Guerrero, not just because of the impressive frog splash but his general persona and fluidity in the ring 

Solid match and very happy that RKBro picked up the win.  

Can we just take a moment to appreciate Brock Lesnar's impeccable lip lining of his facial hair. Oh. And they gave him a microphone and a backstage segment all ON HIS F****** OWN. Man! Lesnar is really embracing this baby face persona. Love it. 

Miz v Edge 

Edge gets the Brood/Alter Bridge double entry, whilst Maryse is here with Miz. Miz flees into the corner from the threat of an Edgecution as the feeling out process begins. Miz, on the other hand, knocks him outside and sends Edge into the barricade to take control, returning the top rope axe handle to the head inside. Before a reverse DDT gives Miz two, it's time to go after Edge's leg.

Miz kicks him to the apron, but he ends up face down on the floor as a result of his attempts. Miz tries the Skull Crushing Finale on the announcers' table, and they're back on the floor. Edge's faceplant onto said table is reversed, and it's a high crossbody for two back inside. Miz returns to the leg but the Figure Four attempt earns him a kick into the corner. Edge, on the other hand, gets sent shoulder first into the post, and it's directly back to the leg. The Figure Four can now continue, but Edge flips it over, leaving Miz to fend for himself for a long time.

Edge moves to the Crossface after that is broken up, only for Maryse to lift Miz's boot onto the rope. Back up, and stereo large boots place both of them down for a rest. Before going up top, Miz drags him into the corner for the chest kicks and the running clothesline. Edge is close behind with a super hiptoss of all things, but the spear lands in the corner. Maryse throws in a cheap kick, and the Skull Crushing Finale receives two. Maryse is chased away by Beth Phoenix (who stands there looking at Maryse until her music plays), leaving Edge to spear Miz for the pin and the 1…2…3 

Lynch v Morgan 

Lynch is defending, and her garment has goats on the shoulders. Liv gets off to a blazing start, knocking Becky outside and ramming her into the announcers' table. Back in, Liv breaks up the Manhandle Slam, allowing her to roll her up for two. Becky is sent straight to the ropes by the Rings of Saturn, but she manages to catapult Liv throat first into the bottom rope. Lynch pounds away on the mat as we cut back to the spectators after a random shot of a supporter in the audience.

Morgan fights back, kicking her into the corner and hammering away with her own right hands. Lynch is rocked once more by the enziguri, and a middle rope dropkick gets two.

Becky bails to the floor after Liv returns with a missile dropkick (to the stomach). Lynch takes her around for some rams into the announcers' table, which means a big suicide dive. Returning to the present, Liv throws Becky down the stairs before stomping on her arm like Lynch did to her. That's broken up, and Lynch punches her in the face, but Lynch comes back with something off the top like Oblivion. The Rings of Saturn continues, but Lynch transforms into a cradle for two people. Another Oblivion is countered into a Manhandle Slam and the pin at 17:14, with Lynch attempting to cheat by grabbing for the ropes but failing.

These two put in a lot of effort out there, and it paid off with a fantastic match. Morgan isn't quite polished in the ring yet, and she still seems to be in over her head a lot of the time, but she's becoming better at maximising her abilities. This was about as near as she could get without winning, though I'm not sure who else on Raw is open for a new feud with Lynch right now, except than Rhea Ripley. Maybe they'll bring it up again, but that might be taking the dispute too far.

Lesnar v Big E v Rollins v Owens v Lashley 

Big E is defending, and the game is down to the final fall. It’s a big brawl to start and Lesnar fires off suplexes on Owens and Rollins. Big E throws some running clotheslines at Brock, knocking him out. Lashley drives Lesnar through the barricade before sending Big E into the post and hitting the spear. Lashley returns to the ring, where he is superkicked by Owens and Rollins.

Owens adds the bullfrog splash from the apron as a bonus after Rollins knees Lesnar off the apron. Before the announcers' table is set up, Lashley and Lesnar take a few steps to the ribs. Lashley fights them both off, but Big E Rock Bottoms him through the table with a big bang.

Owens and Rollins come back with a double DDT to send Lesnar into the steps, but Big E knocks Rollins out. Owens gets two on Big E with a pop up, sit-out powerbomb, and Rollins gets two with a frog splash. Lesnar returns with F5s all around, but Lashley returns to spear Lesnar for two more. Until Big E saves Lesnar, the Hurt Lock has him in peril. Lashley recieves the Big End, but Lesnar escapes and hits an F5 on Big E for the pin and the title. Brock Lesnar is the new WWE Champion.

They stepped on the gas right away and never looked back, which is exactly how a match like this should have gone. Lesnar's victory is unexpected, but it appears that we're headed for a clash between him and Lashley, which should be thrilling. Big E's title reign was doomed from the start, and it just got worse from there, but I feel bad for him having to lose it like this. It was a fantastic bout, but the prospect of a long Lesnar title run makes me sad..



Given Roman's abrupt change in position, you have to wonder how things would have turned out if everything had stayed the same. Is it possible that Brock would have won the Universal Championship? Who knows, but WWE is once again forced to deviate from their pre-planned path, but that's when the real fun begins. I give it a solid thumbs up for the first day as a whole. Despite Edge/Miz's best efforts, nothing overstayed its welcome. The main event, if anything, overstayed (I'm pretty sure that's not a word), but it was still outrageous for what we received. The tag battles were nice to great, the women were strong, and the Rumble had a set stage. Let's see where the situation goes.