The Saturday Smackdown Summary

Warning: This article contains spoilers and strong opinions.

The Saturday Smackdown Summary

With so much news and many talking points coming up on the road to Wrestlemania, what better way to cover it all than in one convenient location? This will contain spoilers from this weeks show so with that in mind..

I am P-Nut for Real Rasslin and this is the Saturday Sunday Smackdown Summary!

Opening Segement - Sasha vs Nia Jaxx - Womens title 

We open Smackdown with a Womens Championship match that Reginald suggested to Nia last week on Smackdown. The match is short and uneventful until the closing moments where Shayna costs Nia her opportunity. The storyline thus far had been all about if Bianca and Banks could get on in the wake of their match at Wrestlemania but it would appear as if Nia and Shayna are also struggling to be on the same page. This leads to a match between Shayna and Bianca Bel Air later in the night for Shayna to make up for costing Nia.

Shayna vs Bianca Bel Air

The match takes place later on in the night and quickly devolves and escalates. First Sasha Banks walks out on Bianca leaving her alone as Nia watches moodily on before also walking away from ringside. As Shayna and Bianca continue to fight they are met with interference by Natalya and Tamina who presumably are looking for a womens tag team championship match down the line. This seems to confirm that Nia and Shayna will retain at Fastlane and face Tamina and Natalya at Wrestlemania. Hopefully Tamina and Natalya can pull it off. The tag titles have become a little stale due to Shayna and Nia's long title reign and it is definitely time for some new blood.

Seth Rollins vs Shinsuke Nakamura at Fastlane

An odd turn of events. I can only assume this is happening to extend Seth vs Cesaro till Wrestlemania. Alot of filler matches are taking place at the PPV this Sunday and this is no exception, but how did we get here? Seth Rollins came down to the ring apparently still butt hurt about Cesaro sticking around to disrespect him after the Smackdown locker room went backstage during a segment some weeks ago. As Seth continues to be a whingy baby about it and calls Cesaro a waste of potential, Nakamura comes out. Nakamura tells Seth to shut up and actually gets the better of him in a quick exchange between the two. The match is booked for Fastlane and Seth should probably win unless Cesaro gets involved to cost him the match. 

The Sami Zayn Documentary continues

We start the Sami portion of the show with Kevin Owens stating he is still undecided about wether he wants to join Sami and feature in his documentary that has been filmed for some weeks. Sami is still attempting to prove that he is being unjustifiably singled out and targeted. Owens seems disinterested in Sami's plight but agrees to watch Sami vs Corbin later tonight at ringside to see if he can spot anything suspicious.

The match goes off without a hitch. Corbin beating Sami of course by pinfall without too much incident but the situation between Sami and Owens reaches a fever pitch with Sami attacking Owens after the match. My question here is do we really need to see Owens vs Sami again? We have seen this match countless times and while most have been classics it seems lazy to return back to a story and match that has been done to death already.

Big E and Apollo backstage interview

The interview itself wasn't badly done. The passion seeping from Big E was well done as was Apollo and his Nigerian Prince angle that he seems to be going for these days. Then it degenerated into backstage antics. Big E grabs himself a golf kart and drives off in search of Apollo who comes down the hall to meet him. We are treated to a couple of backstage spots that wouldn't have been out of place in a 1999/2000 hardcore title match before Big E gains the upper hand. This leads to Apollo driving off in the golf kart and we are all set for these two to fight at Fastlane. I hope Apollo wins becuse if he loses his push will probably fall flat on it's arse and make the whole thing seem stupid and pointless. Well, even more stupid and pointless than many fans think it already is.

Edge vs Jey Uso - Winner is special enforcer at Fastlane

This story would playout throughout the show starting with a backstage interview with Edge who said he doesn't hold anything against Daniel Bryan hitting him with a running knee last week, because it's exactly what he would have done. He also said his intention is to make sure he beats Jey Uso to become special guest enforcer at Fastlane because it's the only way Bryan will have a fair shot when he faces Roman Reigns.

Edge would win the match to become the special enforcer before Roman would attack Edge in a post match beatdown. Bryan then went to confront Reigns in the ring, but was attacked by Uso, allowing Reigns to hit a spear as the show went off the air. It seems increasingly more obvious Edge will be involved in the match at Fastlane and will probably be the factor that decides the outcome. I would love Bryan vs Edge at Wrestlemania but I am not sure if that's the way WWE will go or not.

Match Results

  • SmackDown Women's Championship -- Sasha Banks (c) def. Nia Jax via pinfall to retain the title.
  • Rey & Dominik Mysterio def. The Street Profits via pinfall 
  • Chad Gable & Otis def. Rey & Dominik Mysterio via pinfall 
  • King Corbin def. Sami Zayn via pinfall 
  • Bianca Belair vs. Shayna Baszler ended in a no contest
  • Edge def. Jey Uso via pinfall

That was the SaturdaySunday Smackdown Summary.

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