The Saturday Smackdown Summary

Warning: This article contains spoilers and strong opinions.

The Saturday Smackdown Summary

With so much news and many talking points coming up on the road to Wrestlemania, what better way to cover it all than in one convenient location? This will contain spoilers from this weeks show so with that in mind..

I am P-Nut for Real Rasslin and this is the Saturday Sunday Smackdown Summary!

Opening Segment

Edge opened the show and he came to the ring with his usual pyro, he accused Roman Reigns of distracting himself with his business with Daniel Bryan. Edge then turned his attention to Bryan, taking issue with Bryan saying he deserved the main event of WrestleMania more than Edge because of his love for the business. Bryan hits the ring, he said he sees and understands Edge has worked hard and how much he loves wrestling and that Edge needs to understand that his challenge of Reigns has nothing to do with Edge, but Edge walked away after voicing his displeasure at the way Daniel Bryan had gone about things.

Montez Ford pins the Smackdown Tag Team Champions

In another multi man tag match that is common of a Smackdown, Montez Ford pins one of the tag champions in an 8 man tag match that can only be described as, a match that happened. 

The Seth Rollins Situation

After hearing in a backstage interview that Cesaro had a match against Buddy Murphy later, Seth came to the ring with a steel chair to watch the match seated on the top of the ramp.. During the ending of the match Cesaro goes for the swing on Murphy. This is the moment Seth Rollins interjects himself into the match and beats down Cesaro and hitting the curb stomp before grabbing a microphone. Seth yells into the mic that nobody embarrasses him and Cesaro isn't on his level and he is going to make sure of it.

The KO Show featuring Bianca Bel Air and Sasha Banks (and a whole bunch of other people)

Two segments have happened in the prelude to this segment. The first of which is Reginald modelling outfits for Nia Jax before asking her out on a date, and the second is Sami Zayn asking Kevin Owens to join his documentary which Owens will appearently think about. Bianca and Sasha Banks have a verbal exchange during the segment itself and we find out at Fastlane they will team together to face Shayna Bazler and Nia Jax for the Womens Tag Team Championship. Bianca accuses Sasha Banks of entertaining Reginald, a bith of foreshadowing for what is to come.

We go straight from here into a match; Sasha and Bianca vs Natalya and Tamina as the Womens Tag Team Champions watch on from ringside, accompanied by Reginald, who wastes little time getting involved. The match ends with Reginald distracting Sasha, who chases him and leads to Bianca getting rolled up for a three count. Bianca would blame Sasha for the loss despite herself being pinned, once again repeating how she is entertaining Reginald as she walks to the back.

In an interesting turn of events, later on backstage Reginald suggests to Nia Jax she should challenge for Sasha Banks championship and the match is booked for next week. Lets hope Nia's hole can keep intact until Fastlane and we don't have a second WWE Womens Champion in doubt for Wrestlemania courtesy of Shayna and Nia.

Apollo Crews destroys Big E

After failing to answer an open challenge for the Intercontinental Championship, Apollo Crews attacks Big E immediately following Sami Zayn's failed attempt to capture the title. Apollo Crews beat down Big E who had recently cut an extremly passionate pre-match promo about getting biblical on Crews as revenge for his recent assault. Apollo beat Big E down with the stairs, knocking him out of the ring before climbing the steel steps in the ring to stand proud. This situation is not over yet and Apollo is doing incredibly well. The match seems almost certain to go down at Fastlane and the way things are going, Crews might actually pull it off.

Contract signings and Special Enforcers

The contract was signed for the match at Fastlane between Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns in a quality segment to end the show. After demanding Adam Pearce moving a chair to the head of the table, Roman says he isn't feeling like having the match at all and refuses to sign the contract. Daniel Bryan then signs it and starts goading Roman Reigns. The upshot of the comments is not only has Roman always been worried Daniel Bryan was better than him but also Daniel Bryan proved it by getting Jey to quit last week, something Roman himself couldn't do. Roman reluctantly signs the contract upon hearing Bryan suggest he should be head of the table and king of the island instead.

An incensed Jey Uso flips the table and demands that he is made the special enforcer for the match at Fastlane. Then Edge appears and has other ideas on his mind. He asks Adam Pearce to book a match for next week. Jey Uso vs Edge with the winner being the special enforcer at Fastlane. The match is booked for next week and is an interesting way to keep Edge relevant to the story going into Wrestlemania and this recent challenge. I think it's fairly obvious Edge should win here but this is the WWE and who knows what crazy booking could occur.

Match Results

  • The Street Profits & Dominik and Rey Mysterio def. The Dirty Dawgs & Alpha Academy via pinfall 
  • Cesaro def. Murphy via disqualification 
  • Tamina & Natalya def. Bianca Belair & Sasha Banks via pinfall 
  • Intercontinental Championship -- Big E (c) def. Sami Zayn via pinfall 

That was the Saturday Sunday Smackdown Summary.

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