Very Nice, Very Evil: The Rising of Danhausen

Joshhausen gives his opinion on the rising star that is the man, the myth, the teeth collector himself. The Very Nice, Very Evil one, Danhausen.

Very Nice, Very Evil: The Rising of Danhausen

In today's wrestling world we have shining stars, rising stars and fan favourites aplenty. But arguably none of todays rising stars and fan favourites are as prolific and gaining as much traction as one entity: Danhausen.

Danhausen by this point is known for his whacky "make up" (or maybe the human face is the make up.. who knows?), his comical, yet evil (aka Very Nice, Very Evil) persona, based on an idea the man himself spawned of "Imagine if Conan O'Brien got possessed by a demon." He was trained by Jimmy Jacobs and Truth Martini, and made his pro wrestling debut on October 18th 2013. In the beginning, he went under the names of Donovan Danhausen and had also gone by the name Kid Gorgeous, but neither of those names had really gotten him anywhere. He originally tried to play himself as your typical "heel bad guy wrestler", but found that this wasn't working for him either.

The humble beginnings of Danhausen as "Kid Gorgeous" Donovan Danhausen [Image credit:]

He switched up his style, added the facepaint and became the man known as Danhausen today. But what exactly is it about this somewhat drastic change in style that has skyrocketed this man to near stardom? What is it that makes you a fanhausen of Danhausen without even watching any of his matches? I for one, have only seen him wrestle a handful of times, and yet I find myself to be a huge fan of his. I quote his catchphrase often to my friends and family, I laud him as my favourite wrestling personality and I have even bought merchandise of his. (I sit here in my Danhausen shirt, in front of my Danhausen Micro Brawler and with a Danhausen flag directly behind me....)

I aim to approach this today with the views of both a wrestling fan and someone who may not be, as well as a "What If Danhausen joined the Dark Order in AEW?"

As a wrestling fan, Danhausen has the personality of a heel whilst also maintaining the likeability of a face.. He performs heel tactics such as the jar of teeth he carries to the ring and uses it to pour them in the mouth of his opponents. This is undeniably a distraction to be used to assist him in matches, right before he belts out a helluva kick, knocking those teeth right back out! (However, it's a LEGAL distraction! He might be returning those teeth, who knows?) but despite this heel type behaviour, you would be, arguably, very hard pressed to find anyone who boo's him. Aside from this fact, solely as a wrestler, Danhausen can GO when he needs to. He has an impressive wrestling style with some incredible offences, even being gifted the famous GTS by Kenta and CM Punk, which is a worthy enough feat in itself!

Outside of being a wrestling fan, Danhausen has a plethora of content you can enjoy without even watching him in Ring of Honor (Of which I also do a review! Shameless plug, deal with it!) He's very entertaining on Twitter, he posts monthly vlogs on YouTube of his interactions with other wrestlers, and even has a patreonhausen where you can be a fanhausen of Danhausen and receive in return "Very Nice, Very Evil" shows of Danhausen, such as interviews, cooking shows, fanmail unboxing and more!

A taste of the incredible things you'll find on Danhausen's Patreonhausen! [Image Credit:]

Danhausen himself has expressed that he'd love to get his own toyline, his own cartoon show and other such merchandise and realistically, if any wrestler was able to do it, it's him! All this and shockingly he has never been signed to either of the biggest companies in pro wrestling (oh.. and sports entertainment..) today. Danhausen's online antics have even garnered him attention from huge names in not only the wrestling world, but also the podcast world such as Renee Paquette (FKA Renee Young) where he has taken over her YouTube channel, Oral Sessions, for a week, and even the podcast powerhouse himself, Chris Jericho, has featured on Danhausen's podcast and has even had him as a guest on his own, Talk is Jericho.

All of this combined has skyrocketed Danhausen to stardom without setting foot in any major arena or ring known in the wrestling world today. But it would not be a surprise in the least if he was to turn up in one of them soon. Danhausen is undeniably one of the biggest or if not, soon-to-be biggest stars in independent wrestling today, he has the in-ring talent, the on-screen talent, the social media presence and the overall attitude that people want to see. Not to mention, he is 100% honest! He wants to be a Pro Wrestler to earn lots of money and take over the world, and I have absolutely no doubt he will achieve exactly this!

Notably, I mentioned him joining the Dark Order of AEW. The reason I have made this assumption of Danhausen going to AEW rather than....the other place... is because it makes sense. Danhausen has made friends in AEW with the likes of Chris Jericho, he has a long time friend in Ethan Page, and has history with it's other stars, such as "Freshly Squeezed" Orange Cassidy.

It's also of my opinion and understanding that wrestlers that go to AEW will be allowed to remain their true selves. They won't be told to change their name, their wrestling style, their ring gear or their personalities. Danhausen in AEW would lead to some very interesting storylines, funny moments and antics, and some genuinely incredible matches. We could end up seeing Danhausen face off against the likes of Kenny Omega, CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Orange Cassidy, Jungle Boy, Darby Allin, Adam Page (Very Nice, Very Cowboy?), Adam Cole (BAY BAY!), Chris Jericho, and many more, not to mention the potential storylines with characters like Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston, the Lucha Bros, The Young Bucks, Matt Hardy and the HFO, MJF, (Mayor) Malakai Black(hausen).. The list of possibilities of entertainment Danhausen could tap into in AEW are endless and immeasurable and would just be such a sweet treat you risk getting diabetes from it!

Personally I would LOVE to see Danhausen fill this silhouettehausen, the sooner the better!. [Image Credit:]

But the big, glaring, neon sign would be for Danhausen to join the Dark Order. The reason being is that while they work together now, who knows if this will last? They could do with a leader or at least someone to truly rally them all together. The ideas that stick in my mind (And if you have any of your own, please feel free to fire them off in the comments!) is that Danhausen could follow them around, trying to join their order, and they all rally together trying to rid themselves of him.

Or he could be their comedy character, always pitching harebrained schemes and just generally being an absolute weirdo that they all wonder about. Less likely, he could join as their new leader, the Dark Order could become more comical, and have some japes like more teeth in matches, or disorientating opponents with sheer ludicrosity, they could all be wearing matching facepaint, have the same catchphrase or all just believe they ARE Danhausen, or an extension of his personality. 

Okay... that last one is a little far fetched because I still firmly believe Windham Rotunda (FKA Bray Wyatt) will be joining AEW as the new leader, as it makes sense due to his friendship with the late Brodie Lee (RIP, Exalted One.) That being said, he himself has expressed interest in teaming up with Danhausen, so maybe the new leader would need a right hand man to keep everyone in line. And who says that needs to be with force? It could be with the same ludicrosity that Danhausen himself brings wherever he goes.

I also personally believe that Danhausen is one of those rare wrestlers who would still have an incredibly successful career without ever winning a title. I would of course, love to see him with gold around his waist. But I think, in the same vein (but also in his own unique style) as such legends as "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Danhausen will be over with any crowd he's put in front of, he'll deliver blinding matches and still have an incredible career without ever NEEDING to have championship gold around his waist.

In summary: I think Danhausen is great. I love his wrestling style, I love his persona whether it be in-ring, on any kind of stage and any kind of platform. It's my opinion that Danhausen is one of Pro Wrestling's fastest rising stars and will soon be at such a level that he will be undeniable to anyone. Danhausen is going far, be it AEW, WWE, or hell, I'd love to see him in NJPW, I'd love to see the Japanese crowd's reaction to him! Danhausen is going places, he's going to the top and no one can stop him. He has the ability and the charisma needed to be a major star.

He's all powerful, very nice, very evil and you'd be a fool to disagree or to try and stop him.

Joshhausen signing off! #GETDANHAUSENHISBLIMP