The Legendary Undertaker Says His Final Farewell At Survivor Series

The final nail in the coffin of the Undertaker’s legendary career is confirmed.

The Legendary Undertaker Says His Final Farewell At Survivor Series

The legendary Undertaker is set to say his final farewell to the WWE Universe at this years Survivor Series which airs November 22nd. It will be 30 years to the day that the Phenom debuted at the event in 1990 and shocked fans with his dark and mysterious presence and started digging holes and taking souls. 

The Deadman is considered to be one of the greatest men to ever grace the ring, his presence was felt through all that came across his path. He debuted as a mystery partner of Ted Dibiase's Survivor Series team, being followed by Brother Love. His sheer size and omnious music sent chills down the spines of the fans in attendance. He was later paired with his new manager Paul Bearer, and the two would become a powerful force in the WWE. 

During his 30 year career in the WWE, he captured multiple World Championships, he took part in WWE's most barabaric matches such as Hell in a Cell, Buried Alive, Inferno and Casket matches. Winning Royal Rumble matches and basically any match type he was in. 

But, the one thing that has become synonymous with The Undertaker is the now legendary undefeated streak at Wrestlemania where he accumulated a record 21 wins without a single loss. His first defeat came at the hands of his former rival, Brock Lesnar, where he stunned fans into complete silence and shocked the world at Wrestlemania in 2014. 

It will be sad to say goodbye for many fans as he has been part of some of the most unforgettable and memorable moments in WWE history. Many of his peers and current superstars show the utmost respect and speak highly of the Deadman. The last time fans saw him was his highly acclaimed Boneyard match at this year's Wrestlemania against AJ styles, where we saw the Demon of Death Valley emerge victorious and ride off into the night.

All throughout November the WWE Network will be showing the "30 years of the Deadman"  with documentaries such as "Meeting the Undertaker" and "WWE UNTOLD: The Phenom vs The Legend Killer" 

There will also be a tribute documentary to The Undertaker's long time friend and Manager, the late great Paul Bearer in "THE MORTICIAN: The Story of Paul Bearer" 

For this writer, it's sad to see a legend like The Undertaker hang up the boots, but he's leaving a legacy that will perhaps never be matched! 

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