The Heavy Tribute: Scott Hall The Bad Guy & Outsider

Today in a first of its kind, special edition of his usual work, Hev delivers a tribute to one of the most influential wrestlers of the 90’s, someone who tragically passed away this week… Scott Hall.

The Heavy Tribute: Scott Hall The Bad Guy & Outsider

Ten years ago, if someone said that Scott Hall had just passed away, we wouldn’t be so shocked or surprised. The man had a rogue’s gallery of demons he fought for years. For a long time, it seemed like Scott Hall was on the Long Road to Ruin and everyone else was waiting to see when that road will end and how it would come to an end. Fast forward to today and the reaction of anyone who knew of Scott Hall and his career is quite the opposite when learning about his passing. In 2013 Scott Hall was given the opportunity to turn his life around, to work through his demons and literally get himself back on his feet and once again become the coolest guys in the room, thanks to long-time friend and fellow wrestler Diamond Dallas Page (BANG!). It was through DDP’s assistance that Scott Hall worked hard to get back into shape and put his life back on track, which he did and celebrated his success with his first of two entries into the WWE Hall of Fame.

After coming back into his own, in what could only be heralded as a renaissance of life, Scott Hall was back, he was that guy who oozed cool with every look and captivated everyone whenever he spoke. Was this the Scott Hall of old? No, the Scott Hall of old was a self-punishing man who suffered with PTSD and saw drugs and alcohol as a means to bury that trauma. No, this Scott Hall was something else entirely as he had now managed to harness the good, the stuff that made everyone fall in love with him and his work and kick the bad to the curb. The Scott Hall we saw before us in this iteration was THE Quintessential Scott Hall, one that I am sure he wished he was all along. He would show up at Conventions, he would make appearances on WWE Television, hell he and his fellow nWo teammates Hollywood Hogan and Kevin Nash appeared at Wrestlemania 31 to back up fellow ex-WCW Mainstay, The Icon Sting! He was then inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame for a second time last year as one of the founding fathers of the nWo. Being a two-time WWE Hall of Famer is not an easy thing, it is a very select group of the Elite, the best of the best. Men like Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Bret Hart and then that group gained another outsider. It seemed that nothing could slow down the Bad Guy this time.

Then the news spread that Hall had been hospitalised after taking a fall, thus breaking his hip. It’s ok we all thought, the Bad Guy is gonna kick outta this and be back better than ever, but after the surgery to replace his broken hip, a blood clot was dislodged which resulted in the Bad Guy suffering three heart attacks on March 12th, 2022. From here Scott Hall was placed on life support, and tragically, this looked like it was the end for The Outsider.

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Then Kevin Nash took to Instagram with a very heartfelt post talking about his best friend, the one person he had spent more of his life with than anyone else. Kevin announced in the same post that Scott’s family would be turning his life support off once they had gathered at the hospital. Hall’s life support was turned off and he fought on, he got that shoulder up off the mat and he was fighting to stay on this mortal coil. While fans were already eulogising him, his friends, particularly Sean “X-Pac/Syxx” Waltman asked for the fans to hold off as he was not done yet… but that glimmer of hope we all had faded and on March 14th, 2022 Scott Hall lost his final battle, he had no more fight left in him and he was down for life’s One, Two, Three.

Since the news broke the internet has been swarmed with tributes to Hall from his fans the world over, from his friends, from his colleagues and from his peers. The Pro-Wrestling World has once again united to ensure that one of their own is honoured the way he should be. All the demons, all the controversy and all the rumours regarding Scott Hall are not touted as how people remembered him. Not on this day, we have all heard enough about them. No, today was all about how much respect Scott Hall had from every single person he came into contact with. Wrestlers young and old, friends and acquaintances, others that looked up to him for inspiration, all paid tribute to the Bad Guy. Stories were shared about how genuine he was, about how funny he could be and about how he had a very genuine perspective on the business he helped transform all those years ago.

For me, the first time I saw Scott Hall was not on a TV screen or inside of a wrestling ring. No, the first time I saw Scott Hall was on a shelf, in a toy store when I saw his WCW Action Figure. It was about 1996 and I had been out of the wrestling loop for some time. I saw this action figure and I thought, wow he looks like a cool guy, seems wrestling has changed a bit since I stopped watching. On that day I bought that figure for a wrestling mad younger cousin as a Christmas present. Some years later I started getting back into wrestling with the assistance of a friend named Cory who loaned me tapes of his from WCW and then WWF. This is when I discovered Scott Hall’s body of work and it impressed me, beginning with Razor Ramon and ending with his WCW run under his real name. To me he was the perfect blend of 80’s Big Guy and 90’s Style. He had the looks, he had the talent, he had that big guy aura that could propel him to the top, but he moved like a smaller man. He wrestled with more than just brute strength, he moved with purpose, and he was great at telling stories. He entertained the masses with great matches against the 1-2-3 Kid, who he put over big time! He had great matches with so many men while under the WWF umbrella, but one will always stand out, the one against one of his best friends, Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 10. The Ladder Match for the unification of the Intercontinental Championships. A match that not only stole the show, not only a match that literally helped promote and get over the concept of the Ladder Match to the mainstream wrestling audience, but a match that is still touted today, as one of the best Wrestlemania Matches of all time.

Then in 1996 the unthinkable happened, Hall, along with his long-time friend Kevin Nash, jumped ship and made the move over to World Championship Wrestling. This was a move that Hall tried to avoid, he wanted to stay within the WWF and try to raise his stock, but it was just not on the cards. So, Hall and Nash made the jump to the competition and in doing so not only did they assist in creating one of the hottest era’s in professional wrestling, but they transformed the business at the same time. Drawing from the real-life competition between WCW and the then WWF; Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were portrayed as Outsider’s from the enemy coming to takeover WCW. The angle gained mainstream heat and attention, which all came to a boiling point at Bash at the Beach 96 when Hall and Nash took on Sting, Lex Luger and Randy Savage with an unannounced mystery partner. By the end of the night the unthinkable had happened, Hulk Hogan turned his back on WCW and the fans worldwide and the New World Order was created! The turn of events was the match which lit the fuse in what would be known as the Monday Night Wars! A time in professional wrestling history that would be unmatched, even to this day. Scott Hall went on to win the WCW World Tag Team Championship with Kevin Nash, something that he would do another five times, six in total before becoming a 7-time champion with The Giant. While Scott Hall and his work as Razor Ramon in the WWF was phenomenal, WCW was where he evolved and changed the world as we all knew it.

Hall’s run in WCW was met with great success in the beginning. In 1997 he won the World War 3 Match, which granted him a World Title opportunity, which was usually granted at the biggest event of the year, Starrcade. In 1997 though, Starrcade was all about Sting vs. Hogan in the biggest angle WCW ever produced… due to the shenanigans with the ending of the match, Hall’s title shot did not come until WCW Uncensored 98, when he faced newly crowned champion, Sting! 1998 would see the nWo Civil War rip the once dominating faction apart as Kevin Nash got sick of Hogan’s politics and created nWo Wolfpack. It was assumed Hall would join him, but in a controversial angle WCW put Hall’s battle with his demon’s centre stage as he turned on his long-time friend Kevin Nash. From here Scott Hall was not quite the same and by 2000 Hall was gone from the company after making his final appearance against then World Champion Jeff Jarrett at SuperBRAWL on February 20th.

After WCW Scott Hall travelled the globe having matches in New Japan, ECW and he was even a member of the first ever TNA Roster. He was their veteran; he was there to add some legitimacy and put a spotlight on the new promotion. It seemed that wherever Scott Hall went though, his demons followed him, he couldn’t shake them, and they came very close to defeating him. For a long time as already mentioned, we all waited for the day where we would see that his demons defeated him once and for all, but alas, that was not meant to be. Scott was offered a hand from one of his longest and closest friends and one of his most respected peers in Diamond Dallas Page. DDP and Jake Roberts encouraged, supported and assisted Hall in his rehabilitation and for the first time in such a looooooong time, the world of professional wrestling got back its Bad Guy, it’s Outsider and we were all so happy to have our saddening expectations turned into one of wrestling's truly greatest comeback stories. Scott Hall, Razor Ramon, the Bad Guy, the Outsider was back!

In his time Scott Hall was one of the most prolific wrestlers of his generation, mixing together a blend of 80’s over the top characterisation and 90’s in ring work and psychology. Along the way capturing titles and awards, here is a list of just some of his accomplishments.


  • 4 Time WWF Intercontinental Champion
  • WWE Hall of Fame (Twice)
  • 2014 as Razor Ramon
  • 2020 for the New World Order)
  • Slammy Award Winner (Twice)
  • 1994 - Most Spectacular Match vs. HBK Ladder Match at WM 10
  • 1996 – Match of the Year vs. HBK at SummerSlam


  • WCW World Television Champion (1 Time)
  • WCW United States Heavyweight Champion (2 Times)
  • WCW World Tag Team Champion (7 Times)
  • World War 3 Winner – 1997

The only thing missing from those accolades is the World Championship. Yes, he won the USWA Unified World Heavyweight Championship, but he will always go down as one of the most talented men to never win either the WWF or WCW World Championship.

To many Scott Hall was an inspiration, he was a larger than life character, a role model and an influential figure in the world of professional wrestling. His legacy, which was once stained by personal problems is now a legacy of hope, determination and fighting with everything you have to not only make your dreams come true, but to turn your life around and become a better person. His story, once labelled as a warning to any budding wrestler, is now a triumphant story of redemption and fighting against the odds. A man that was once seen as self-destructive became a mentor and supporter to the newer generation, providing advice and tips on character and in ring work. Scott Hall was giving back to the business on a whole new level and you could tell that made him happy.

Now as I bring this tribute to a close, I am trying to sum up how to add that something special to make all of this come together. Maybe, just maybe I should let the Bad Guy himself cap off what has been a true honour, paying tribute to professional wrestling's coolest guy…

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this, as a member of the Real Rasslin team I want to send our condolences to the friends and family of Scott Hall. I hope we can all agree that the Bad Guy was a one of a kind and could never be replicated… Say Hi to Your Folks for Me!