The Heavy Rampage Review - 29.10.21

Hev give us his review and thoughts on this weeks Rampage as we move along towards AEW Full Gear with another match in the World Title Eliminator Tournament, Dante Martin vs Matt Sydal and Britt Baker D.M.D vs. Abadon in a Trick or Treat No D.Q Match!

The Heavy Rampage Review - 29.10.21

Hey everyone, its Hev here with his third AEW Rampage Review for Real Rasslin. Tonight we see the continuation of the World Championship Eliminator Tournament, a singles match between Dante Martin and Matt Sydal before the main event, a Trick or Treat Match between Britt Baker D.M.D and Abadon. If Abadon wins she gets a Women’s Championship Match. It is surely going to be another impressive night of action for AEW Rampage so let’s get this review started, so sit back and enjoy!

OPENING MATCH: Bryan Danielson vs. Eddie Kingston
AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament!

Match Overview: Danielson and Kingston were cautious to start things off and approached each other slow, feeling the other out. Danielson nails a Dropkick in the corner, Kingston rolls out after the blow and man he’s frustrated throwing a steel chair! Turning attention back to the ring The American Dragon took firm control of the match as he worked over Kingston’s arm. More back and forth between both men as The American Dragon took control of the match, working on Kingston's left arm. More back and forth ensued as Eddie Kingston and Bryan Danielson traded strikes before the former took control of the match, unloading on his opponent with some brutal knife-edged chops. Danielson sends Kingston crashing to the floor. Danielson followed out onto the apron, but Kingston took him down and drilled him with a Saito Suplex onto the floor at ringside, Danielson gets back in before the 10-count, drilling Kingston with a top rope suplex before following it up with a boot to the head. The American Dragon unleashes a series of kicks across the head and chest area of The Mad King. Kingston manages to get a DDT in on Danielson. Danielson tries for a Fujiwara Arm Bar, but Kingston gets out. Both men make it to their feet, Danielson looking for the submission on the other arm but both men started trading strikes in the middle of the ring before both going down with simultaneous shots, Kingston with a Spinning Back Fist and Danielson with a Roaring Elbow. Kingston crawls over to cover The American Dragon who spins around and applies the Triangle Choke and Kingston passes out!

Winner via Submission: Bryan Danielson!

After Match: Both men receive a standing ovation after the match as Danielson celebrates the win and advances to the final of the Eliminator Tournament. Danielson raised the hand of Kingston out of respect, who refused it and left the ring.

Match Thoughts: This was a stiff brawl of a match between both men. Intense as hell which is what Danielson wanted after that segment on Dynamite this week. Kingston without a doubt has the best knife-edged chops going in the business at the moment in my opinion. It is awesome to see Danielson revitalised through competition. WE knew that he was going to win this match to go into the final but Kingston put up a hell of a fight. Danielson’s chest was red raw, like tenderised meat! I hope we see these two go at it again in the future. Kingston was a wrestler who had to grow on me a bit but once he did DAMN do I find him impressive. The ending was a great way to protect Kingston as he didn’t tap out, keeps him strong and hopefully leads to something substantive moving forward for him heading into Full Gear.


Segment: Tony Schiavone is interviewing CM Punk backstage when a pissed off and irate Eddie Kingston shows. Kingston is pissed that the referee went for the bell even though he didn't tap out. Schiavone gets the microphone slapped out of his hand by Kingston and had to be held back by officials and wrestlers. Punk was not too pleased at all calling Kingston unprofessional and asked him if he wanted to go to sleep again like we all just saw moments ago.

Thoughts: Ok, Ok, Ok, Ok, Ok… this right here, this segment came off as natural and on the fly. This segment was simple and to the point, not convoluted or complex. Just one man pissed off at what he just went through taking it out on someone else. This type of shit happens in the real world, people get pissed and say shit they probably shouldn’t and it’s a great quick and simple way to get an angle started headed into the next Pay Per View in my opinion. Kingston is a master when it comes to talking and Punk showed signs of his old Best in the World attitude that got him so over all those years ago. A match between these two could be amazing and it would be Punk’s toughest challenge to date! This is something I am definitely looking forward to as we move into Full Gear.


SINGLES MATCH: Matt Sydal vs. Dante Martin

Match Overview: After a show of respect between both men in the form of a handshake the match started off with some impressive quick exchanges from both men. We then see more incredible athleticism from Dante Martin as he sent Matt Sydal face-first into the turnbuckle before forcing Sydal to leave the ring. Martin then hit a Moonsault out to the floor as we headed for another commercial break. Matt Sydal came back strong during the ad break, taking control of the match with the ground game applying a modified Single Leg Grab. The former Evan Bourne working on Dante Martin's leg. Martin hit back with right hands and rolled Sydal up for a two-count. Martin drills Sydal with a Meteora like move for a near fall. Lio Rush was piping up at ringside as he implored his protégé to end the match. Dante gets a crucifix pin for a two-count. Dante goes up top, but is met by Sydal on the top turnbuckle, hitting a Hurricanrana. Dante tries a kick to the face but Sydal ducks, catching the leg before drilling Martin with a Roundhouse Kick. Martin gains control of the match and goes for the Double springboard Moonsault and nails it to get the win via pinfall.

Winner via Pinfall: Dante Martin! 

After Match: Lio Rush celebrates in the ring with Martin who finally gets a win over Sydal, seemingly solidifying his working agreement with Rush.

Match Thoughts: This was a solid match between both men who showed some impressive moves in the ring. Sydal still has it and Dante, man that kid can go. He does come across a little stale in the character department and pairing him with Rush is a brilliant way to get him over. Rush is a great wrestler himself, but he is also a great hype man so having him in that role for Martin along with Martin’s moves will be a great way to showcase his talent and get him over.


Segment: Pre-Match Interview time with Mark Henry, Abadon just spews blood when asked if she has any tricks up her sleeve. Baker hypes herself leading into the match. We go back to Abadon who isn’t even there. Henry looks a little spooked and cuts to then a rundown of the matches coming up over the next week.

Thoughts: I’ll always say it, I love these little pre main event interview segments and they are just even better when it’s Mark Henry conducting them. The look on his face when he finds Abadon is not there as he goes back to her made the segment for me. Baker is always solid on the stick and gets herself over well as usual and even though it’s a little silly I really liked that Rebel and Hayter gone into the Halloween spirit.


MAIN EVENT: Adandon vs. Britt Baker D.M.D – TRICK OR TREAT MATCH (No D.Q)
If Abadon Wins, She Gest Title Shot in the Future

Match Overview: Britt Baker looked very reserved as Abadon made her entrance. In fact, as the match started Baker looked a little scared of her opponent. Abadon looking to lock up after the bell, but Baker was reluctant to lock up. Abadon immediately hits stunner, forcing the Women’s Champion to roll out of the ring. Rebel not Reba and Jamie Hayter are at ringside and set up a table as Baker took out a steel chair before heading into the last commercial break of the night. As we come back from the commercial break, Abadon placed the steel chair, that Baker brought into the match, on Britt Baker and hit a Running Senton on it sandwiching Britt Baker. Abadon in control grabs another chair and places it in the corner. This moved backfired for her as Baker sent her face-first into the chair with a Reverse STO and a near fall follows. Rebel and Hayter pull Abadon out onto the ring apron Baker is pulled out by Abadon with a front face lock. Baker takes control of the situation and hits a Swinging Neckbreaker onto the table at ringside, but it fails to break. Both women bounce off the table in a sickening spot before hitting the floor.

Abadon starts moving first and pulls Baker up to her feet and rolls her into the ring. Abadon grabs a black bag from under the ring and tips out the thumb tack inside out over the ring mat. Baker shakes her head in fear before getting up to her feet. She hooks onto Abadon looking for a STO onto the thumb tacks, but Abadon elbows out of the attempt, takes control and drills Baker into the tacks with a Uranage for a near fall. Abadon then goes for another cover on the tacks for a two count. Hayter slides a chair into the ring for Baker who drills Abadon with it, wraps it around her neck and drills her with a Curbstomp into the chair. Abadon does stay down for long though as Baker got her glove from Rebel. Baker then grabs some thumb tacks and shoves them into the mouth of Abadon before drilling her with a Super Kick to the mouth and tried to apply the Lockjaw. Abadon fights the hold attempt and bites Bakers fingers. Hayter comes in from behind with a double axe handle to break it up. Rebel gets up on the apron for the distraction. Baker used it to roll up Abadon for the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Britt Baker D.M.D!

After Match: Baker leaves the ring immediately, obviously rattled by the war fought with Abadon, flanked by Rebel and Hayter as the show goes off the air.

Match Thoughts: This was a solid match; it wasn’t anything too terrific nor was it subpar by any means. Baker is busy heading into a title match against Tay Conti, but here you wouldn’t know that. Hayter and Rebel were involved in the match, Conti has a championship match set for Full Gear, they could have had her fight off the interference, but they didn’t which is probably the biggest disappointment in this match that it wasn’t used to help further the angle for the match at Full Gear. AEW had the opportunity to but instead they focused on Baker getting a win before the pay per view, which is good for Baker but come on we know she isn’t going to lose to Conti so using this match just to make her look stronger was a waste. Conti should have been involved somehow, it didn’t need to overshadow the match, as I said have her fend off the interference would have been enough. Otherwise, the match was good, I enjoyed it and I really enjoyed the psychology of the match. Abadon just being batshit over the top and Baker just fearful of her and trying to do anything she could to put her away hard.

The Heavy Thought on Rampage: This was a decent little show, not the best Rampage but nowhere near the worst either. It showcased young talent, gave us a very interesting main event and it furthered a major angle leading into Full Gear. The standout match of the night was definitely the opener between Danielson and Kingston, its kind of a shame that it wasn’t the main event but with what happened afterwards with Punk I see why it was put on first. In saying that it did get the crowd hyped up for the night ahead and I will say, I absolutely love that AEW more times than not start their shows off with an absolute barnstormer of a match. It is so refreshing to see shows start with matches after years of Sport’s Entertainment eating up the first slot in a show with talking. I still don’t like the four-man commentary team, this week I felt Starks contributed even less than last week. AEW really needs to give this guy a major angle and keep him away from the desk. There is no need for him to be there, the Rampage announcing team already feels different than the Dynamite one with Taz and Jericho on the desk, Leave Starks As A Wrestler! Give him something to do so he doesn’t have to sit there looking lost amongst the others just so he is kept fresh in everyone’s minds. Give him some competitive matches, have him defend that FTW Title more, get him exposure in the ring and on the stick in segments, not as the odd one out on the announcing team on Fridays.

I hope you all enjoyed this review as much as I enjoyed writing it for you. I look forward to next week’s review as we get closer to Full Gear. Until then, this is Hev signing off… Say hi to your folks for me!