The Heavy Rampage Review - 25.12.2021

Will we get even more goodies from old Saint Nick tonight or can we expect a big fat chunk of coal in our stockings? Only time will tell on this Christmas Night, so surround yourselves with loved ones as you may or may not need their emotional support by the end of the night and settle in for some RAMPAGE!

The Heavy Rampage Review - 25.12.2021

It’s Christmas Night, You Know What That Means…

The Heavy Rampage Review – Holiday Bash Edition Time!

Now we have four matches on the card tonight, including a TNT Championship Match between Champion Sammy Guevara and “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes. We also have Leyla Hirsch vs. Kris Statlander, Jungle Boy vs. Isiah Kennedy and Hook competes in his second ever match as he takes on Bear Bronson. Can Hook follow up his debut with another victory, only time will tell!

OPENING MATCH: Jungle Boy vs. Isiah Kennedy

Match Overview: Jungle Boy comes out with taped up ribs and a taped up left thigh. Isiah Kassidy is already in the ring with Matt Hardy and his Private Party Tag Team Partner, Marq Quen.  Jungle Boy slides into the ring and Isiah Kassidy immediately tried to attack but the referee pushes him away after Jungle Boy shoves him away. Both men lock up at the start of the match and Jungle Boy takes control. Jungle Boy with a shoulder block, Kassidy rolls him up for a two. Clothesline by Kassidy while Jungle Boy is in the corner Kassidy hits several elbows then knife edge chop. Kassidy is in firm control of the match in the corner gets warned by the referee. Kassidy charges in but Jungle Boy hits him with a boot to the face and grabs him by the hand, wrenches the arm and hits him with chops to the chest before Jungle Boy runs up the corner bounces off the ropes with an arm drag then follows it up with a dropkick. Jungle Boy kips up to his feet and jaws with Matt Hardy at ringside. Jungle Boy with a chop across the chest of Kassidy in the corner, Jungle Boy goes to whips him across the ring, but Kassidy reverses and Jungle Boy hits the corner. Kassidy rushes in and eats corner. Jungle Boy comes out of the ring onto the apron, ducks through the ropes but gets a foot to the face before Kassidy drops him with a Cutter over the top rope. Kassidy gets a head full of steam and leaps over the top tope with a Corkscrew Plancha. Kassidy with control of the match rolls Jungle Boy into the ring and then hits a slingshot Senton. Jungle Boy and Kassidy exchange blows in the ring Kassidy hits a big elbow to gain control. Kassidy with the heel tactics as Jungle Boy hangs in the ropes. While the referee is distracted Matt Hardy throws a punch into Jungle Boys face. Jungle Boy comes back off the robes with a sunset flip but Kassidy rolls through and nails him with a front dropkick followed by the cover for two!

Matt Hardy wrenches on the neck of Jungle Boy in the corner while Kassidy distracts the referee. This brings Luchasaurus and Christian Cage to Jungle Boys defence. Kassidy inside the ring gains control of the match with a waist lock on Jungle Boy putting pressure on the taped-up ribs but Jungle Boy keeps going for the ropes to break the hold. Jungle Boy makes it to his feet, Kassidy pushes him into the corner, but Jungle Boy comes out of the corner with an elbow then a forearm then a knife edge chop and another elbow. Jungle Boy whips Kassidy cross the ring, but Kassidy reverses and Jungle Boy comes off the ropes with a low dropkick to the knee. Jungle Boy then comes off the ropes again with a huge clothesline. Jungle Boy then drills Kassidy with a fisherman's driver and hooks the leg for the cover only getting a two! Kassidy and Jungle Boy exchange control of the match throughout the Picture to Picture, Kennedy seemingly taking more control of the match than his opponent does, even hitting a poison rana at one stage. Jungle Boy nails a belly to belly in the corner on Kassidy and then a bridging German Suplex for two. Jungle Boy tries for another German Suplex but Kassidy holds on to the ropes. Jungle Boy then tosses Kassidy over the ropes to ringside, comes off the opposing ropes and flies through with a suicide dive. Jungle Boy rolls Kassidy into the ring as Christian Cage fights off Marq Quen for his interference, Matt Hardy goes to attack Luchasaurus but gets a spear from Christian Cage! Jungle Boy dives over the ropes with a sunset flip on Kennedy who rolls through, throws the leg out for a kick but Jungle Boy hooks in the Snare Trap and eventually Kassidy taps out!

Winner via Submission: Jungle Boy!

After Match: Jungle Boy celebrates the win in the ring with Luchasaurus and Christian Cage as the fans sing along to his theme song.

Match Thoughts: Not a bad opening match, nothing to rave home about but it was still good, nonetheless. Jungle Boy went over, there was a fair bit of heat with the involvement of Matt Hardy and Marq Quen as well as Luchasaurus and Christian Cage.


Segment: Miro cuts a promo against a pure white background as The Redeemer against his god. Miro says it is unacceptable that his god stand between him and his hot flexible wife. Miro says he will become champion again to show his gods lack of power over him. Miro says that he cannot be stopped as his god sits up there not out of power but out of fear. Miro says that everyone is going to find out that redemption doesn’t come with a smile, that it comes with a price.

Thoughts: I continue to be impressed with Miro’s promo work especially in his current Redeemer gimmick. The intensity is perfect, and he comes out with a few funny lines but spoken with utter seriousness, like the line about his flexible wife. I seriously hope we get another Miro TNT Title run, if not and he keeps on impressing they need to inject him into the World Title picture for sure. It’s with this type of work from Miro inside and outside of the ring that makes me wonder how in the hell WWE passed him over… their loss I suppose!


MATCH: Hook vs. Bear Bronson

Match Overview: Tony Nese is in the crowd watching tonight’s match with much interest. Hook and Bronson lock up and bear Bronson takes control with an arm wrench. Hook reverses and applies the same move to Bronson before both men exchange arm holds. Hook takes Bronson down with a double leg takedown and goes for single leg grab, but Bronson gets to the ropes. Bronson picks up Hook for power slam but Hook wriggles free and slams him into a corner and then punishes him with punches to the stomach. The fans are really turning on Bear Bronson he as he pulls Hook out of the corner and Hook slams him down to the mat with a STO then grabs the arm and hooks it up behind the bank before going for the free arm and wrenching it back in what looks like a modified Rings of Saturn, but Bronson gets his foot to the ropes to break the hold. Bronson takes control with a belly-to-belly sit-out piledriver but Hook gets up as Bronson celebrates. Bronson turns around and Hook eggs him on, Bronson then comes off the ropes and Hook nails him with a clothesline. Hook then twists the arm and flips him over with the Northern Lights Suplex. Hook throws the arms out playing up to the fans before he grabs Bronson from behind for what looks like a German Suplex. Bronson elbows out, Hook must change his game plan and instead re-maneuverers hitting Bronson with a Taz Plex! Hook mounts the back of Bronson and throws vicious forearms into the side of the face before taking him down in the mat locking in the Tazmission! Bronson taps out immediately giving Hook his second win in a row!

Winner via Submission: Hook!

After Match: Hook rolls out of the ring, very nonchalantly as Tony Nese looks on impressed with the win by Hook.

Match Thoughts: AEW are doing a masterful job so far in making Hook look brilliant since his debut. They are not booking him as unstoppable; he has moments where he must fight back from being on the back foot and that’s ok. I think utter squash matches would hurt him now. He managed to come back and get the win, which is all that matters. Seriously when he’s ready for it, they need to have him get that FTW Title off Starks. It’s no secret I cannot stand Starks, but that title IS Hook’s birthright. At the right time and with the right booking it would further Hook’s push and actually do wonders for the FTW Title!


Segment: We come back from the commercial break and Eddie Kingston talks about his rivalry with Daniel Garcia and the match last week that saw Garcia roll him up for a cheap win in the 10 Man Tag Team Main Event Match on Rampage. Kingston said he ain’t mad at Garcia for the cheap with either. We then cut to Garcia and 2Point0 where Garcia says that week after week after week, he has had Eddie’s number and asks what do you think is gonna happen next week? Eddie says next week he has Ortiz and Santana with him and that they will take on Garcia and 2Point0 in a 6 Man Tag Team Match. 2Point0 says they can make Santana and Ortiz disappear just like they did to Jericho.

Thoughts:  I’m really liking this feud between Kingston and Garcia and how they are bringing others into it, it really helps to prolong things until we get that final One on One Match between Kingston and Garcia. Garcia and 2Point0 continue to impress and Kingston is still on top of his game and one of my faves. With Santana and Ortiz backing him up lately it has been a very interesting dynamic when it comes to matches as those three are brawlers and fighters whereas Garcia and 2Point0, they are completely different. I love feuds where opposing sides have contrasting styles, I really hope that this one does not disappoint when we finally get to the blow off feud ending match!


Match: “Legit” Layla Hirsh vs. Kris Statlander

Match Overview:  Both Statlander and Hirsh are both already inside the ring as we come back for the next match. Orange Cassidy is ringside to support Statlander. Both ladies shake hands after the bell rings. Statlander and Hirsh exchange head locks until Layla gains control of the match. Statlander displays power and strength throughout the match while Hirsch displays her technical skills. Hirsch tries for a Cross Arm Breaker, but Statlander hooks the hands and pulls her up into a powerbomb into the nearest corner. Kris goes for a clothesline to Layla in the corner, but Hirsch catches her in a Arm Bar over the ropes, which she has to break a hold of before the five count. Statlander showing off some great power and strength with a stalling suplex. In the end Statlander nails a reserves powerslam before rolling over Hirsch and locking in a Spider Crab in the centre of the ring and Layle Hirsch taps out!

Winner via Submission: Kris Statlander

After Match: Kris Statlander celebrates in the corner before climbing down from the corner. Statlander offers Hirsch her hand in a show of respect after the match and Hirsch slaps it away in frustration.

Match Thoughts: There is not much to say about this match, it did not go for very long. Both women got their opportunity to shine and they worked the smaller wrestler vs. bigger wrestler angle very well. Statlander comes out with the win, which is ok with me, a Hirsch win would not have been such a bad thing also. Will be interested to see if the frustration after the match by Hirsch develops into anything significant between the two women.


Segment: Mark Henry is backstage with the split screen, TNT Champion Sammy Guevara on one side and Cody Rhodes on the other with Arn Anderson. Henry states that Cody has a lot going on with his outside of wrestling ventures stating it is like he is wrestling with the one-foot mentality. Arn interrupts here and says in all good respect and cuts him off there. Arm says this isn’t about him, that its about the champ and that’s who he will talk to right now. Arn tells Sammy that Cody should be angry so that's bad news for him. Sammy responds by saying that he is sick of people thinking this is a bigger match for him than it is for Cody. Sammy thanks Cody for being one of the men who started this company but he will be carrying it for years to come and tonight he will carry his ass.

Thoughts: Sammy was on point here; the fans are not behind Cody at all for this match. Arn as usual was great with the talking but I still don’t understand why a guy like Cody Rhodes needs a goddamn mouthpiece at this point in his career! I love Arn but this whole relationship is just a nostalgia grab, and it really needs to end as it makes Cody look weak as shit. As usual my man Mark Henry was on point, I love these segments from him they just add so much to the main event without having to go over the top.


“The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes vs. “The Spanish God” Sammy Guevara ©

Match Overview: The entrances are made, Cody as usual makes the most heelish entrance that a fan favourite as ever made in his Homelander inspired wrestling gear… he does realise Homelander is a massive douche and a villain, right? What am I saying, of course he does! Justin Roberts introduces David Crockett at ringside. The fans are not letting up on Cody as they just slam him with boos. His name is then announced and there's a small smattering of applause from some “His Fans” in the audience. The bell rings and the main event is off and running! Right out of the gate Sammy explodes and goes straight for the GTH on Rhodes but Cody fights out, but Sammy stays on top with a Dropkick and sends Cody to the outside. Cody returns and the crowd are just not letting up on him at all just letting everyone know what they think of him with a Cody Sucks chant, which seems to fuel Rhodes as he finally manages to get a decent upper hand and gets Sammy down for the first time in this match. Cody tries to be slippery here and escape the TNT Champ, but Sammy stops him and then hits a Powerslam. Cody ends up outside the ring again and Sammy throws him into the ring steps and follows it with a thick chop. Sammy goes for Shooting Star Press but misses and Cody takes control of the match. Back inside the ring, Cody uses a hip toss and then locks in a Short Arm Scissors on the TNT Champ in the middle of the ring and we head to a commercial break.


During the Picture to Picture Cody attacks Sammy, particularly his left arm, as we return after the break Cody has Sammy up in a Delayed Vertical Suplex and after dropping Guevara Cody goes for the Moonsault but he misses! This finally gives the TNT Champ the advantage and he fights back as he hits Cody with a flurry of moves which climaxes with a Double Springboard Cutter! Cody covers but only gets a two count! Sammy goes to follow this with a Cross Rhodes, but Cody rolls out of the ring to avoid his patented move. Sammy hits an impressive Springboard 450 to the outside. He then goes for a Hurracanrana but Cody catches him and tosses him into the crowd. Rhodes retrieves Sammy and hits the Disaster Kick in the ring before going for the Cross Rhodes. This time Sammy avoids the move rolling him up to escape but Cody kicks out with authority and executes the move himself successfully and covers, but Sammy kicks out! Sammy is not looking good and is out of it, Cody like a shark or better yet, Homelander smells blood. He goes after Sammy and lifts him to the top rope and then follows him up but Sammy not wanting any of the Top Rope Reverse Suplex flips over it and escapes and immediately fights Cody into a GTH. Sammy Covers but Cody kicks out! Sammy climbs back to the top rope himself and decides to go for the 630, but as Sammy comes crashing down, he does so onto the knees of Cody Rhodes. The American Nightmare follows this up by drilling the TNT Champ with a Cross Rhodes but he holds onto Sammy, rolls through and up to his feet where he drills him with another Cross Rhodes then holds on again and follows it with a Tiger Driver 98 and pins Sammy. ONE, TWO, THREE! Cody Rhodes Wins!

Winner via Pinfall & NEW AEW TNT CHAMPION: “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes!

After Match: Cody Rhodes is now a 3 Time AEW TNT Champion. His victory on this night brings out the worst in the attending fans as Rhodes is met with HUGE boos. Before too long the victory brings out the entire Rhodes family as they head to the ring to celebrate with new AEW TNT Champion “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes. David Crocket enters the ring and presents the title belt to Cody Rhodes, who shakes his hand before holding the title up above his head to thunderous boos from the live crowd. Sammy sits in the corner shocked as the show ends with Rhodes posing up on the middle ropes of another corner.

Match Thoughts: Cody Wins! There’s Our Lump of Coal This Year Kiddies! I have already spoken about this in depth with peers and others. I have always defended Cody when the fans bashed him for the sake of bashing him, but I cannot agree with this win. Cody did not NEED to be a 3 Time TNT Champion, his legacy and career would not be affected by a loss here, a win for Sammy here would have done heaps more for his career and reign. Cody did show some small heelish tendencies in the match tonight, but they just need to turn him full blown heel now. Stop playing the baby-faced corn-fed American Dream shit and just go heel already, which could have been done WITHOUT the title mind you. Whether this was Sammy or Tony’s decision or not, I feel that there was other more deserving talent that could have added some freshness to the division but nope, we get Cody Rhodes literally living up to every single negative thing said about him in recent times. I love ya AEW but this result, was wrong. The only way to salvage this is to have him lose it to a new contender quickly or to just turn him full blown heel already!

The Heavy Thought on Rampage: Ricky Starks on Commentary again = URGH! We had a good run without him but he’s back, obviously AEW realised that they had done jack shit with him lately, so they needed to get him out there to annoy the crap out of us. A better idea would be to book him in matches to defend the FTW Title, which is literally a goddamn shoulder adorning paperweight right now. I really hope they have Hook take it off him when he’s ready. Speaking of Hook, another nice win and we continue building this young mans stock. The fans are really getting behind him, could he turn face with his father against Starks and Hobbs? I sure as shit hope so! The opening match was a great way to get the crowd hyped. The women’s match was ok, but nothing great to write home about except the after-match shenanigans (SHENANIGANS!), I wonder where that will go. AEW really jam packed this card with matches and the first 3 of them were finished by approximately 30-35 minutes. It felt a little one sided to be honest. We got some decent segments too and while the action in the main event delivered, the result drags it down considerably.

I hope you all enjoyed this review as much as I enjoyed writing it for you. I look forward to next week’s review, until then, this is Hev signing off… Say hi to your folks for me!