The Heavy Rampage Review - 22nd October 2021

This week Hev brings us his Heavy Rampage Review, with 3 matches on the card and updates in relation to two championship tournaments it's sure to be an exciting edition!

The Heavy Rampage Review - 22nd October 2021

Hey everyone, its Hev here with my second Rampage Review for Real Rasslin. Tonight we see the start of the World Championship Eliminator Tournament, a Womens Singles match between champ Britt Baker D.M.D and Anna Jay from the Dark Order, and then we have the heated rematch between "The Bastard" PAC and Andrade El Idolo! It is surely going to be another impressive night of action for AEW Rampage, so lets get this review started and I hope you all enjoy!

OPENING MATCH: Orange Cassidy vs. Powerhouse Hobbs 
AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament! 

Match Overview: Cassidy comes out with his midsection bandaged up from his match with Matt Hardy two weeks ago. The announcing team hype up the 12 second victory Cassidy has over Hobbs from last time they faced off on AEW Dark on 07/07/2020. Hobbs goes for Cassidy right away who rolls out the way, goes for the Orange Punch but Hobbs ducks and Hobbs connects with a huge Spinebuster and takes control of the match. Hobbs takes the fight out to ringside and punishes the midsection of Cassidy with a Scoop Slam onto the floor. Hobbs just dominates Cassidy with clubs and slams into the ring steps before bending his midsection around the ring post. Hobbs just delights in his handy work and goes for a pinfall, but Cassidy kicks out. Hobbs works over the back and midsection with a Side Slam, followed by another Side Slam. Cassidy does not look good here as Matt Hardy laughs from the crowd. Hobbs whips Cassidy into the ropes who comes back with a Tilt-A-Whirl DDT attempt, but he can’t connect. Hobbs nails a Clothesline to regain control of the match as we go to picture to picture. Hobbs charges the corner, but Cassidy rolls out and goes for a school boy but Hobbs pulls him up onto his feet by the throat. Hobbs just controls the match easily; Cassidy is not looking good at all as Hobbs pulls the arm up and pushes down on the taped up mid-section with his foot. Hobbs goes down to the mat and applies a Single Leg Crab. Cassidy fights as Hobbs pulls on the move and eventually let’s go. Hobbs with uppercuts in the corner and whips Cassidy across the ring, Cassidy falls out of the corner and gets another whip into the opposite corner. Cassidy leaps off the top after a flip over the ropes with a Cross Body but Hobbs catches him and applies the Torture Rack. Cassidy fights out of it with elbows and comes back with some punishing clubs before coming off the ropes and trying for the Tilt-A-Whirl DDT, but Hobbs is too strong, and he can’t hit it. Cassidy goes for a near fall cradle though instead. Cassidy goes for the Orange Punch again, but Hobbs catches him and takes control of the match again. Hobbs crushes Cassidy in the corner, then in frustration lifts the referee out of his way. The referee scolds Hobbs as Cassidy comes back with a cradle and gets the pinfall win! 

Winner via Pinfall: Orange Cassidy 

After Match: Cassidy rolls out of the ring immediately to safety and Matt Hardy in the crowd does not look happy. Hobbs is in complete shock at the loss to Cassidy. 

Match Thoughts: Hobbs looked like a beast in this match, and I know the type of story they were trying to sell here but it would have made more sense if Cassidy’s match with Hardy was a week previous and not two weeks. Also, I feel they could have had Cassidy try to get offense in other ways instead of trying for the same moves each time he tried to turn things around. Another thing, why show Hardy if he was not going to try and get involved? With everything we have seen from Hardy since his heel turn, him getting involved here in even the smallest way just seems like something he would do. I felt this was too much of a one-sided match and yes Hobbs did lose to a roll up but I kind of feel bad for him. He has taken a few losses lately and a win here would have been a nice surprise moving forward. We know Cassidy and Hardy are not done with each other yet so Hobbs winning and advancing would have been a cool way for this match to have gone. Because let’s face it, Team TAZ, even when they have a Title in their ranks, does come across as rather bland at the moment. 


Segment: Tony Schiavone is in the ring and announces Penta El Zero Meido who makes his way out with Alex Abrahantes and without his brother and fellow tag team champion. Tony states that they are still AEW Tag Team Champions after losing the AAA Tag Team Titles last week and he asks Penta for some words. Before he can answer in the audience two fans are wearing the same masks from last week when FTR dressed up as Las Super Ranas. Penta approaches, rips the masks off and FTR attack from behind with Tully Blanchard directing traffic. Cash and Dax throw Penta into the ring and hold up both the AEW and AAA Tag Team Title Belts until PAC makes his way out for the save. FTR escape straight away.

Thoughts: I liked this segment; it was short and sweet and kept the rivalry going between FTR and the Champs. It didn’t try to be anything more than it needed to be, it got the job done and makes the fans want to see more from all men involved. Maybe PAC and Andrade will get involved and we get a wicked Trios Match? Only time will tell I suppose.


SINGLES MATCH: Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D vs. Anna Jay 

Match Overview: Anna Jay comes out first followed by the champion Baker accompanied by Rebel not Reba and Jamie Hayter. Lock up straight away, forced to break up, Baker follows up with a cheap shot. Anna Jay throws Baker into the ropes and takes control but Baker reverses looking for a quick Lockjaw but Anna Jay escapes. Another lock up and Baker takes control of it and throws Anna Jay down to the matt. Baker controls the left arm and shoulder of Anna Jay and throws an elbow at her opponent. Anna Jay takes control with a wrist lock follow by a kick to the side of the head. Anna Jay showing a mean streak as she takes further control and hits a Spin Kick on the apron to Baker’s face. Ann Jay gives Baker a Flatliner in the ring and transitions into a Koji Clutch. Anna Jay lets go and goes for that Spin Kick again, but Baker takes control with a hair pull and throws her opponent face first into the turnbuckle pad. Baker follows up with a Foot Choke to a downed Anna Jay as we go to break. 
We come back to Anna Jay in control and Baker fights out of an Arm Wrench with a Forearm to the face. Baker with a Fisherman’s Neckbreaker for two. Rebel hands Baker the black glove. Baker signals for the Lockjaw and locks onto Anna Jay who holds onto the ropes to break it up. Baker whips her off them but Anna Jay holds on and kicks Baker in the gut and goes with a DDT to get a near fall. Anna Jay looks to go from a submission win but Baker gets top the ropes. Anna Jay and Baker exchange roll outs of pinfalls and Anna Jay gets a Rear Choke in on Baker. Anna Jay pulls her up to her feet and is met by a Hayter distraction which Baker uses to her advantage for a near fall roll up. Anna Jay takes out Hayter with a kick to the face and gets another choke on Baker who tries to flip out of it via the corner ala Bret Hart but Anna Jay holds on and Baker gets to the ropes. Baker pulls Anna Jay face first into the ropes and kicks her in the face before locking in the Lockjaw to get the win via submission. 

Winner via Submission: Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D 

After Match: Baker celebrates with the title afterwards before locking Anna Jay into the Lockjaw again. This brings out Tay Conti to make the save with a kick to Baker’s face before she lays in vicious shots until Baker escapes the ring. Conti poses with the women’s title belt in the ring taunting the champion. 

Match Thoughts: This was a nice match to keep Baker on TV. Anna Jay in my opinion looked green out there but she was going up against the champion, so it was expected that Baker was going to look like the better women in this match up. The after-match run in from Conti helped to spice things up and I am really digging the thought of Conti verses Baker somewhere down the line. My only gripe with the match is why didn’t Conti accompany Anna Jay to the ring?


We get some hype for the upcoming matches in the AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament as well as the Women’s TBS Championship Tournament before Cody Rhodes verses Malakai Black 3. Nothing to really write home about, just keeping the fans up to date.

Segment: Tony Schiavone does the pre–Main Event Match interview and announced that everyone was banned from ringside. Andrade says tonight he will win like he knew he could the first time they faced off. PAC is hyped up and said this should have been finished ages ago. He says that tonight everyone is banned from ringside, and we will see revenge on behalf of the Death Triangle.

Thoughts: Nothing too complex here, basic pre match interview done. I did miss Mark Henry though; I feel he really makes these segments pop. Schiavone was great still. I don’t have to tell you how much I like these little interviews and what I think they add to the marches as I covered it last week… but what the hell! These little touches are what separate Rampage from Dynamite as well as a lot of other wrestling weekly shows too. AEW just know how to put a realistic, sport styled spin on their hype and I really like it.


MAIN EVENT: PAC vs. Andrade El Idolo 

Match Overview: Pac is intense from the moment he steps into the ring, and we get a stare down to start. There is some high tension between the two competitors and rivals as the match begins. Idol charges into a kick toe mid-section from PAC followed by Snap Dragon Suplex. Idolo rolls out of the ring and is drilled by a Corkscrew Plancha from PAC as he takes control of the match. PAC looks to end the match early and goes up top for the Black Arrow, but Idolo gets up and shoves him off the top taking control for himself.AS the match draws on Idolo has firm control and hits a Springboard Tornado Plancha to PAC on the outside as we go to the last break with picture to picture. PAC escapes a Rear Headlock from Idolo who then follows up with the 3 Amigo’s and a little tribute to Latino Heat for a near fall. The match continues and PAC nails a run along the apron and a Hurricanrana to Idolo to ringside followed by a Top Rope Moonsault from PAC to the outside on idolo. Slingshot Cutter to idol from PAC, PAC tries for Brutaliser but Idolo gets to the ropes. Stiff forearms on the apron from both men after PAC reversed suplex to ringside attempt. Idol gains control with a Backbreaker/Elbow to Chest combo on the ring apron. Slingshot DDT to PAC on the ring apron and both men spill to the outside and Idolo looks just as bad as PAC after it. Idolo goes up top, but PAC drops him onto the top ropes. PAC then goes for Avalanche Brainbuster and nails it Near fall for PAC! A Slapping contest on the matt between both men turns into elbows and then a kick from PAC to the face of Idolo before drilling him with a Reverse Hurricanrana. Idolo with a huge pump kick then a Hammerlock DDT attempt but PAC gets out and we move into a series of pinfall reversals from both men before PAC gets the inside cradle for the win. 

Winner via Pinfall: “The Bastard” PAC! 

After Match: Lights go out immediately. Malakai Black shows up in the ring and mists PAC. He then attacks a downed PAC. Idolo takes over as Black gets a steel chair when Arn Anderson comes out and point his Glock at Black… Then CODY RHODES rushes the ring and attacks both men. Black goes with a kick with sends Cody into the ropes and back to drill an advancing Black with a Powerslam. Cody picks up the steel chair and goes to drill Black, but he slips out of the ring. 

Match Thoughts:  Match filled with lots of intensity from both men. I really enjoyed the small touches from both men that included everything from knowing their ring placement to the way they sold everything including the intensity towards one another. These guys threw everything they had at one another and put their bodies on the line for the win tonight. PAC got the win with the roll up, which was nice as we are one a piece now and I can really see a rubber match at Full Gear or before. I am glad we got this match as I have not felt very strongly about this angle. It just seems like everything between both men has been very few and far between. I honestly didn’t see the point of including Chavo, just made no sense to me. Andrade can get over on his own skills he doesn’t need a weasel like Chavito Heat because it kind of takes away from Andrade’s gimmick. To me this match was THE slap in the face that we needed from these two men, I just hope we do not have to wait as long for another match from these two.    

The Heavy Thought on Rampage: Another very nice Rampage. It had its down points but they in no way, shape, or form took away from the high points. I do feel that having four guys on commentary is just way too much and in my opinion Starks has to go. I get why he is there, it keeps him on TV and keeps him up front and center but I just feel it is overly exessive and not needed at all. The weakest match of the night for me was probably Hobbs verses Cassidy and that was purely because I felt the injury angle could have been booked better in the ring and that I would have rather enjoyed a Hobbs victory to really kick things off with this tournament in an unexpected way. The main event delivered, and I loved the little things both guys did to really make the match pop that much more. The intensity from the both of them, Idolo sending his follower backstage and abiding by the match stipulation. Everything just clicked here and I felt this match was better than the first. Both guys really threw everything at the other and with a roll up victory for PAC, I can see this going to a third match, PLEASE AEW GIVE US THAT MATCH!

I hope you all enjoyed this review as much as I enjoyed writing it for you. I look forward to next weeks review and until then, this is Hev signing off… Say hi to your folks for me!