The Heavy Rampage Review - 19.11.2021

Another Week, Another Heavy Rampage Review. Sit back and enjoy as our resident Aussie from the Land Down Under takes us on another Rampage Review chock full of of Heavy Content.

The Heavy Rampage Review - 19.11.2021

This week on Rampage we have three matches on the card! Billy Gunn goes against Darby Allin. Jade Cargill and Red Velvet are no stranger to each other as they face off in a Semi Final Match in the TBS Title Tournament. And then we have a HUGE Main Event where Adam Cole and Bobby Fish finally reunite to take on SuperKliq rivals Jurassic Express. It's Friday Folks and we all know what that means, ITS TIME FOR RAMPAGE!!!

OPENING MATCH: Darby Allin w/Sting vs. Billy Gunn w/Austin & Colten Gunn

Match Overview: Right off the bat, Gunn locks up with Allin and then lifts him up to the top rope and taunts him by patting him like a kid. Gunn throws Allin across the ring when Darby was looking for another lock up. Gunn taunts Darby to try him in a Test of Strength but Allin slaps the taste right outta Gunn’s mouth then dropkicks him. Darby follows it up by charging at Gunn but gets backdropped into the lights. Darby rolls to the floor, Gunn follows and throws him down the entrance ramp. Gunn then gets in Sting’s face after he tosses Darby back in the ring, but nothing eventuates. Back inside the ring, Gunn puts the boots to Darby but switches gear and drags him back out and slams him to the floor at ringside. Gunn tosses Darby back into the ring, but as he goes he follows Darby, dropkicks him, then goes for a Tope Suicida but Gunn sidesteps him and Darby hits nothing but the barricade at ringside in very nasty fashion.


We come back from commercial break and Billy Gunn lifts Darby Allin up to the top rope and climbs up with him, but Darby bites him and knocks Gunn off. Darby then flies off nailing Gunn’s sons with a Coffin Drop on the floor at ringside. Billy Gunn flings Darby Allin across the ring again and tries to add insult to injury by attempting a Stinger Splash, but Darby moves! Allin then follows it up immediately with a Flipping Stunner followed by a botched Code Red. Billy Gunn is down as Darby goes for the Coffin Drop and nails it, but Gunn kicks out at one. Darby then goes up top again and nails a second Coffin Drop, covers him, and gets the pin.

Winner via Pinfall: Darby Allin!

After Match: Both of Gunn’s sons attack Darby Allin after the match, this does not last for long as Sting comes in and cleans house. Billy Gunn gets back on his feet and chop blocks Sting and follows it up with a beatdown on The Icon.

Match Thoughts: This was a bit of a weird match up on paper to me. You couldn’t get two guys further apart in so many ways than Gunn and Allin. It was good to see Gunn back in the ring as it has been some time for me. Gunn is looking really great for his age, and he can still deliver a decent match. This match didn’t really add to anything going on at the moment except that it gave Darby a win after his loss to MJF at Full Gear and it keeps him relevant and on TV. It was a nice match, just nothing spectacular


Segment: We go backstage with Tony Schiavone who is with QT Marshall who challenges CM Punk for a match in Chicago next week on Dynamite.

Thoughts: Simple, to the point, sets up a match… what else is there to be said? We all know this is to rack up another win for Punk. Marshall doesn’t stand a chance, but it gives Punk another win, which is all it is meant to do at this point. Marshall looked like a chump, Schivone’s reaction to his puns was great HAHA!


Segment: A nice Inner Circle segment airs with some footage from Full Gear. We then go backstage to Men of the Year who say their feud with Inner Circle isn’t over and this isn’t the last we’ve seen of American Top Team.

Thoughts: This is no knocking on Ethan Page, but Scorpio Sky deserves so much more than this angle and his teaming with Page gives him. The guy has a great look, he is great in the ring and after SCU disbanded he should have been given a singles run. Yeah, the feud with Inner Circle has kept him relevant but I just feel like he is destined for more and I really hope that he gets his chance sooner rather than later… or if AEW insist on keeping Men of the Year together then give them some solid wins and maybe even a run with the AEW Tag Team Titles. Just give Scorpio Sky more than what he’s getting currently. Not entirely sure how I really feel about this angle continuing at this time, I will just have to wait and see what unfolds.


TBS Championship Tournament Quarterfinals
SINGLES MATCH: Jade Cargill w/Smart Mark Sterling vs. Red Velvet

Match Overview: The match starts as Jade and Red Velvet exchange forearms. Cargill womanhandles Red Velvet around the ring. Cargill misses a Pump Kick but then manages to block a Hurracanrana attempt from Red Velvet, who then tries to catch Jade Cargill with a Sunset Flip but Jade blocks it and tries to stomp her opponent. Red Velvet moves out of the way and goes for a Spin Kick, Cargill is rattled as Red Velvet comes off the ropes but Jade catches her and hits a Fall Away Slam. Jade puts the boots to Red Velvet then nails a Pump Handle Flipover Slam. Cargill follows it up and goes for a Scoop Slam, but Red Velvet escapes and hits a Leg Lariat knocking Jade to the floor. Red Velvet goes for a dive but Jade slaps the skin right off her face mid-move. Red Velvet hangs in the ropes awkwardly, it almost looks like a botched move. Jade then follows this up and Chokeslam’s Red Velvet on the ring apron.


Cargill puts the boots to Red Velvet in the corner and chokes her with the foot, before tossing her across the ring. Jade taunts Red Velvet flexing and following it up by doing push ups in the middle of the ring… but then eats an elbow from Red Velvet for her troubles. Red Velvet kicks Jade and hits a series of Sling Blades. Red Velvet, in control, charges at Jade who leapfrogs her and then hits that vicious Pump Kick. Jade Cargill goes for Jaded but Red Velvet counters into an awkward and sloppy backslide for a two count! Red Velvet hits a Spear for another near fall. Red Velvet isn’t done and goes for the Final Slice but Jade Cargill moves and hits Jaded for the pin.

Winner via Pinfall: Jade Cargill!

After Match: Jade Cargill celebrates in the middle of the ring with Sterling, VICTORIOUS!

Match Thoughts: This tournament, while it IS to crown a brand-new champion, is also about giving Jade Cargill a platform to give her some impressive wins and to keep pushing her up the Women’s Division. I would be very surprised if she doesn’t win the Title or at least ends up in the Final. Yes, she is still green, as is Red Velvet but the more she is out there in matches, the more she will hopefully improve. She has a great look and her gimmick work with Sterling has been good thus far. While the matches between Cargill and Red Velvet are not the best there is a nice little angle going on here with the scrappy underdog going up against the Amazonian warrior! I would like to see it pay off somewhere down the line as these two women just keep meeting each other. Either Red Velvet has to get the win eventually or Cargill needs to destroy her once and for all and move on to new things. This match had quite a few sloppy spots in it and towards the end there was either some miscommunication regarding the finish or Red Velvet was eager to get the match ending sequence completed. Either way this wasn’t the greatest match, it advanced the tournament and now Cargil will go onto face either Thunder Rosa or Jamie Hayter. I have a feeling it will be Rosa and I hope she is able to make Cargill look like the warrior she needs to if she is going to advance.


Segment: We go to the Backstage area where Thunder Rosa is painted up and in civilian clothes. Rosa says she will beat Jamie Hayter and in doing so will finally become the first ever TBS Champion.

Thoughts:  Simple, to the point hype segment. Hypes up the match, I liked it and hope Rosa wins.


Segment: We cross over to Tony Schiavone with CM Punk. Punk says the stakes are always high in your hometown and he says that QT Marshall can bring all of his buddies with him and it won’t matter because he bit off more than he can chew.

Thoughts: Punk’s segment was nice, it was nothing to rave home about but it got the job done. We know Punk isn’t going to lose to Marshall and he sure as hell is not gonna lose in Chicago. I am kinda disappointed that Punk and Kingston’s beef isn’t continuing or looking like it will be at this point. They were great together at Full Gear and we need to see more of that, maybe after Punk eventually loses we will get a rematch.


We go to our usual Main Event Interview Segment and my boy Mark Henry is on duties for this tonight! The Elite bitch and moan about Jungle Boy trying to end Matt Jackson’s career at Full Gear but says that he and Bobby Fish will put an end to their “stupid charade” tonight. Jungle Boy goes on to say that the first Bobby Fish match he ever saw, was one that he won and tonight he doesn’t expect it to be any different. Christian Cage chimes in here and says they beat the shit out of the Elite at Full Gear and he’s going to bring his friend with him tonight and picks up a steel chair.

Thoughts:  It’s no secret, I love these little hype up interview segments for the main events on Rampage, especially when Mark Henry is the one interviewing the wrestlers. This did a great job of highlighting the heat between the two teams as a result of Full Gear and it hyped up the match tonight well. It seems like this rivalry isn’t over and despite how their match at Full Gear ended I am a little surprised. I am not sure where they can go from here unless they pull Bobby Fish and another wrestler into it fully and we get a Blood n Guts match or a huge multi man tag match at Winter is Coming II. Who knows, all I know is that I am glad Cage and Jurassic Express got the win at Full Gear as they really needed it to look strong here and not like they are pushovers.


MAIN EVENT MATCH: Bobby Fish & Adam Cole w/The Young Bucks vs. Jurassic Express w/Christian Cage

Match Overview: This match right here is Fish and Cole’s first match as a tag team in AEW. We all know they are well acquainted with each other after their time in Undisputed Era in NXT. Adam Cole and Jungle Boy kick things off and Jungle Boy shows off his agility early on with his Double Spring Lucha Armdrag, however he misses a Dropkick and Cole takes the opportunity and kicks him in the mouth. Adam Cole and Bobby Fish work Jungle Boy over in their corner before Fish hits a Slingshot Somersault Senton. Jungle Boy however comes back with another Springboard Armdrag and the dropkick. Luchasaurus tags into the match and hits a big Palm Thrust. Luchasaurus absorbs a series of lethal strikes from Bobby Fish before laying him out with a massive Roundhouse Kick. Luchasaurus then works Bobby Fish over in the corner and tags in Jungle Boy, who slams Bobby Fish and dives off Lucha’s shoulders with a Somersault Senton for a two count. Jungle Boy then hits the ropes but Adam Cole hits him from behind and kicks him allowing Bobby Fish to hit a Roundhouse Kick.


We come back from the commercial break and Bobby Fish throws Jungle Boy into the ropes, but he bounces back with a Rebound Lariat! Bobby Fish tags out to Adam Cole who stops Jungle Boy from tagging out to Luchasaurus. Cole follows up with a Shining Wizard attempt but Jungle Boy ducks and gets the tag to Luchasaurus who lays out both Fish and Cole with kicks. Luchasaurus throws them both into opposite corners and follows it up by hitting Running Hip Attacks and then a Double Clothesline to both men! Luchasaurus goes for a Double Chokeslam on Cole and Fish but they kick out of the attempt and then go for a Double Clothesline, but Luchasaurus ducks and tags in Jungle Boy. Both members of Jurassic Express hit some double team action on their opponents before capping it off with a 3D on Adam Cole for a two count. Bobby Fish kicks Jungle Boy and Adam Cole follows up with kicks of his own before they both hit a Roundhouse Kick/Brainbuster combination and then Fish hits a Somersault Plancha onto Luchasaurus on the outside! Adam Cole covers Jungle Boy but only gets a two count.

Adam Cole attempts the Shining Wizard but Jungle Boy moves and they crash into each other. Adam Cole hits a Pump Kick but Jungle Boy comes back with a Superkick. Jungle Boy goes for a Springboard DDT but Adam Cole kicks him in mid-air-mid-move. Adam Cole goes up top and goes for the Panama Sunrise but Luchasaurus grabs him and Powerbombs him with authority! Jungle Boy hits a Sliding Elbow for a near fall but Bobby Fish breaks it up in time. Bobby Fish follows this up by pulling Adam Cole to their corner and tags himself into the match. Bobby Fish hits a Flying Knee and a series of strikes, before he hits a Dragon Screw Leg Whip. Bobby Fish charges at Jungle Boy but Jungle Boy suplexes him into the corner smashing into the turnbuckles! Jungle Boy goes for a Deadlift German Suplex but Bobby Fish grabs the ropes. This is where The Young Bucks distract Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus but Christian Cage runs out with the steel chair in hand and chases the brothers away. Adam Cole runs with them as Bobby Fish rolls up Jungle Boy for a two count. Jungle Boy counters into a near fall of his own then wastes no time to lock in the Snare Trap! Bobby Fish fights it and almost reaches the ropes, but Jungle Boy pulls him back and Bobby Fish taps!

Winner via Submission: Jurassic Express!

After Match: Cole and The Young Bucks look on from the stage as Jurassic Express and Christian Cage celebrate the Jurassic win in the ring. A lot of speculation regarding the finish especially seeing as Adam Cole abandoned Bobby Fish. Highlights were then shown of the match as the show goes off the air.

Match Thoughts: This was a great main event. It furthered the rivalry by adding Fish into the mix, then Cole runs off at the end with the Bucks after Cage comes in to even the odds! The fact that Cole ran off and left Fish alone to lose, that MUST be picked up moving forward. I really hope something comes from it as whole. Cole/Fish are great teaming together I’d really like to see them opposing each other too. Will be very interesting to see what happens moving forward. I’m really happy Jurassic Express got the win as Cole and the Bucks got a lot of them heading into Full Gear, now it’s time for them to even things up a bit before a big pay off match. 

The Heavy Thought on Rampage: This was probably the least impressive Rampage I have reviewed since starting here at Real Rasslin and it was mainly from a wrestling standpoint. The main even delivered as well as I knew it would. Cargill vs. Velvet furthered the tournament and Gunn vs. Darby kept Darby on TV and got him a much-needed win. While the main event was great the other two matches fell short for me this week with Cargill/Velvet being the worse of the two. The segments were short and sweet, to the point and accomplished what they needed to. This weeks episode felt a little more segment heavy than other weeks but it didn’t weigh down the show. Tonight the low points of the show was from some of the in ring action. You can’t always get perfection but with all this talk of Rampage falling in the ratings (don’t get me started on that) I would have thought Tony Khan would have booked a stronger couple of matches to accompany the main event. Again, I still enjoyed the show, just not as much as other weeks… also, I know I am sounding like a broken record here but seriously… if AEW wanna put Starks on the desk then they need to take someone off it, like Jericho. I love Jericho but his schtick is very overpowering and Starks just gets lost in the shuffle between Jericho, Taz and Excaliber.

I hope you all enjoyed this review as much as I enjoyed writing it for you. I look forward to next week’s review, until then, this is Hev signing off… Say hi to your folks for me!