The Heavy Rampage Review - 17.12.21

After an absence last Hev is back for a HUGE HEAVY Helping of the Rampage Review from the Land Down Unda!

The Heavy Rampage Review - 17.12.21

It’s Friday Night, You Know What That Means… The Heavy Rampage Review! First up before I go any further, I just want to apologise to the people reading this, the fans and all of the Real Rasslin staff for not posting a review last week. It’s been a very hectic time lately in the House of Hev but hopefully things start to clear up moving forward. Now that’s out of the way let move onto the show!

OPENING MATCH: Orange Cassidy, Trent, Rocky Romero & Chuck Taylor vs Adam Cole, Nick Jackson, Matt Jackson & Bobby Fish.

Match Overview: Chuck Taylor and Matt Jackson start things off for the match. They circle the ring and posture before going for the lock up... but oh no, Jackson goes with a kick to the stomach and takes the fight to Taylor backing him into the corner. Jackson whips Taylor from the corner into the opposite corner and runs in but no Chuck flips up and over, spins around with a Clothesline. Taylor goes for a Moonsault but lands on his feet, Matt swings with the clothesline but Taylor blocks and takes him down with a Sliced Bread, covering for a Two Count! Taylor smacks Nick Jackson off the ring apron, Matt Jackson comes and takes control of the match and whips Taylor across the ring. Matt goes for a Super Kick, but Taylor holds on to the ropes and nails him with a big boot. Rocky Romero comes in on the blind tag with a Hurricanrana. Bobby Fish is next into the match with the tag and him and Romero start exchanging stiff elbows before Bobby Fish takes control of the match with some stiff elbows, stiff kicks. Romero comes back with an Inverted Atomic Drop and a Dropkick to the side of the head of Fish. Romero points to Cassidy and gives him the tag. In comes Freshly Squeezed while Fish is in the corner eating a Romero Knife Edge Chop. Cassidy and Romero with whip from one corner into the opposite corner before Romero charges Fish with a Clothesline and another Clothesline. Cassidy throws Fish into the ropes and swings with a Clothesline and goes for the cover very, very coolly but only gets in a near fall. Bobby Fish rolls away immediately and tags in Adam Cole. Orange Cassidy is very happy with this as Cole doesn't look too pleased and starts jawing with Cassidy. Cole is hesitant to lock up and Cassidy just stands there. Very cockily Cole tags in Nick Jackson when he backs into the corner. Nick Jackson comes into the ring and Orange Cassidy puts his hands up as he's going to go for the hands in the pockets. Nick Jackson kicks him in the gut and grabs a hand and wrenches it before Jackson runs up the ropes in the corner, walks across the top rope and comes off with an Arm Drag... he holds on to the hand and wrenches and on it again. Jackson talks smack to him as Orange goes to put the other hand into the pocket but no Nick grabs that one and wrenches on it. Cassidy though is the one who runs up the ropes this time. Cassidy walks across the ropes very coolly, pretends like he's going to fall then goes for the hand in the pocket, but Nick Jackson pulls him off the ropes. Swings for a clothesline, misses as Cassidy spins around with his hands in his pockets and comes off the ropes.

Cassidy comes back where him and Nick Jackson exchange some fast-paced flips and counter moves that ends in a very cocky Arm Drag from Cassidy to Nick Jackson before kipping up! The fans love it, but all hell breaks loose! as Adam Cole, Boddy Fish and Matt Jackson rush the ring and knock everyone off the ring apron. Cole stomps on Orange Cassidy while the Best Friends are all down at ringside. The Young Bucks take the fight to Trent and Chuck out at ringside and Chuck is thrown into the guard rail. Matt and Nick Jackson pick up Trent, positioning him and dropping him onto the ring apron with a Powerbomb with assistance from Adam Cole. Inside the ring Cassidy starts to make it up to his feet as Nick Jackson tags in Adam Cole and Cole tags Matt Jackson. All three men are in the ring, each in a corner then BAM Three Way Super Kick on Orange Cassidy knocking down. All three men play to the crowd before Nick Jackson and Adam Cole leave the ring. Matt Jackson's the legal man who nails a Fist Drop onto Orange then another before a face stomp then stomps to the back of Orange Cassidy. Foot Choke from Matt Jackson to Orange Cassidy. Matt leans against the ropes but comes back into the centre of the ring with another foot choke to Cassidy and then a boot scrape across the face then he tags in Bobby Fish. Fish comes into the ring and picks Cassidy up, whips around and throws a knee to the gut before drilling him with a kick to the stomach backing him into a corner. Fish rocks him with punches to the face, the midsection, then low kicks to the legs. Fish picks him up by one leg kicks the other leg and the Dragon Whips him down to the canvas. Fish is in firm control here as he comes off the ropes with a Low Sliding Clothesline, rolls up Cassidy but would only get to two! Fish grabs Cassidy by the hair grabs him in a cravat and throws him down with a Snapmare before leaping over the top rope and back over with a Rolling Senton! Fish manages to tag Matt Jackson as he comes in and grabs Orange Cassidy and whips him into his corner. Matt Jackson runs across the and BANG hits Cassidy with a Clothesline as a Nick Jackson hits him with a kick to the back of the head while he's in the corner. Matt tags in Nick, Nick climbs up to the top rope, puts his hands in his pockets and leaps off with a big Frog Splash as Matt hits him with a Moonsault to the legs. Nick covers and gets a two count as the pinfall was broken up by Chuck Taylor and Rocky Romero!

Nick Jackson tags Adam Cole who grabs Cassidy in a Camel Clutch. We all know what’s going to happen here as The Young Bucks come off the ropes, then again off the opposing ropes but no Rocky Romero and Chuck Tayler grab them by the feet and pull them out of the ring. Adam Cole does not look happy with the interruption to their routine as Orange Cassidy turns the tables and give Cole the kiss instead. Adam Cole is pissed and drills Cassidy with an elbow to the face. Cassidy stumbles into the corner Cole runs in but gets a boot to the face. Bobby Fish tries to get involved but gets his head drilled into the turnbuckle instead. Cassidy climbs up to the middle rope and leaps over a running Cole and goes to his corner for a tag, but The Young Bucks pulls Taylor and Romero off the ring apron. Cole comes in with a Shinning Wizard to the face of Orange Cassidy and covers him for a two count. Cole steadies himself in the ring before he pulls himself up onto the middle ropes looking to go for the Panama Sunrise. Cole leaps off but Orange Cassidy flips him over with a Back Body Drop. Cassidy's a bit rattled, he's looking to his best friend Trent and tags him into the match. It's official Trent is officially in the match and knocks everyone down then picks up Matt Jackson with a half Nelson Suplex. Ducks under a Cole Clothesline and pushes him into Nick Jackson and then nails them both with a Double clothesline. Trent is on Fire as he goes out onto the ring apron steadies himself and then drills Adam Cole Senton on the ring apron. Trent then runs around ringside and drills Bobby Fish with a spear. Trent climbs up on the apron into the corner and up onto the top rope before leaping off with a massive Splash to the back of a bent over Nick Jackson. Trent pulls Nick Jackson up to his feet and hits him with a Knife Edge Chop to the chest then comes off the ropes but Nick hits him with a Roundhouse Kick to the side of the head. Nick Jackson comes off the ropes, but he's hit with a Double Flying Knee from Trent and Rocky Romero. Rocky points to the nearest corner. Trent grabs Nick Jackson and holds him up over the top ropes. Rocky comes off the top rope with a Springboard Dropkick to the back of the head and then Trent hits a knee to the face for cover but gets Two!

Trent looks like he's calling for something, but Matt Jackson pulls Rocky Romero out of the ring and then climbs up on the apron to eat an elbow from Trent. Trent turns around and hits the opposite ropes, but Chuck Taylor stops him, and they hug it out in the middle of the ring to a huge POP from the crowd. Adam Cole comes in and gets hit with what looks like a Eat Defeat/Dragon Suplex combo. Chuck Taylor then flies over the top ropes onto Bobby Fish and Matt Jackson with a Rolling Senton. Trent nails a boot while hanging in the corner to Nick Jackson. Trent pulls himself up on the second rope Nick Jackson pulls his feet out from under him and Trent's head hit the turnbuckle on the way down. Nick tags in Matt who then tags in Adam Cole all three men are in the ring. Trent is pulling himself up in the corner. Nick Jackson hits him with a high knee and then another high knee and a stiff elbow and throws him towards Adam Cole who picks Trent up with a Brainbuster while The Young Bucks hit Trent with a Super Kick. Bobby Fish is tagged in as he climbs up top and leaps off with a Diving Headbutt and covers for a near fall. Adam Cole and Matt Jackson pull Trent to his feet and hoist him up into a corner on the top rope. Nick Jackson goes out onto the ring apron, waits for Rocky Romero, and hits him with a Super Kick. Matt Jackson and Adam Cole hit Chuck Taylor with a Super Kick before Bobby Fish goes up the top rope with Trent and drills him with a Falcon Arrow and covers... but Orange Cassidy breaks it up and throws off his elbow pad off. Cassidy has had enough, and he is looking for the Orange Punch, but Adam Cole comes in with a kick to the face. Romero misses an Enzuigiri on Cole but comes back with a Heel Kick. Cole rolls to the outside when Romero comes off the ropes with a Suicide Dive to Adam Cole BAY BAY! Matt Jackson comes through the ropes with the Dropkick, skins the cat as Nick Jackson comes over the top with what looks like a Corkscrew Splash. Cassidy then hits Matt Jackson with the Orange Punch then slingshots off the top rope with a huge Somersault Plancha. In the ring Trent ducks under a Roundhouse Kick from Bobby Fish and goes for a Backslide but Fish rolls out immediately, comes back and Trent scoops him up and drills him with the Strong Zero to cover and get the win!

Winners via Pinfall: Orange Cassidy, Trent, Rocky Romero & Chuck Taylor!

After Match: We get a replay of the finish before all members of Best Friends celebrate with a Group Hug in the middle of the ring. Trent poses in a corner before we go to the first commercial break of the night.

Match Thoughts: That was a fast paced, exciting, hard hitting match to kick things off for Rampage. It was great to see Trent back in action and even better to see him get the win. It kinda sucks that Boddy Fish was the one to eat the pin though as that seems to be his role with The Bucks and Cole these days, but a win is a win. It weas good to see Cole and The Bucks put in a strong effort and actually lose a match on weekly television for a change as I feel they are sometimes booked way too strongly. A loss here will not hurt them and it moves the feud along nicely as it was at risk of becoming too one sided.


Segment: Dan Lambert Returns and is in the ring with Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page, the Men of the Year. Lambert like usual is ranting on Tony Khan showing favouritism with giving title shots to others. He then talks trash about Cody Rhodes and accused him of pulling favours using his position in the company saying that the company is being run like WCW and that Cody is turning into the very thing that he hated. Dan Lambert goes to continue his rant, but Cody Rhodes interrupts and makes his very heelish entrance to a very mixed reception from the crowd. Cody comes down to the ring and snatches the mic away from Lambert, who then takes it back and Cody once again snatches it. Page and Sky calm down Lambert. Cody attacks Page and Sky but they turn the tables and double team on him. Cody’s brother Dustin Rhodes runs out to make the save but as he focusses on Lambert Men of the Year also beat him up. That’s when the TNT Champion Sammy Guevara runs out finally to send Lambert and Men of the Year packing. Sammy poses with the belt before turning around to face a downed in the corner Cody. The two men stare down as the finals of the TBS Title Tournament are advertised with a hype segment.

Thoughts: This was a nice little segment to get some heat for the TNT Title Match coming up between Rhodes and Sammy. It was good to see Men of the Year involved and man did Lambert hit really close to home in his rant on Cody and TK. I really hope that Scorpio Sky gets a TNT Title Shot soon and I really think he needs to win it. He is a great talent that is being underutilised at the moment and he could do some great work as the champion.


SUBMISSION MATCH: Tay Conti vs Penelope Ford

Match Overview: Tay rushes to the ring immediately and grapples Ford down and starts beating her into the canvas, but t's broken up by referee Aubrey Edwards. As Tay comes into the corner with a huge kick, then tries from the other corner but Penelope throws the leg down to the canvas and goes for a Single Leg Grab. Tay kicks out of the hold and rolls Ford up from behind and applies a leg lock. Ford pulls her way to the ropes where The Bunny grabs her hand and pulls it over to the ropes. Tay lets go of the hold and Ford rolls out of the ring. Tay then leaps through the middle ropes with a Dropkick to Ford. Tay takes control of the match as she pulls Ford up to her feet, but Penelope pushes her back first into the ring post at ringside. Ford hits Tay with a couple of Knife Edge Chops, but as she goes for another Tay moves and Ford hits steel. Tay gains some composure before sliding into the ring behind Ford. She blocks a kick and throws Ford down to the canvas and tried to lock on an Arm Bar, but Ford clasps her hands together and will not let go of that grip.

Tay goes and take control of the match, but Penelope pulls her opponent down throat first into the middle rope. Tay rests in the corner as Penelope handsprings across the ring to go for a Back Elbow but Tay gets her knees up into the back then looks goes to lock on what looks like a Triangle Choke but Penelope Ford holds onto her leg, brings it down to the canvas and locks in a modified Bow and Arrow Lock. Tay starts to elbow Ford in the side of the chest, Ford looks to grab the arm to prevent it but Tay rolls are up starts elbowing the area under the arm in the side of the chest. Tay hooks in an armbar but The Bunny gets on the ropes and distracts the referee. Meanwhile Anna Jay comes around and argues with the referee, Tay goes to hit Bunny, but she jumps off the ring apron in time. Tay runs across the ring into the corner, but Penelope Ford throws her up and over the ropes. Tay lands on her feet on the apron and comes in from behind while climbing the ropes holding on a headlock pulling Ford up onto the middle rope. Tay leaps off the top rope with a Neckbreaker attempt but Penelope holds on and locks in what looks to be an Abdominal Stretch.

Ford then switches into a knee to the back and brings Conti down to the canvas with a modified headlock. Tay gets the knees up and smashes them into Ford’s head forcing her to release her grip. Tay comes off the rope and swings with the Clothesline, but Ford ducks and bounces back with a Handspring into a Cutter but holds onto the head and flips over into a bridge with a modified Clutch, though Tay makes it to the ropes to break the hold. Penelope kicks Tay in the side of the face several times just toying with her before hauling her up by the chin. Tay doesn't look happy though and pushes her away then throws a huge Elbow into her face and then a Pump Kick is attempted but Penelope comes off the ropes and throws an Elbow Strike. Tay then comes off the ropes and goes for another Pump Kick that Ford catches then hits a Heel Spin Kick into Tay's Face. Penelope comes off the ropes with a wheelbarrow but Tay reverses into a Modified Choke and Penelope Ford Taps Out!

Winner via Submission: Tay Conti!

After Match: The Bunny enters the ring after the match and clocks Tay Conti with the brass knucks, this brings in Anna Jay with a steel chair who chases her off.

Match Thoughts: This was one great little match. Tay Conti worked her ass off as did Penelope Ford, who usually does not impress me really did impress me here. I am glad Conti got the win as in the past Ford/Bunny always seem to come out on top against Conti/Anna Jay. I think we will get a Conti/Bunny match of some sort now, maybe a No DQ after the knucks use? Who Knows!


Segment: After some hype up for some matches for next weeks special Dynamite and Christmas Night Rampage we head on backstage with the split screen and Mark Henry ready to do his thing. On one side we have Daniel Garcia, Jeff Parker, Matt Lee, Anthony Bowens & Max Caster and the other we have Eddie Kingston, Santana, Ortiz, Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix. Henry asks when the attacks on Kingston will end, Max Caster goes to hit us with a rap but Jeff Parker interrupts telling him to leave that for out in the arena. Parker and Matt Lee rant and rave about a plan and a Christmas Miracle to the point that Kingston walks off. Lee taunts him and he comes back annoyed and says “Are you done” several times then states they are gonna beat their asses and again walks off leaving his team mates behind.

Thoughts: Nice segment, loved the heels being hyped up and Kingston just fobbing them off. It’s a rather weird feud this one, but at the moment anything with Kingston in it is great in my eyes purely from the mic work alone. He may not be a technical marvel in the ring but put a mic in his hand or just let him talk and he pulls you in like a tractor beam on the Death Star.


MAIN EVENT MATCH: Daniel Garcia, Jeff Parker, Matt Lee, Anthony Bowens & Max Caster vs Eddie Kingston, Santana, Ortiz, Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix.

Match Overview: Kingston and crew is out first, and Kingston makes no fuss and just stomps to the ring ready for a fight. Max Caster comes out with his crew and hits us with his usual rap, but the entrance is broken up by Kingston and crew hitting the ram for a hefty brawl. Garcia and Kingston trade blows, Caster and Fenix trade blows before Caster is rammed into the railing. Ortiz slams Lee into the railing then drills him with Knife Edge Chops! Santana drops Parker to the floor at ringside with a Scoop Slam, while Penta drills Caster face first into one of the steel ring posts! Kingston whips Garcia into the steel ring steps, while Fenix drills into Bowens. Both teams are brawling around ringside, each side gaining the upper hand and drilling punches into the other before Ortiz nails Garcia with a Suplex onto the floor at ringside.

The match then officially starts as Penta and Caster are in the ring as the bell rings. Eddie tries to slip in a steel chair, but the referee stops him. Penta gives ziero meido to Caster before they start trading strikes. Caster and Penta trade chops before Penta throws a low kick or too before taking control and whipping Caster into his corner where Fenix is tagged into the match. Lucha Bros double team on Caster with some quick kicks each before nailing what looks like a Ripcord into a roundhouse kick each to Caster. The Lucha Bros nail a kneeling Caster with a Double Superkick to either side of the head before Penta drops Fenix onto Caster with what looked like a Modified Wheelbarrow for a two-count! Fenix puts Caster into a corner and nails a chop to the chest, Caster stops a suplex and tags out to Bowens. Ortiz is tagged in and chop blocks Bowens who Caster tagged in. Ortiz tags in Santana who whips Bowens into an Ortiz Inverted Atomic Drop, before Santana drills Bowens in the back of the head with a Clothesline, followed by a Ortiz DDT for some slick Double Team Moves! Santana nails an awesome Moonsault to Bowens off the back of Ortiz. Ortiz hits a big chop on Bowens as we cut to a break.


We come back from the commercial break and Santana is whipped into the ropes, he comes back with a leapfrog over 2Point0, who then prevent a Double Neckbreaker and push Santana into the ropes who comes back with a Asai Moonsault onto 2Point0. Santana rolls over and tags in a begging Penta who hits a slingblade on Matt Lee, Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker on Garcia and then shoves Bowens off the ring apron sending him crashing to ringside. Caster comes in behind Penta and shoves him into the opposite corner, Penta however comes back and drills Caster who a Super Kick! Penta tags in Fenix who leaps up top and runs across the top rope and looks like he very badly botches a kick to Caster’s head, looked sloppy as hell! Fenix is a one-man wrecking crew drilling Lee and Parker with kicks before Garcia charges across the ring. Fenix dodges and sends Garcia into the corner then rushes forward and springboards off the middle rope and drills Garcia with a Back Spin Kick to the face. Fenix throws Garcia down to the canvas then climbs up top and comes off with a torpedo corkscrew knee to the head of Garcia and covers for a near fall after Bowens breaks up the pin attempt! Bowens throws Fenix into the ropes; he does his reverse tiger feint kick move then comes back in with a kick to Bowens head. Fenix tags in Kingston who pulls Garcia up to his feet and pays a thick Knife Edge Chop to the chest. He looks like he is about to set up Garcia for a Back Suplex when 2Point0 grab Kingston by the foot and pull him out of the ring and drill him with punches. Penta and Fenix come into the ring, comes off the ropes and dive over the top rope to 2Point0 with Double Somersault Plancha’s! In the ring Bowens nails Kingston with a stiff elbow to the face. Ortiz comes in for the save but is drilled with some strikes and a Super Kick from Bowens. Santana comes in and drills Bowens with a Piledriver! Caster then comes off the top rope with a Cross Body to Santana! Kingston then comes back into the fray and drills Caster with a T-Bone Exploder Suplex! Garcia comes into the ring, hits Kingston with a chop who returns with several and spins for the Uraken, but Garcia ducks under it and rolls Eddie up with a handful of trunks to get the win!

Winners via Pinfall: Daniel Garcia, Jeff Parker, Matt Lee, Anthony Bowens & Max Caster!

After Match: Garcia and 2Point0 pounce on Eddie Kingston and drill him with punches and kicks to the head. Bowens comes in with his Boombox that has a chain wrapped around it and drills Kingston with it! Just as he does the music of Jurassic Express blast into the arena and Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus and Christian Cage slide into the ring from behind and attack The Acclaimed, Garcia and 2Point0! They clean house then drill the remaining Max Caster with a huge boot from Luchasaurus. Afterwards Jungle Boy picks up the AEW Tag Team Titles and holds onto them for a few moments, letting the tension mount a little before handing them over to Lucha Bros before Jungle Boy and Fenix shake hands while Penta and Luchasaurus fist bump in a show of respect between the Champs and the Number One Contenders. Kingston then chases Garcia and 2Point0 up the entrance ramp. We then get a plug for the Trios Match on Dynamite and a reminder that Rampage will be on Christmas Night next week before the show goes off the air.

Match Thoughts: This match was fast paced, it was a huge brawl, there was chaos and disorder through it and in the end the heels got the win with the roll up. I genuinely feel that this match should have been first on the card and not last. Not that it wasn’t a good match it just didn’t compare to the feel-good ending of the opening match in my opinion. The match furthered the feud between Kingston, Garcia and 2Point0, so hopefully we see something substantial soon between Kingston and Garcia to get square. The after-match segment got us hyped up for a potential Lucha Bros vs. Jurassic Express Match over the AEW Tag Team Titles too. It’s good to see a title match that will be two teams with respect battling it out for the gold.

The Heavy Thought on Rampage: This weeks Rampage felt very different from previous weeks. We seem to have become a little segment heavy recently but this week’s show went back to basics and became match heavy, which is not a bad thing at all. The matches while good could have been placed better. I feel the opening match and main event should have been swapped, but that is just my personal preference to see a good ending to the show. I was happy that Cole, The Bucks and Fish lost as at times Cole and the Bucks can be booked a lot stronger than they need to be. It’s ok to lose every now and then and still look good doing it. I know they can tend to get what’s coming to them in big matches, but they literally destroy whoever they are feuding with week in and week out before a pay off match. It was good to see them take the fall here. I really liked the Women’s Submission Match, both women really impressed me, Tay Conti more so than Penelope Ford. I really hope that Bunny gets those knucks smashed into her face soon, I’m kinda over her to be honest. The Lambert/Cody segment was really well done, the mic snatching back and forth was a bit corny and after Lambert hitting real close to home with his remarks about Cody turning into what he hates and the WCW 2.0 reference I was hoping for a reply… but I wasn’t unhappy with how the segment unfolded ultimately and am interested to see how the TNT Title Match goes next week and what comes of Scorpio Sky in the TNT Title Scene and if anything comes from the Cody/Lambert interaction.

I hope you all enjoyed this review as much as I enjoyed writing it for you. I look forward to next week’s review, until then, this is Hev signing off… Say hi to your folks for me!