The Heavy Rampage Review - 11.02.2022

The Thunder King, Hev comes from the Land Down Unda each and every week to ensure that Real Rasslin is kept up to date with the goings on at AEW Rampage... and this week is no different as he brings you another Thunder King edition of the Heavy Rampage Review!

The Heavy Rampage Review - 11.02.2022

It’s Friday Night, You Know What That Means…

The Heavy Rampage Review!

Now we have four matches on the card tonight, including the main event for the AEW World Tag Team Championship as Jurassic Express defend against the Ass Boys Gunn Club. We also have Britt Baker taking on Robyn Renegade and Hook taking on Blake Li from the Factory… first up though we have Trent Beretta and Rocky Romero from Roppongi Vice taking on the Young Bucks!

Trent and Romero gets things started with a hot streak that sees Romero nail Nick Jackson with a  Hurricanrana off the ring steps at ringside. Trent Barretta and Matt Jackson are the legal men. Roppongi Vice gain the upper hand early with some nice offense early including some double knees and double clotheslines. The Young Bucks are frustrated and start walking up the ramp, only to be followed by Barretta and Romero who walk into stereo superkicks! The Bucks dash back to the ring looking for the count out victory, Romero is the first to move and eventually makes it only just breaking the ten count! The Bucks are in control and Nick Jackson nails both Romero and Trent with assisted Asai Moonsault from the top rope to the outside! Orange Cassidy steps in between them all before cowering under the ring when the Bucks advance on him. The Buck start to haul him out from under the ring but instead they get DANHAUSEN! Danhausen curses everyone while Roppongi Vice take advantage of the distraction with stereo Suicide Dives to the Bucks taking back control of the match. The Young Bucks are back on the outside and the crowd is not very happy at all as they nail Trent and Romero with stereo Ring Apron Powerbombs! The Bucks mock the Best Friends hug but Romero makes it up and catches them both with a Double Hurricanrana!

Hot tag to Beretta and he comes in with a HUGE Dragon Suplex on Matt Jackson followed by a Running Back Elbow and Tornado DDT to Nick Jackson from the corner! Matt Pulls Beretta to ringside but gets eats a Half Nelson Suplex for his troubles! Nick tries to nail a sneaky kick to Trent but Trent scoops him up into an Electric Chair and Romero nails a Doomsday Flying Knee off the ring apron! Back in the ring Roppongi Vice get the two count after a pair of Romero knees to Nick Jackson. Trent is tagged in and it’s time for some good old fashioned SUPLEX CITY with some HUUUGE German Suplexes! Matt tries to intervene but Romero catches him and he eats a German Suplex for his troubles. Romero attempts a Sliced Bread but Matt catches looking for the Meltzer Drover but Romero rolls through with a Victory Roll for the two count! Matt Jackson runs up to the top ropes and nailed with a HUGE Top Rope Release German Suplex from the top rope by Trent! Beretta nails the Strong Zero on Matt but only gets the two count as Nick shoves Romero into him breaking up the pinfall attempt! Romero gets caught off guard by the Young Bucks who drill him with the Meltzer Driver for the two count as Trent makes the save at the last second! Super kicks from the Bucks to Trent take him out of the match as an isolated Romero is drilled with the BTE Trigger and the match is over with Nick getting the Three Count

Winners via Pinfall: The Young Bucks!

After Match: After the match Orange Cassidy gets in the ring and checks on Rocky. Brandon Cutler heads into the ring and tries to spray Cassidy to the face but he's wearing sunglasses. Cassidy drills Cutler with the Orange Punch, The Bucks then come in and hit Cassidy with the Double Superkick! Trent runs into the ring but Jay White slides in behind him and hits the Blade Runner on Trent.

Match Thoughts: This was a very fast paced match with some great heel tactics and back and forth action. It adds some more layers to the angle between Best Friends vs. Cole, Bucks and ReDragon, especially with Jay White's inclusion. I am realy looking forward to seeing what comes next, especially from Jay White!


Announcement: As he joined the commentary desk it is announced by Ricky Starks (Yawn) that Powerhouse Hobbs will battle Dante Martin next week on AEW Dynamite in a Qualifying Match for the Face of the Revolution Match.

Thoughts: This is a nice way to continue the feud between Hobbs and Martin. It is no doubt going to be a classic big man verses small man match, if both men can work well off the other this match could really do wonders for their careers! Part of me wants Martin to win but I also wanna see Hobbs get some wins as the guy is a great talent!


Segment: Tony Schiavone is backstage, and he asks Bryan Danielson for his opinion on CM Punk teaming up with Jon Moxley on this week’s edition of Dynamite. Danielson speaks about the pairing saying that he knows the fans want him to be bothered by it but in fact he is ok with it. Danielson follows up by saying that his offer to Moxley and Punk’s offer are two completely different things. Bryan Danielson says that he wants a long-term working relationship with Moxley to help rebuild AEW. He then states that what Moxley got with Punk on Dynamite was just a one-night stand. Matt Sydal and Lee Moriarty enter the shot and Sydal is pissed at what Danielson said last week about his mentorship of Lee Moriarty. Danielson tells Sydal he has a tremendous amount of respect for him and that he is sure Sydal is an excellent coach, but also states that what Lee needs he (Sydal) can’t teach him and that’s violence. Moriarty is sick and tired of being talked about as if he does not exist before saying that he can bring the violence to Danielson. Danielson is not too happy with Moriarty’s attitude and says if that’s how he wants it, then that’s how he will get it, next week on Dynamite.

Thoughts: This angle between Moxley and Danielson has got me really interested. It is a very different way to go about a feud, especially between these two types of men. By bringing in the likes of Sydal and Moriarty it can only add a big of flavour and spice things up a little, plus it gives Moriarty a huge match to display his skills next week. He is a youngster with great talent and no doubt Danielson will make him look like a million bucks!


Renegade is in the ring as the Women’s Champion makes her entrance, without Jamie Hayter! Something the commentary team bring up. Baker takes control of the match with some sound wrestling skills early after Renegade had a brief flirt with it. Baker with some mounted punches gets the referee involved which gives Renegade enough time to compose herself. Renegade goes with some charging knees in the corner, but the Champ moves out of the way and Renegade hits nothing but turnbuckles before Baker dumps her on the back of her head by a yank of the hair. While the referee is distracted with Baker after a foot choke, Rebel comes in with the classic heel manager choke from the outside. Baker nails a Butterfly Suplex before drilling some elbows to the head and covering for the two count! Baker toys with Renegade, who does everything she can to try and fight back but is not met with much success.


We come back from the commercial break and Renegade is gaining momentum and getting some offense in with a Running Dropkick to Baker in the corner followed by another set of Double Knees by Renegade, successfully I might add too. Renegade goes up top with a Modified Splash and covers but Baker kicks out at two! Renegade looks for a Suplex but Baker reverses with a Gator Roll followed by two Superkick’s to a kneeling Renegade and a Fisherman’s Neckbreaker. Renegade barely makes it to her feet when Baker leaps in with the Curb Stomp! Baker covers and gets the Three!

Winner via Pinfall: Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D!

After Match: Rebel enters the ring and hands Baker her glove which she puts on. Baker drops to the canvas and locks Renegade in the Lockjaw, which brings out a charging Thunder Rosa who knocks over Rebel on her way to the ring! Rosa slides into the ring and attacks Baker, mounting her with punch after punch after punch, over and over! All of a sudden Jamie Hayter rushes down to the ring with Mercedes Martinez following behind. Hayter pulls Rosa off of Baker and drills her with a Backbreaker! Mercedes shoves Hayter away and starts to throw punches into Rosa, Hayter then comes back and pulls Martinez off of Rosa frustrated with her actions! The two women argue but Baker interjects and separates the women before bringing them both in for a group hug.

Match Thoughts: This match wasn't anything to write home about. It was there to put over Baker and to move things along with three angles at the moment. Baker vs. Rosa, Jamie Hayter vs. Mercedes Martinez and to put over the eventual turn of Hayter. The match was ok for what it was but this one was more about storyline progression than anything else.


Segment: We see a video package detailing the recent feud between Layla Hirsch and Kris Statlander. Hirsh said that she didn’t have to use the chair last week, but she wanted to. Hirsch said she had to fight tooth and nail in the orphanage growing up. Statlander said that Hirsh’s actions are childish and uncalled for and that no one can take away her accomplishments. Statlander followed up by saying that if this is how Hirsch acted as a child its no wonder her parents left her in that orphanage.

Thoughts: I am loving this new side of Hirsch and Statlander is the perfect foil for her. Both women are legit two of the best talents going round and the more time that passes and the more layers that are peeled back, I am just loving Hirsch’s new character! Can’t wait for a match up from these two!


Hook paces the ring before he enters. Marshall hypes up Blake Li in his corner before the match gets started.  Hook just toying with Li straight off the bat. Li goes in fast and low but Hook sprawls and locks in a Half Nelson, Li scrambles to the ropes to break the hold. Hook takes firm control of the match with some stunning strikes and a headbutt before flipping out of a Hip Toss attempt from Li before he took Li down with a Gutwrench Suplex! Hook follows it up with a Judo Throw and Marshall looks to get himself involved but Hook doesn’t falter and approaches Marshall who hops back down to ringside. Li comes in with a back elbow to Hook before leaping off the middle ropes with a Springboard Crossbody Block, but Hook isn’t there as he just steps back and out of the way before pacing around the ring with his arms up! Hook drills Li with a HUGE T-Bone Suplex and drills him in the face with brutal Crossface Punches. Hook then drops to the canvas and latches on the Redrum forcing Li to tap instantly!

Winner via Submission: Hook!

After Match: Hook leaves the ring and doesn’t look back. OT Marshall enters and checks on Li before pointing at Hook and hurling abuse at him before we go to a commercial break!

Match Thoughts: Again, Hook comes in and dominates in his usual unconcerned fashion. He shows fire and intensity when needed and he delivers some brutal suplexes! A lot of people have asked me what is the big deal with Hook? Personally, I think it is AEW just booking everything about him right. He was this offsider for such a long time and now that he is in the ring, they are trying to nail his character and matches perfectly! His character is typically a heel character, but it’s done with a fresh twist and if things continue, he will be AEW’s first pure home-grown male talent to reach the top! AEW have come in on the ground floor with Hook and they are investing huge amounts of time and money into him. The push isn’t shoved down our throats and he is finally getting his first feud to settle into with Marshall. While there are certain things about his presentation, I do not like I cannot deny the kid has skills and his character work is fresh and drawing people in!


Segment: We got to our usual backstage split screen interview segment with my man Mark Henry! Billy Gunn says they; the Gunn Club have made a statement by beating Jungle Boys ass but says that tonight they will make the biggest statement of all when Austin and Colten walk out as the new AEW World Tag Team Champions! Christian Cage mocks Billy Gunn then says the good news is they got their tag team title shot, but the bad news is after they lose tonight, its back to the end of the line for the Ass Boys! Jungle Boy chimes in and says that an undefeated streak is a big thing but tonight they are about to walk out into an arena and hear the biggest Ass Boys chant ever! Billy Gunn covers his sons’ ears as the segment comes to a close with Mark Henry’s usual “The Time for Talking is Over! It’s Time for the MAAAAAIN EVENT!”.

Thoughts: I love these segments! I really do, just another small thing AEW do that separates them from the rest of the herd. The Gunn Club have some serious early HBK vibes with their ring gear tonight! This has been a nice feud between both teams, and I have a feeling tonight won’t be the end of it. This was a great little hype segment for all involved, really looking forward to this match now!


Austin Gunn and Jungle Boy start things off, Austin with a pair of arm wrenches but Jungle Boy has the athletic advantage and comes back with a Shoulder Block as he gives the entire Gunn Club a sarcastic Crutch Chop. Running Head Scissors by Jungle Boy followed by a Top Rope Arm Drag which is prevented by Austin but ends up being nailed with a Rebound Lariat for his efforts. Jungle Boy makes the tag to Luchasaurus who nails Colten with a Snake Eyes. Tag back to Jungle Boy before a Top Rope Assisted Senton to Austin Gunn gets a two count! Colten blind tags himself into the match shocks Jungle Boy with a huge Lariat shifting the balance of control in the match. The Ass Boys, I mean Gunn Club make frequent tags to each other and have isolated Jungle Boy in the corner. A Hard Irish whip by Colten to Jungle Boy and he is down. Colten with a tag to Austin who uses his strength advantage to wear down Jungle Boy with a Front Headlock and some elbows to the back, nothing too extravagant but it does the job. Jungle Boy ends up being able to dump Austin over the top rope, but Colten gets the blind tag in the process and runs over taking out Luchasaurus to prevent the tag. Luchasaurus grabs Colten by the arm while Jungle Boy comes in and delivers a German Suplex and gets the hot tag to Wrestling’s Premier Dinosaur! Luchasaurus delivers Running elbows to both Ass Boys, I mean Gunn Club members in the corner before a Dinosaur Sized Double Clothesline. The Gunn Club retreat to the outside and Jungle Boy flies out of nowhere with a HUGE Tope over the tope and before rolling Colten back in the ring. Luchasaurus with a Chokeslam and Moonsault on Colten for a two count! We get some good old-fashioned miscommunication as Jungle Boy accidentally takes out Luchasaurus with a dive before Colten hits the Quickdraw on the outside! Colten rolls Jungle Boy into the ring and drills him with the title belt while Referee Aubrey Edwards is dealing with Billy Gunn and Christian Cage! Colten covers but only gets the two count! Luchasaurus pulls Colten out of the ring and pulls him out of the ring and to ringside where he Chokeslams him into the crowd. Christian Cage drills Billy Gunn with a Spear on the outside! Jungle Boy taking advantage of the chaos and hits the Killswitch on Austin Gunn and covers for the Three Count!

Winners via Pinfall & STILL AEW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Jurassic Express!

After Match: Christian Cage celebrates in the ring with the Champs who raise their belts up in the air and climb corners as we see replays of the end of the match. The Gunn Club backs up the ramp slowly as the show goes off the air.

Match Thoughts: This was a great match! I love that The Gunn Club have been given something meaty to sink their teeth into and they are a great team who deserved their shot. They do some great heel work, and it still amazes me that Billy Gunn is still going strong at his age. The end result was always going to be Jurassic Express going over but the Gunn Club looked strong in defeat in my opinion. Great Work from All Involved for an exciting main event!.. also love the effect Danhausen has had with Ass Boys getting over, LOL!

The Heavy Thought on Rampage: Again, a decent edition of Rampage. There were some short matches on the card, but you can see this was done to give us some meaty segments and a decent main event match time length. Again, Starks on the desk does nothing for me, but he is becoming less annoying to me at the moment. The opening match was great and its awesome to see the Switchblade in AEW. Baker’s match wasn’t anything to write home about outside of the fact that it furthered two major women’s angles at the moment. Hook did his things like he always does and moves deeper into his angle with QT Marshall. The main event delivered and was the match of the night without a doubt! This was a solid show for storyline progression as we saw several angles progress and I am really looking forward to Dynamite and the upcoming Revolution Pay Per View!

I hope you all enjoyed this review as much as I enjoyed writing it for you. I look forward to next week’s review, until then, this is Hev signing off… Say hi to your folks for me!