The Heavy Rampage Review - 06.11.2021

Hev brings us another dose of the Heavy Rampage Review as we move closer to AEW Full Gear.

The Heavy Rampage Review - 06.11.2021

This week on Rampage we have three matches on the card plus the heated confrontation between CM Punk and Eddie Kingston. We also have another match in the TBS Championship Tournament to get through as Red Velvet takes on The Bunny. It's Friday Folks and we all know what that means, ITS TIME FOR RAMPAGE!!!

Bryan Danielson vs. Anthony Bowens

Match Overview: Before the match even starts Max Castor does a freestyle rap on the way to the ring, dissing Danielson by bringing up his father-in-law and all the WWE Releases this week. The bell sounds and the first match is underway with Bowens off to a great start as he takes it to Danielson. Danielson eventually takes control of the match and takes Bowens off his feet with a high round kick to the head of Bowens. Danielson keeps control of the match as he controls the wrist of Bowens and now he goes to work on his arm. The American Dragon backs Bowens into a corner and peppers him with thick chops and kicks. Bowens turns Danielson nails him with a couple of chops of his own.

Bowens then connects with some punches, but when he attempts to suplex Danielson, “The American Dragon” counters and gets Bowens down to the mat for an armbar attempt. Bowens makes it to the ropes in time and the ref separates them. Danielson is back up and runs hitting the ropes and then charges back towards Bowens with a head full of steam and blasts him with a kick to the back that sends him through the ropes and out to the floor. The American Dragon heads out to the ringside area to capitalize on his momentum. Bowens has other ideas though and slams him down onto the ring apron sending Danielson crashing down to the floor, smashing his head onto the apron on the way down. As Danielson was getting up, Max Caster charges at him from behind and blasts him with a big shot just as we go to a mid-match commercial break.


Bowens takes control at ringside during the break and rolls Danielson back into the ring. Bowen’s continues with stomps and mounted punches before going for a near fall. Bowens and Castor work over Danielson against the ropes employing some sneaky heel tactics. As we come back from the commercial break Bowens is still in control of the match, as he works over Danielson back inside the ring. Danielson eventually begins fighting his way back into the match until Bowens takes control after a missed corner dropkick with a drilling neckbreaker. Danielson tosses Bowens over the ropes onto Castor then leaps out of the ring himself from the top rope collecting both men. Daneilson rolls Bowens back into the ring then drills him with a missile dropkick. Bowens is down on the canvas where he grabs both hands while stomping on the back of Bowens head. The American Dragon then wastes no time and applies the LeBelle Lock and forces Bowens to submit to pick up the victory.

Winner via Submission: “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson

After Match: The American Dragon celebrates his win as we get the final bracket for the World Title Eliminator Tournament which will see Danielson face Miro in the final at Full Gear. 

Match Thoughts: This was a great opening match. It gave Danielson another win and something to keep him occupied heading into his World Title Eliminator Tournament Final with Miro at Full Gear and it gave Bowens and Castor some exposure. Bowens really impressed me with this match, he was really intense and was intent on just taking the fight to Danielson wherever he could. Danielson as usual looked great in the ring and made Bowens look strong even in defeat. I thought we may have seen Miro run in for a segment post match or an attach but hopefully we get something extra from both men on Dynamite or Rampage next week heading into Full Gear.


Segment: A quick segment from after Dynamite where Andrade El Idolo and MJF struck a deal for the services of FTR and Dax Harwood then issues a challenge to The Bastard PAC for Dynamite next week.

Thoughts: Nothing really much to say here. Did it’s job I suppose and furthers the issues between FTR and Lucha Bros, which is always good, just would have preferred more involvement from the actual Lucha Bros as they are putting the titles on the line at Full Gear.  


Segment: CM Punk & Eddie Kingston Face-To-Face Segment - We head back inside the arena and hear “Cult of Personality” playing and CM Punk makes his way out with big smiles and just simply soaks in the noise from the crowd before eventually heading down to the ring for his hotly anticipated and advertised face-to-face confrontation with Eddie Kingston. We come back from another commercial break and Punk jokes around about waiting in the ring pacing while waiting for the commercial break to end. Punk brings up what happened on last week’s show when Eddie Kingston interrupted him. Punk follows up demanding an apology and then tells Kingston to come on down to “his” ring.The music of “The Mad King” plays but no one comes out. The music eventually fades and Punk questions where Kingston is stating he wasn’t here on Wednesday for Dynamite, so maybe he’s not here tonight either. Punk continues that maybe he needs to talk more and Eddie will come out to interrupt him again... which is exactly what happens. Kingston comes out without any music and a head full of steam, he is a man on a mission here and power-walks down to the ring. Kingston gets in the ring, grabs a mic and gets straight to it. Both men stand in opposite corners of the ring when Punk says again that he demands an apology. Kingston isn’t having any of it and mocks Punk, playing the world’s smallest violin for him. Kingston keeps spitting venom at Punk as he gets closer and closer into his face getting worked up talking about how Punk is a selfish, entitled, whereas he has never had to earn everything the hard way. The Mad King brings up Samoa Joe, Homicide, Bryan Danielson and others judging him back in the day. Punk surprisingly agrees and "The Best in the World" says everyone he just named did in fact judge him, because Eddie didn’t make the cut back then. 

Punk goes on to explain that 15 years ago Eddie Kingston wasn’t ready and that he shouldn’t have expected anything different from him present-day, because he’s a bum. Kingston goes on to questions what a bum is, bringing up some of the things he’s had to go through. The Mad King goes on to say he’s proud to be in the only wrestling company in the game as he points to the AEW Logo in the middle of the ring stating that's a real shot. Eddie then gets in Punk’s face again and says he’s the only one in AEW that has the balls to tell Punk he is not welcome here and that he should not have come to AEW. Kingston then goes on to challenge Punk to fight him at Full Gear. Punk doesn’t accept right away and Kingston gets in his face again and calls him a coward. Punk goes to touch Kingston and Kingston pushes his hand away abruptly then keeps repeating “fight me” as he gets super close in Punk’s face. Punk finally having had it with Kingstons antics accepts the challenge and the match at Full Gear is on. The Mad King then tells Punk to do him a favour and says that when he beats him at Full Gear that he should leave AEW and go away for another seven years like he did last time. That last verbal shot was just one too many for Punk he blasts Kingston between the eyes with a sudden headbutt. This sends Kingston stumbling backwards as a wild brawl breaks out between both men as the crowd goes absolutely nuts. As the fight brawl unfolds officials hit the ring to break them up, and eventually do, but Punk manages to bust away and leaps over them to brawl with Kingston some more. The two men get separated again then Kingston breaks free and the brawl is on again. The two men are evneutally seperated for good as the segment comes to an end. 

Segment Thoughts: HO-LY SHIIIIIIT! If last weeks segment was a brilliant way to begin a feud between these two then this right here was the perfect way to keep that feud hot and ignited heading into Full Gear. The fans were not favoring either guy for too long, this was down the middle and it seems to have really lit a fire under Punk. I haven't had any issues with Punk's return, I knew he had to take it slow but this segment, this was old Punk coming back through and who better to bring it out than Kingston! The Mad King is without a doubt one of the best guys on the stick, the way he talks and how you know it comes from the heart, how it comes from a personal place just makes everything he says hold that much more weight than it would if anyone else was saying it. Since starting to watch AEW Eddie Kingston has been a guy that has continued to grow and grow and grow on me each and every single time I see him on the screen. This guy deserves a title run of some kind soon, maybe with Mox gone he can be elevated up the card a little and get a TNT Title reign or better yet a World Title reign sometime soon. The only thing stopping that latter one is the amount of immense talent between him and the title. 


Segment: Jurassic Express & Christian Cage Issue Challenge to Super Kliq for Full Gear - We go backstage where Tony Schiavone is standing by with Jurassic Express and Christian Cage. Cage begins by talking about The Super Kliq claiming to be tough guys. Cage says they might be good at flippy moves but he doesn’t see them as tough guys. Cage says that last week the Super Kliq certainly didn’t look like tough guys this past Wednesday on Dynamite, when they were left laying like the pieces of sh*t they are. Cage then asks what Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy think. They both agree before Jungle Boy extends a challenge to The Super Kliq for a Falls Count Anywhere Match for Full Gear.

Thoughts: This was a nice way to hype up the match at Full Gear. It was awesome to see the Super Kliq get some form of comeuppance on Dynamite as they always seem to be booked very strong which adds no buzz or anticipation for me to see them in a match. To see them get put down on Dynamite added a whole bunch of anticipation to this match for me and I for one think this will be a solid match at Full Gear. 


TBS Women’s Championship Tournament
SINGLES MATCH: Red Velvet vs. The Bunny

Match Overview: After a pre-match commercial break Red Velvet’s theme hits and out she comes in a hurry, charging down to the ring and immediately going after The Bunny as the commentators remind us about the recent history between both women. The bell sounds and the match is officially underway! Velvet works over Bunny immediately, but then Bunny takes over and sends Velvet out to the floor and beats her down in front of the fans and Jade Cargill, who is watching this action from her front row seat. Bunny hauls Velvet back in the ring and continues to work her over. Velvet then starts to fire up before a big comeback in the ring. Velvet takes the fight to Bunny and then drops her with a Cutter for a near fall. Velvet continues with the assault as he unloads kicks in Bunny’s direction, however Bunny avoids them and then takes control of the match and begins beating Velvet down shifting the offensive momentum once again. Bunny then hits a nice thrust kick that drops Velvet to one knee before he looks to hit Velvet with her finisher, BUT Velvet counters and hits her own finisher to score the pin fall advancing to the next round of the tournament to face none other than Jade Cargill in the quarterfinals of the TBS Women’s Championship tournament.

Winner and ADVANCING in the TBS Women’s Championship Tournament: Red Velvet

After Match: Red Velvet and Jade Cargill jaw back-and-forth as we get an updated look of the TBS Championship Tournament Brackets after Red Velvet’s win. 

Match Thoughts: While Bunny has been involved in quite a few angles and storylines lately I just did not see her winning this match. On paper Red Velvet vs. Jade Cargill has more appeal due to their previous match history. I feel that if Velvet takes the win over Cargill it will be a fluke rolls up win to properly establish a feud between both women… though I really do see Cargill going the distance and at least making it into the finals series of matches in some capacity. 


Segment: Mark Henry Interviews Tonight’s Main Event Players – Now its time for one of my favorite parts of Rampage with Mark Henry’s split-screen interview between both Adam Cole and John Silver. “The World’s Strongest Man” brings up their match this evening and the two begin talking. Silver talks about his “Budge” nickname for Cole iuf he wins. From there, Silver proceeds to mock Cole when he mentions the one man con-chair-to by Christian Cage and Jurassic Express on Dynamite earlier this week. Silver sarcastically replied, “I bet that hurt, too.” Cole puts himself over nicely stating that the win lat week was a fluke and that what happened to him on Dynamite was nothing as he has been thrown off cages and wrestled the next day because that is what he does. Eventually Henry wraps up the interview as we head to the Main Event!

Thoughts: We all know by now how much I love the little things about Rampage that separate it from Dynamite and just other wrestling shows in general and this segment is a big one for that. The segment was a nice little way to further hype up the match. It was nothing over the top fantastic nor was it boring as hell, it just did the job nicely. Silver was hilarious when talking and his facial expression when he wasnt were great. I loved how he imitated Mark Henry as the segment came to a close. 


MAIN EVENT MATCH: John Silver vs. Adam Cole

Match Overview: Silver makes his way down to the ring first. Nest it’s Cold planked by the Young Bucks. The crowd gives him a superstar reaction coming out as he does his “Adam Cole Bay-Bay!” chant with them. Silver and Cole stare each other down as each man is ready for the battle ahead. The bell then sounds, and we are off! Early in the match Silver is faring well, using his speed and agility to keep Cole on his toes. From there, Cole shifts gears and goes on the offense before the action spills out to the floor at ringside. Cole beats Silver down before the Young Bucks come join in and do their triple-kiss spot on Silver as we go to a picture-in-picture commercial break as the match makes its way back into the ring.The intensity of the match picks up, as both Silver and Cole are actively looking to finish off each other. Matt Jackson gets involved, which brings out two of the members of The Dark Order to even up the score. The Young Bucks and the two Dark Order members stare each other down before the rest of The Dark Order comes out to really stack the odds against the Bucks who leave ringside while off camera. Meanwhile, back in the ring, Cole looks to hit Silver with a low-blow while the referee is distracted, but Silver blocks it and blatantly returns the favour kicking Cole with a low blow of his own. Silver then follows it up with a tornado seated power bomb into a pin attempt, but Cole kicks out. Silver pulls Cole up to the top rope, with both men up there Cole throws some punches and knocks Silver off the top. Silver gets up and Cole goes for the Panama Sunsrise but Silver tosses him into the corner then come charging back with uppercuts only for Cole to nail him with a Superkick. Cole then drops the knee pad and comes back with the BOOM Knee Strike to the back of the head and covers for the win. 

Winner via Pinfall: Adam Cole

After Match: Adam Cole celebrates his win as the commentators run down the lineup for next week’s Dynamite and Rampage and then take this week’s show off the air.

Match Thoughts: This was a great match, it really did a great job of showcasing Silver and his talents. I think due to his size that he gets overlooked at times but his angle with Cole and this match have really shone a spotlight on him. The guy is awesome and if there was anyone who would benefit from a Cruisewrweight or Junior Heavyweight Title in AEW right now it would be John Silver. Adam Cole continues his win streak and builds more steam heading into Full Gear which is good. I don't see Cole taking the pinfall if that Falls Count Anywehere Match if the Super Kliq do in fact lose. Cole needs to continue on his streak and eventually face Hangman Page if he wins the World Title at Full Gear. I also liked that the outcome of the match didn't involve the Young Bucks. Far too much have we seen that same old match ending lately, it was good to see /Cole get the win legitimately as he makes him look stronger moving forward. 

The Heavy Thought on Rampage: Tonights show was a great show from start to finish. I love that AEW open their shows moving striaght into the action inside the ring and not with overblown segments. I know I have said it before but that is one thing they do very well and I also love how they are mixing up the talent and their spot on the card each week. This week we saw Danielson in a Opening Match again and Silver in the main event. To me that is great booking that gives everyone an even shot. This week I thought Ricky Starks was a lot more bearable on the commentary team, he really did seem to hold him own. Maybe he works better when there are not too many "Personalities" on the desk where he gets overshadowed. I still feel he is the weakest part of the commentary team and that he should be in the ring wrestling andf cutting promos to get him over but this week, I was all good with him on the desk. Danielson and Cole look strong heading into Full Gear and the TBS Title Tournament is moving along nicely... but the best thing about the night was that fiery Punk/Kingston Promo! That was gold, the whole thing from start to finish as instense as hell, the emotion was clear and Kingston brought us the Punk of old in that promo. I really, REALLY hope that this feud and match is a turning point for Punk that sees him loosen up more and bring back the Punk of old. I like that he is back and he is happy where he is, but now as we head into the end of the year its time to kick things up a notch and Kingston is the right guy to bring that out in Punk. IF AEW want Rampage ratings to improve then Rampage needs to have more intense and fiery segments like the Punk/Kingston segment. They already have matches down, now they need to work on their promo game for this show to really help it turn a corner.

I hope you all enjoyed this review as much as I enjoyed writing it for you. I look forward to next week’s review as we get closer to Full Gear. Until then, this is Hev signing off… Say hi to your folks for me!