The Heavy Opinion - Cross Rhodes for Cody

The Thunda King from Down Unda, Hev is back with his Heavy Opinion this Week! Let's see what Hev has to say about Cody Rhodes and his possibilities moving forward.

The Heavy Opinion - Cross Rhodes for Cody

Hi, their folks, it is your resident Thunda King and Bloke from the Land Down Unda, Hev coming at you for the second time this week with another bite size edition of The Heavy Opinion. I’m not gonna sugar coat this, we’ve all seen the news blowing up all over the internet the last 24hrs regarding Cody and Brandi Rhodes leaving All Elite Wrestling. It is a HUGE piece of news and I am sure that we are going to get some major updates moving forward. We have heard from Tony, Cody and even Brandi and it all seems very amicable. So instead of sitting here spewing out conspiracy theories about the why, the how etc. like I’m spewing up a kebab after a huge night on the beers, I am instead going to focus on a few theories and opinions on where Cody could in fact show up now, he’s the biggest free agent in professional wrestling. So, buckle yourself in for another Heavy Dose of Opinion!

This article is going to be simple, after my last Heavy Opinion I don’t need to be typing out Ben-Hur levels of detail, so instead of going through every single possible outcome I am going to go with my Top Five Opinions on where Cody will end up and there will be a bonus pick at the end so pay attention boys, girls, and other pronouns. These picks will not be in order from top to bottom, there’s no numbering this is just me thinking out loud randomly. With Cody at a Cross Rhodes in his career I think it’s only appropriate to start with the most obvious one and for me it will be the most opinionated one…. 

  • World Wrestling Entertainment: Now this, from a financial and exposure standpoint is probably the most logical location for Cody and Brandi to end up. WWE is no stranger to reality television and with the Rhodes Clan having their won show, it could be something the WWE are interesting in to add to their reality line up. The exposure would be great for Cody’s career and if the WWE gave him the right push it could work. It’s a win/win situation for Vince & Co as they get Cody back under their umbrella with the Rhodes name, which would clear up any legal issues over copyrights down the line. Plus WWE is all about nostalgia, I could totally see them making a deal to make a documentary or special about Dusty… but, and a BIG but, to me this would make Cody and Brandi absolute hypocrites! This is where my heavy opinion comes in folks! Ever since leaving WWE Cody and Brandi have done nothing but expose WWE’s faults, the issues Cody had with creative and his feelings about being held down, HECK Cody was even known as the Throne Breaker in the company infancy. That is a huge shot right there at WWE, more specifically Triple H. Cody was amongst a group of people that had enough of the monopoly on professional wrestling and decide to come up with an alternative to bring back the love of the sport and try and shake the Sports Entertainment Monkey off its back! Cody is just one part of a group of people who can be linked to the current reestablishment of a new Territory Days that all began with the Forbidden Door concept. Whether you love him or hate him, Cody is one of the people who helped reshape wrestling and brought back a level of excitement and anticipation that has not been seen in decades.

    IMPACT Wrestling: Impact is the company that will never say die! Just when you think it is done, it bounces back and right now Impact is going through one of those bounce back periods! It seems everything they do is running on all cylinders. Every single part of the machine is well oiled and running well. Yes, there are some aspects of any wrestling promotion that are not one hundred percent, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. Everything has a place in Impact and that’s what makes it one of those gems of the current market. Now Cody has appeared in Impact before, but I wouldn’t say it was the greatest run. He had a feud with Mike Bennet that included their wives Brandi and Maria Kenellis, he had shots at titles but was never given the opportunity to be a champion. His Impact (pun intended) was minimal, at best. Now impact could very well be considered the third promotion in the states and a lot of people seem to be walking through their doors and in doing so are making pretty good money and building up their reputations. Impact also gives Cody the chance to work elsewhere, think of Matt Cardona (Sorry Simon) and how he appears in Impact, GCW, NWA etc. That is the type of deal Cody could have which gives him more opportunities to make money, to be free of stifling creative control and in essence it gives him freedom over his career choices.

    NWA: This to me would be the most logical location after WWE in my opinion. Cody has roots in the NWA, not just your run of the mills roots, but LEGENDARY roots in the form of his father Dusty Rhodes. Cody, just like his famous father has already won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, doing so at All In, but how much sweeter would it be to see him in an actual NWA Ring. It literally writes itself! Cody is always one to bring his famous dad into promo’s when it makes zero sense to do it. The NWA is where he could do it all the time and the fans would eat it up with snow shovels! Why, because there are few names synonymous with NWA including Ric Flair, Harley Race, Magnum TA, The Midnight Express and “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes. I can see the video montages now, archive footage of Dusty intercut with current footage of Cody, maybe even the both of them celebrating with the Ten Pounds of Gold! I don’t think I need to go on and on here, I think we all get the point!

    Ring of Honor: Now this was a theory I have seen a few times pop up over Facebook and the internet since the news broke out. Cody has history with ROH, he is an Ex-ROH World Champion after all and Ring of Honor was where he made his first HUGE Post WWE Splash! With Ring of Honor on hiatus it would be the perfect time for him to come on board and shake things up. I could see him being thrust into the main event as a heel, but one theory I have liked so far could be taken at face value as a storyline or with a grain of truth as The American Nightmare is not exactly short on funds. What If Cody makes his return at Supercard of Honor and is announced as the NEW Ring of Honor President and/or Owner? It’s a bit of a stretch for this theory to have any weight to it, but just imagine the possibilities here. Cody again, whether you like him or not has mainstream credibility, he has vision and when he has the motivation, he can really build something. Storyline wise, I think this would be great and I could totally see him as a new generation heel authority figure but without all the shenanigans the McMahon’s seem to sprinkle into the usual Heel Authority Porridge! Give it a little while to sink in, let it percolate and swirl around in your mind for a bit. I know it seems a bit far off but the more I think about it the more I like the sounds of it.

    New Japan Pro Wrestling: Cody had a decent little run in NJPW before All In and the creation of All Elite Wrestling. There was still a lot for him to do there. There is still potential for some great match ups for him over in NJPW. The potential is there for him to make some very good money and he would no doubt be pushed into a very beneficial spot on the card. He is a former IWGP United States Champion and to be honest there is a lot more he could do over there if given the chance. We’ve seen what can be produced against the likes of Okada and Ibushi, maybe its time to see what he can do with Naito, Ospreay, Tanahashi etc. Could he be a good IWGP Heavyweight Champion? Probably, he wouldn’t be on the level of Okada and Tanahashi but I could see him doing some decent heel work over there in that main event spot.

Now it’s on to my bonus pick, hold on to your hats folks, it’s either the most obvious or the most out of left field one yet!

  • ALL ELITE WRESTLING: Just hear me out before you jump on my back like a goddamn feral koala ok! There is something about this whole situation that isn’t sitting right with me. From the moment Cody won the TNT Championship for a third time, to the news his contract was up and now this…. It all seems very... convenient... and very elaborate all at the same time. Things are just not adding up for me at all. If Cody and Brandi were on their way out, then why have Brandi on TV recently in a war of words with Dan Lambert that seemingly set up an angle with Paige VanZant? Why have Cody embrace this weird surreal Face/Heel gimmick if he wasn’t going to stick around? For something like that to succeed it needs time to breathe, not shoving it down our throats and forcing fans to get behind it. The biggest WTF moment in all this was his third TNT Championship reign! It completely stifled Sammy Guevara’s momentum, it came across as nepotism and it was completely uncalled for, especially looking back at how it all played out in hindsight. Don’t get me wrong I love the whole interim champion idea, it’s something UFC does, and I think it creates an interesting angle down the road, but Cody didn’t even defend the belt. Yes, there seems to have been something going on behind the scenes around this time and it was most likely contract negotiations that mucked everything up but why make a move like that when the talent isn’t locked into a contract? I doubt Vince McMahon would have put the WWE Championship on CM Punk if he hadn’t re-signed a contract at Money in the Bank 2011. Also, and this is the one constant bubbling in the back of my mind, AEW has proven that not only do they have well laid plans but that they can slowly build an angle and storyline over a long period of time. Who is to say that this isn’t one big work, and that Cody will bugger off for a year and return in early 2023 after seeing him perform all over the country and world to walk in and win the AEW World Championship in the biggest dick heel move we have ever seen?! He said he’d never challenge for it again, but if he leaves and come back, that seems like a big loophole to jump through creatively. Not only that but, and this is the biggest but of all too… Cody was one of the driving forces behind the creation of AEW, the mainstream alternative that we have all been waiting for! Why walk away from that? Why walk away from something you helped create? Something that you have a very good position and stake in? Yes, there has been rumours about dissention amongst the EVP’s a while back but surely some backstage disagreements and squabbles isn't enough to walk away from the counterculture you helped to create!

Yes, some of these picks seem logical and some don’t, but that’s the joy of opinions, they don’t always have to be logical. This type of subject is about throwing caution to the wind and being creative! These are just some of the realistic or unrealistic options that lay ahead of Cody as he reaches the Cross Rhodes of a new frontier in his career.

Please feel free to comment and share your theories and opinions below and on all our social media platforms. Until next time this is Hev signing off on another Heavy Opinion… say Hi to your Folks for me!