Tama Tonga Re-signs with NJPW

Tama Tonga Re-signs with NJPW
Photo by Masashi Hara/Getty Images

Well, his time as a free agent didn't last very long did it?

Tama Tonga recently confirmed on his podcast that his free agency tweet last month was legitimate, but in the time since, he has signed a new contract with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

“It’s true. Ah, yes, it’s true. I was a free agent on January 30,” Tama Tonga confirmed. “I am now officially signed with New Japan Pro Wrestling. There was that gap, and I took a chance and threw it right out. Tony Khan was throwing out some sh*t, ya know? So I was like, hey, I got a window right here. I’m gonna toss that out right here and see if anybody catches it.”

Tonga has been putting himself about a bit lately, turning up on Impact Wrestling and mixing with other former Bullet Club members such as Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson.

As they say, when you join Bullet Club, it's "4 Life".