Surprise challenger for AEW TNT Championship! [SPOILERS AHEAD!]

Surprise challenger for AEW TNT Championship! [SPOILERS AHEAD!]
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After a grueling battle to match that of David Vs Goliath, the "Spanish God" Sammy Guevara defeated "God's Favourite Champion" Miro on last night's episode of Dynamite, winning the AEW TNT Championship.

Soon after he won the championship, a tweet was sent by former NXT and former Undisputed Era member Bobby Fish, congratulating Sammy on his win and declaring he'd like to be the first to challenge him.

Following this challenge, the newly crowned champion accepted Fish's challenge on the debut episode of "Rhodes to the Top", and a match set for the following episode of Dynamite was made.

How do you feel about Sammy Guevara being the new TNT Champion? Any opinion on the opponent for his first title defense? 

How many fish could Bobby Fish fish if Bobby Fish could fish fish? 

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