Sting leaves WWE

Sting leaves WWE
Image from Flickr

In the early hours of this morning all of The Stinger's merchandise disappeared from the WWE Store with many fans wondering why this may have happened. It has later been revealed that Sting's legends contract with WWE has expired. This means WWE is no longer contractually obligated to sell Sting's merchandise but it could mean so much more.

Sting is now a free agent and although his wrestling career seems to be over I find myself wondering if that was his decision or if WWE wouldn't allow him to due to their own rules and procedures. If his in ring career is over though it's not hard to imagine he could have a place in another non wrestling role. Plenty of retired legends have gone on to be managers, producers and trainers among other things.

With a legend like Sting now a free agent it's not hard to imagine he could turn up at AEW Full Gear and make an impact. 

Whatever the future holds for Sting we certainly wish him all the best and hope whatever the next chapter in his life is that he's happy and successful.