Smackdown Summary 17th September 

Another week, another Smackdown. Watching WWE is starting to feel like doing missionary every single night!

Smackdown Summary 17th September 

Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages! It’s Josh P here back with another Smackdown review. After a short break, we are back to crack on with WWE programming, because we all know that it’s still relevant... not. We soldier on as always however, so let’s crack on! Let’s go! 

Big E fills this roll to a T  

To kick off Smackdown, who else but yours and my Tribal Chief Roman Reigns! The man’s starting to go back to being a full blown psycho so just, acknowledge him I beg, we could benefit from staying alive! Heyman went on a full blown rant about how everyone fears Roman Reigns, including Brock Lesnar. Can’t lie, if you don’t fear him even a tad you need a check up with your GP as soon as possible.  

Accompanied to the ring by a death wish was Big E, who headed down to interrupt the head of the table, which will never end well. Big E stared down both Reigns and the Usos, before Finn Balor headed to join E in the ring, which transitioned into a tag match between The Usos and Finn Balor with Big E.  

Balor and Jimmy kicked off the match and traded heavy shots, including a big basement dropkick by Balor before he tagged the WWE Champion in. Jey was also tagged in, however Big E caught him on his way in and hit a huge crossbody splash on the apron, which a secret source has just informed me is the hardest part of the fricken ring!!!!! Who would have thought it, I can’t believe nobody has mentioned it until now! 

After a break, E was isolated and was victim to some simple but effective heel tactics courtesy of the Usos. He eventually dodged a big move in the corner and managed to get the hot tag to Balor. It ended up not being so hot however, as Jey sneaked in a tag before taking Finn down. Jey sent him to the outside, setting him up for a huge suicide dive from his partner Jimmy. Jim Jim Jam Jam got a near fall before Balor came back with a Pele Kick before he tagged big E back in.  

He ran wild and hit suplexes on both members, but he was eventually stopped in his tracks by a samoan drop from Jey, but E used his strength and powered both opponents out of the ring. Balor took out Jimmy, leaving just Jey and Big E who hit the big ending and got the 1-2-3 and the victory for his team.  

Later, we got confirmation on a six-man tag between the Bloodline and the New Day on Raw, which looks to be a fantastic match! What happened to the brand split though? That broke down quicker then any current WWE contract talks! 

Backstage, Roman asked Heyman if he knew Lesnar would be at Summerslam, and he quickly responded with a no. Roman then asked if he’d show up at Extreme Rules, which Heyman then denied, before Roman stated it was Heyman’s job to know if he would or wouldn’t appear in advance.  

You are my dad, you’re my dad! Rick Boogie woogie woogie! 

Next up we had Rick Boogs facing off against Robert Roode. This match lasted about as long as Corey Graves in bed when Carmella wears her lycra underwear. Basically what happened, distraction, distraction, near fall, distraction, distraction, shock finisher by Boogs and quick victory. No more cold matches ay Vince?

After the match, Apollo Crews and Commander Aziz attacked Boogs and Nakamura, so it’s great to see that the no automatic title rematches rule is still being stuck by! 

Because I'm happy, clap along if you feel like a room without a Corbin! 

Kevin Owens was backstage and he said he would beat the crap out of Happy Corbin. Owens was making his entrance when Corbin attacked KO and sent him into the barricade and the LED screens. He then hit a chokeslam on the apron, WHICH IS THE HARDEST PART OF THE GOD DAMN RING!!!!!  

Backstage, Heyman was still trying to convince Roman that he wasn’t in kahoots with Lesnar before Big E came to mock them, only to be taken out by the Usos and Reigns. 

Tin man spotted on the yellow brick road!!! 

Seth Rollins was out next to seemingly continue his never ending feud with Edge, which is really Edge-ing my patience! But before we get into what he said, you already know what we need to do! Welcome back to: 

Name- Tinfoil Tux Twat. Rating- 10/10. I have no idea why I love this suit so much, but I think we have a new leader for the race in which seth suit I will wear for my 18th birthday party. Shoutout to King Joshhausen for the incredible name, guess he didn’t forget his monster energy this morning! Speaking of Monster energy, it refuels our heart and refuels our dreams. Only £1.45 in all good local stores! #Monsterislife #Weallneedmonster #refuelourdreams. 


Anyway, he said what happened last week was scary. When he stepped on Edge’s neck, he heard a crunch like he stepped on a cockroach. The fans in attedance clearly don’t have a good fashion sense and need gudance from our messiah Seth as they all chanted ‘you look stupid!’ I was beyond disgusted at the fans, Seth, never change! 

He denied accusations that he went too far and instead said it was Edge who in fact went too far. He also blamed the WWE Universe for encouraging Edge. He then said he wasn’t done with Edge, and addressed the Hall Of Famer by asking was he even physically and emotional capable of stepping back in the ring. He stated he felt bad for the Rated R superstar (still think this should be XXXavier Woods’ nickname but I digress) and said he had to beat him one more time to be done.  

Becky Lynch was backstage and hinted at crashing Bianca’s homecoming tonight. More on this to follow, but she should’ve known what was coming.  

Drown me in a bath of acid and bury me with Bin Laden  

Honestly, life can’t get worse than the moment you hear there’s a women’s tag team match coming up next.

 It didn’t even look half-decent as it was Zelina Vega and Carmella facing Liv Morgan and Toni Storm, who seems to be more missing than Paul’s hairline in recent months. Storming through this, (see what I did there?) the match was pretty tragic and was mainly building the feud between Liv and Carmella. The match was boring as f, so let’s skip to the finish to save all our time. Morgan sent Carmella crashing into the ringpost, sending Carmella screaming, and getting her counted out in the process. Count out, in a women’s tag match? Jesus, what could possibly be worse?  

Liv got on the mic and said she didn’t apologise for breaking Mella’s nose and challenged her to a match at Extreme Rules. WWE are getting desperate! 

Backstage Bonanza 

The Street Profits were backstage and said they’d take the Usos titles from them and called them out for taking out Big E earlier.  

Carmella found out that her nose was fine, before she accepted Morgan’s challenge. Zelina stated she would face Liv before then. 

Finn Balor cut a backstage promo about the demon being a manifestation of everyone who doubted or denied him of what he wanted, yeah... I have no idea either peeps! He said at Extreme Rules, we would see the demon come out, before he transformed into his alter-ego courtesy of the brilliant VFX team. I had no idea what I saw and had to rewatch the promo to make sure I wasn’t having a weird dream. 

Quite literally a backstage bonanza as we had our fourth backstage skit in a row. 

Naomi was mad about yet again not getting a match and threatened Sonya, who I've just discovered her Twitter handle is DaddyDeville. So, we have ScrapDaddyAP and now DaddyDeville... I haven’t laughed this much in a long, long time. Anyway, it looks like we’re teasing DaddyDeville’s return to in ring action (still not getting over that name!) 

This match was InZayn! 

Dominik was facing Sami Zayn, who seems to be on a bit of a hot streak of late. Sami immediately exited the ring and confronted Dom’s dad Rey, before blindsiding Dom back in the ring gaining an early near fall. Sami took a hurricanrana before hitting a big boot, then he scaled the ropes, however, Dom kicked him to the outside before hitting a big dive from the top. He proceeded to counter a big move with a tornado DDT, before he managed to hit a 619. Dom attempted to finish it with the splash, but Sami got his knees up, and managed to get a shock pin and get the victory.  

After the match, Zayn trash talked Rey, saying that his son wasn’t ready to compete with people as good as him.  

Homecoming Horror!!! 

Our main event segment was Bianca Belair’s homecoming. I’ve noticed Smackdown tends to go off air with a promo or segment like this rather than a match, which is the opposite of Raw. As Mayor of Knoxville, Kane was first out to welcome Bianca to the ring. Simple promo work here, Bianca said she would take her title back at Extreme Rules, and Kane promised her a massive celebration back in Knoxville if she did win. Kane handed Bianca the key to Knoxville, which was a bit cringe and cheesy but I guess it did the job considering she’s portrayed as the heroic babyface. They then proceeded to sing a song with the crowd. But, we should’ve known it wasn’t all going to go smoothly.  

Becky interrupted and mocked Bianca by saying she was there to show respect to her before holding her hand out. Belair shook it but did not let go, and Becky went for a strike but Belair countered this into the KOD. Becky turned the tables and hit the Manhandle slam before walking out as Smackdown went off air.  

And that was it for Smackdown this week and it was fairly standard and unfortunately slightly boring. There were very few, if any, moments that made me wanna leap out of my seat and shout. Fairly disappointing as I would’ve liked to have had a bit more excitement in the penultimate episode to Extreme Rules, but with the discovery of DaddyDeville and Tinfoil Tux Twat Seth, I can’t really complain. Anyway that’s all from me, thanks for reading and I'll catch you on the next review!