Smackdown Summary 14th May

Another week of Smackdown. I love this show more than Vince loves a bath of Irn Bru with his many mistresses. Anyway, are you ready for a good time? Let's go!

Smackdown Summary 14th May

Smackdown Summary 14th May

Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages! it’s Josh P here with another Smackdown review, the difference between this show and Raw is greater than the difference between days we see Murphy on TV! Anyway, let’s go!

Nobody’s bitch! Except Vince’s

The show kicked off in similar fashion to how it usually does, with the tribal chief, his special council, and the cousin that’s forgotten about more than Ricochet. Long story short, they were talking about Cesaro and how the WWE doesn’t want him as champion, and he isn’t wrong!

Jimmy Uso’s name was mentioned and because it is the start of a WWE show, he interrupted. He still has a death wish and he’s officially signed it this week as he walked out with a shirt stating he was ‘nobody’s bitch’, so it’s official, next week we’ll get a ten bell salute to commemorate the life of Jimmy, that will soon be ended quicker than that one Netflix series that has a new season you’ve waited years for.

He was focused on the tag titles, when Roman asked if he could beat Cesaro. He said no, and I must say he really believes in himself! With the amount of 50/50 booking, he’s guaranteed to get at least one win! Anyway to put it briefly, he eventually challenged Cesaro to a match, who then proceeded to accept, setting up the main event. I was more excited than Corey Graves when he sees someone in latex pants.

Yay… Women’s tag match time… fun

If you read my reviews, you’ll have an idea of how much I want to skydive without a parachute when I see the Women’s tag titles anywhere near my TV screen. Anyway, this was a match between Nia and Shayna and their opponents Natalya, who was rocking those latex pants that make Corey Graves harder than the bumps Cedric Alexander takes, and her partner Tamina, I’ve recently heard there’s no one meaner!

The tag titles were also on the line, 2 days before backlash, so if I have to see a rematch in two days between these two teams, I will juggle on the Real Rasslin live watch along! (make sure you tune in, you have a reason now!) Immediately, the tag champions were in control, until momentum shifted when Reginald was sent to the back after a distraction. This led to Jax hitting Natalya with a Samoan drop, only to be met with a superfly splash and the three count courtesy of Tamina. So we have new champions, how exciting! No. Just no. I care so little I think I cared more when I found out a stone was missing from my driveway.

 Attack on Aziz! The Aldi version of Attack on Titan

 Apollo Crews was in the ring next and at this stage I was shocked there had been no backstage segments thus far. Anyway, he handed Aziz a medal of honor for his help winning the Intercontinental title before being interrupted by Big E on the big screen, who made fun of the two men before Sami Zayn stormed to the ring and wanted a title shot too. Kevin Owens followed, along with Big E when an all-out brawl broke out. If this leads to a fatal-four way match between these four, this will be my reaction…

I think it’s fair to say I'll be more excited than Vince McMahon when he sees an advert saying there is hot local milfs in his area. Little did I know that my dreams would come true later, and it made me feel like a make a wish kid getting that moment of happiness.

 Ziggedy Zaggedy Zoo, The cat’s got the flu, but they thought it was covid, and he was sent home livid

Dolph Ziggledy Ziggler was facing off against Rey Mysterio next. I must say I was enjoying the fact we were getting matches instead of backstage bull.

Dolph started strong, and taunted Dominik at ringside as he locked in a submission. After Rey was in control for a while, Ziggler countered the 619 and hit the famouser for a near fall. He then countered another 619 and hit a superkick leading to another near fall. These falls were closer than I am to drowning myself in a bath of acid when a women's tag match comes on. 

Rey must’ve been doing his homework, as he hit the most devastating move in allllllllllllll of sports entertainment; the surprise roll up and got the win. This move seems to get more wins than any finisher in WWE history, except the finish Paige gets after a session with Xavier Woods. Rudolph (I refuse to call them the dirty dawgs) tried to attack Rey after but Dominik saved his father.

Backstage Bonanza P1

We finally get a backstage segment next, Cesaro is being interviewed. Basically the Uso’s need to step out of Reigns’ shadow and he was confident about Sunday.

The mysterio’s were backstage before getting confronted by Rudolph, who came up to taunt them before their match in a few days time.

Build up is not the bEST

 Bianca was in the ring, managing to get a few words in before Bayley popped up on the big screen. Both women exchanged a few words, and if they’d been given a bit more time, I think they could’ve done much more with this build. However, it should be a good match regardless.

Considering WWE’s love for three ways, and not the kind of love Vince has for three ways, I wouldn’t be surprised if Reginald was chucked in and won the title, nothing can surprise me anymore, I’ve seen a feud be created based on someone calling a person who thinks they’re a train stupid. No further comment needed. Bayley laughed off Bianca’s comments before getting serious and stating the end of Belair’s title reign on Sunday and there’s less chance of that happening than there is of there being another bodybag match in the WWE, sorry to disappoint James!

 Better vibrations than the toys at a sex shop

 King Corbin then faced Shinsuke Nakamura next, brace yourselves people. The match itself was quality, with a good back and forth and some hard hitting shots, including a head kick by Nakamura that connected better than my Wifi when nobody else is using it. After a triangle hold by Nakamura, Corbin managed to pin him whilst the hold was still locked in and got the victory. But then the madness started. After the match, Nakamura then proceeded to steal Corbin’s crown, and placed it on his head. This looked like dodgy foreplay, and Corbin sold this like he’d just seen somebody dislike a Real Rasslin YouTube video, and I must say Corbin, you have a right. Both acts are outrageous and anyone who commits one of those acts deserves to be locked up longer than Jay Knox… I take it back, nobody deserves longer than him. Amen.

 Backstage Bonanza P2

 Apollo Crews was furious backstage that his title ceremony was ruined earlier in the night, before Adam Pearce decided to rub salt into his gaping wounds and put him in a fatal four match with Big E, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn next week on Smackdown. It’s a shame there’s no Pay Per View this week for such an incredible match… wait a minute there is!

 Nakamura was then looking at himself in the mirror, admiring his look with Corbin’s crown. He looked like a fourteen-year-old girl who’d just plastered herself in makeup and fake tan looking at themselves in a mirror.

 Another Aleister Black segment followed, and I love the man more than my own mother. If you’re reading this, I mean it and I have zero regrets. He was reading his story again and talking about his ‘training,’ and as always I have no idea what he’s saying but it’s so captivating and I love it. Biased? Of course! I’m biased and I’m proud.

 Jimmy then said he was sick of Roman keeping him and his brother down, and I can’t help but fear for his life at this point. Don’t fear! I’ve hired him a bodyguard so he doesn’t get murdered.

It’s security Steve! His wages were low due to the Jeremy Kyle show being cancelled, what a bargain. Still can’t wait for his match with The Fiend at Wrestlemania 38 we booked on the Raw Round-up!

Little Jimmy is real! R-Truth where are you?

Main event time next, Cesaro facing off against Jimmy Uso. The Swiss Superman started strong and was in full control hitting a massive vertical suplex and enzuigiri. Jimmy then sent his opponent to the outside and hit a dive that seemed to have injured him. He continued though, and was in full control. He countered a Neutraliser which led to a near fall, then went for a splash which was incredibly reversed into a superplex!

I was loving this match and it was a match of wrestling tennis as it was very back and forth, and I couldn’t look away. Cesaro hit a cannonball and an uppercut on the outside until I physically groaned and continuously hit my head against the wall, feeling like a fool for getting invested. Roman decided to attack Cesaro leading to a DQ. All I ask is for a clean finish, but they are less clean than Vince Mcmahon’s bed sheets. Jimmy complained to his cousin for ruining the match, and I couldn’t agree more. Jimmy and the tribal chief then had a shouting war whilst Jey Uso, poor Jey Uso, was taking a beating in the ring by Cesaro. Reigns finally got involved but he was later than the start time of the show in the UK. Cesaro managed to recover and took out both the Uso’s with a neutralizer before Reigns retreated, meaning the Swiss Superman was standing tall at the end of the go home show for Backlash.

Overall it was another brilliant episode of Smackdown, but nothing for Backlash apart from the universal title match was really developed and made me any more excited. It doesn’t change the fact it was a great show however and the family feud continues to remain a highlight for Smackdown.

Also a title change, but we all know how little I care about that! I hope soon we can see Aleister Black back in action, and hopefully it’s only a matter of time. Anyway that’s all from me Josh on this week’s Smackdown Summary, thanks for reading and make sure you tune in for the Backlash live reactions on the Real Rasslin YouTube on Sunday evening. I’ll see you on the next review!