Smackdown Summarised 30th April 2021

Josh P here (Not to be confused with CWC's Josh) with my debut article! It’s Friday Night Smackdown, are you ready for a good time?!

Smackdown Summarised 30th April 2021

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages! It’s Josh here with the start of a weekly review of both Smackdown and Raw. Now as much as I’d love to introduce myself, we have one heck of a show to break down, so what are we waiting for? As the theme tune asks, are you ready for a good timeGood job they chose that for Smackdown and not Raw. 

WeirdEST start to a show in a while 

Smackdown kicked off with your Women’s champion Bianca Belair in the ring. Long story short she’s the EST of anything you can think of and welcome to the show. It wasn’t long before Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode interrupted. However, they only managed to get about two words in before being abruptly stopped by the music of the Street Profits. Guess you could say they didn’t profit from crashing Belair’s promo… 

I know I know. Bayley was next to join the trend of stopping anyone speaking but instead of waiting at the top of the ramp she stormed towards the ring and entered without knocking, how rude. Weirdly she doesn’t say a word but steals the microphone just to laugh like she’s the lead villain in a dodgy “Wizard of Oz” pantomime at Butlins. Bianca had heard enough and hit Bayley with a stiff right hand leading to a brawl between all six people, leading to, you guessed it, a six-person tag team match. This was so rushed and left me more confused than I am in the first hour of Raw. 

Ding Dong Hell… Nope, goodbye!  

Dirty Dawgs and Bayley v the Street Profits and Belair immediately followed. Both women started in the ring and traded shots with one another. When Roode is tagged in the Street Profits run wild and Montez Ford hits an incredible suicide dive over the top rope which gained incredible height, but the Dirty Dawgs were half asleep so forgot to catch him like Vince forgets he can catch STD’s. Dirty Dawgs take control with typical heel tag team work, cutting the ring in half and frequent tags. Highlight of the match was Ziggler dancing, I’ve never seen anything worse and I laughed so hard. I’m a child I know. An incredible boot by Ford connects and sends Dolph’s tooth flying further than Ford on a suicide dive. Montez finally gets the hot tag as Dawkins gains momentum and a close fall which is broken up by Roode. Belair hits Bayley with the KOD, however, neither are legal. Roode hits the most devastating move in all of wrestling; the surprise roll up, which is only stopped by the EST who whips Roode with her hair (the fact that isn’t a DQ astonishes me). Dawkins plants Roode and Montez hits an incredible frog splash and gets the 1-2-3 for the win. 

Backstage bonanza P1 

Quick Bryan promo next, states he is at ease with his decision to accept the challenge from Roman Reigns and states his first challenger if he wins the Universal Championship will be Cesaro. 

Seth Rollins follows with his own promo, and by the sounds of it the feud with Cesaro has one match left. He’s obsessed with the swing still and to be honest he should probably see a therapist now; it seems unhealthy the amount he thinks about it. Still has the best drip in WWE, and this week wearing a suit looking like it’s fresh out of Terry’s Carpets waiting for a tomato ketchup stain to ruin it. 

Nobody is meaner… than Reginald apparently  

Nia and Shayna are mid interview when they are attacked by Natalya and Tamina, and I’ve heard somewhere that no one is meaner. They walk off casually and stroll down the ramp as if they hadn’t attacked their opponents, ready for their non-title match with the women’s tag team champions. Speaking of which they made their way to the ring looking like they were fresh out of the shower not like they’d been attacked. Tamina goes for a splash early but Jax manages to get her knees up and control swiftly shifts to the champs, as they make quick tags in and out wearing down Tamina. Speaking of which, Tamina looks like she’s gone 12 rounds with Mike Tyson after two minutes. The woman of who there is no one meaner finally fights back but her momentum is stopped quicker than a Ricochet push. Tamina finally gets the tag but there was nothing hot about it as Natalya suffers the same and ends up laid helplessly on the mat. Reginald tries to get involved and causes a distraction, which allows Baszler to take out Natalya effectively making it a 2-on-1 situation. 

 However, as Jax rolls back in the ring she is hit with a superfly splash and Tamina gets the pinfall over the champs. It Feels like the feud is going in circles and there’s no clear direction for the women’s tag team division. 

Quick side note, I think I saw the graphic for the main event more times in the first half an hour than I’ve seen my mum all week and I live with her! 

Backstage bonanza P2 

Kayla Braxton interview with the Mysterio’s now, and it looks as if they are next in line for a tag title opportunity. Everyone was emphasising throughout the show they’d be the first father and son champions; poor Braun and Nicholas were forgotten. 

Aleister Black segment followed and I can’t lie I for one am invested. He continued with the story he started seven days ago and when he spoke, he grabbed my attention and I couldn’t look away. Can you tell I’m a massive fan of Black? You have my attention now, so don’t go full WWE and screw this up. 

????Do Do Do, Apollo and Aziz???? 

Apollo v Big E for the intercontinental title was next, and my immediate reaction was why wasn’t this advertised beforehand. Nevertheless, Big E wiggled his hips down the ramp and had a look on his face like a dodgy man who drives slow through school zones, no further comments, take that as you will. The bell rang and both men locked up and we were treated to some excellent technical wrestling to start the match. This was a welcome shift in pace compared to the previous matches. Big E was in full control in the early going and delivered a big splash to his opponent on the apron, which did you know was the hardest part of the ring? Yep, we do thanks Michael Cole, helpful as always! The Nigerian Prince shifted the momentum in his favour after delivering a devastating neckbreaker from the apron to the outside. Apollo starts to dominate the match and the former New Day member takes a beating, but starts to build momentum with back-to-back belly to belly suplexes. However, this doesn’t shift the tide as Apollo stays in control, and lands a picture perfect moonsault from the apron to the outside. Back in the ring, it is very back and forth and both men exchange heavy blows and near falls. Both men shared excellent chemistry and had a range of unique reversals and fluid transitions. Big E hits the big ending and just when he thought he had it won, WWE had to ruin a perfectly good match by copping out with a DQ as Aziz pulls E out of the ring and attacks him. Kevin Owens rushes to his aid and attacks commander Aziz. However, Sami Zayn is next out to give the heels the number advantage. The three men stand tall but as Zayn picks up the IC title he hesitates before finally giving it back. He gets hit by the Nigerian nail and Apollo and Aziz are the only two men standing tall. Could we finally be getting a Zayn face turn? Only time will tell but poor Sami, the conspiracy against him is stronger than ever, he can’t be friends with faces or heels. It really isn’t his year, poor fella. 

Hey-Man, how you doing?  

Paul Heyman interview followed and he starts by immediately mocking Daniel Bryan in a high pitch voice that made it impossible not to laugh out loud. He probably said the word yes in this two-minute period more than Vince has broken up perfectly good tag teams for no reason in the last year, and we all know how high a number that is. On a serious note, his enthusiasm here was incredible and he is one of my favourite personalities in WWE history. 

Main Event time: Will Bryan leave smackdown for good or will he capture the universal title?  

The humour has been toned down, let’s get down to business. Daniel Bryan v Roman Reigns. The Yes Man v the Tribal Chief. Excitement immediately as the head of the table walked down to the ring accompanied by a new entrance theme, and it completely captures the essence of how much of a dick he is. I have now officially reserved the seat at the head of my table in case Roman comes knocking, because if he finds anyone sat there, he will probably kill them dead. You suck chants echoed around the ThunderDome and I was upset to discover it wasn’t for Kurt Angle. The bell rang and started rapidly as Bryan hits a drop kick followed immediately by yes kicks in the corner. He started to rally but this was abruptly stopped by a thudding uppercut you’d only expect Muhammad Ali to hit. The yes lock is attempted early but the Tribal Chief wisely rolls out to the outside, only to be met by a flying meteora courtesy of the Yes man. The target was specifically on Roman’s right arm and shoulder, which had a massive effect later in the match. Momentum is at a high for Bryan back in the ring as he connects with consecutive drop kicks in the corner, only for the third to be stopped by a lariat so hard if you look out your window you could probably see Bryan’s head flying by. Roman’s slow and methodical pacing really stopped any momentum dead in its tracks. The fast pacing of Daniel combatting the slow pacing of Roman complimented one another perfectly. It’s edge of the seat stuff as Bryan goes for a hurricanrana off the top rope but is caught and dealt a thudding power bomb from the top rope that leads to a two count. Frustration starts to set in as Bryan slumps in the corner helpless as reigns hails down a storm of knees, each one snapping his neck back into the turnbuckle. Both men accompany each other on the top rope and the Yes man delivers a back suplex leaving both men down. Yes kicks follow but the Tribal Chief rises and hits a Samoan drop. Roman charges up for the superman punch but it’s countered with a mid-air kick that leads to more signature yes kicks. Bryan throws Reigns to the outside and dives through the middle rope only to be caught and given a belly-to-belly suplex. Roman has a look in his eyes and stalks Bryan as he slowly rises from the ground leaning against the barricade. The head of the table charges at him and goes for a spear but a quick move to the left at the last second sends Reigns crashing into the barricade. Bryan channels the Yes movement as he charges up for the running knee, but he is stopped by a superman punch which leads to a spear attempt which was smoothly reversed into a roll up pin which Reigns swiftly kicked out of. However, when both men get to their feet, Bryan hits the running knee. The ref counts one. The ref counts two. But at the last second Roman lifts his leg onto the bottom rope. Soon after, a spear is hit and the crowd goes silent as the ref counts one, two, but the crowd erupts as Bryan manages to get his shoulder up at the last possible second. However, after one failed guillotine attempt and a long ground and pound from the head of the table, the guillotine was locked in. Bryan has nowhere to go but he refuses to tap, so he fades in the middle of the ring until he is rendered unconscious and Roman Reigns is declared the winner, and still Universal Champion. Due to the terms of the match, Bryan must leave Smackdown effective immediately. But the Tribal Chief wasn’t done there as he returns to the ring with chairs in hand. He sets up for the conchairto, but Cesaro rushes out to make the save. However, Jey Uso shows up and stops Cesaro. He ties him between the ropes and forces him to watch on as Reigns hits the chair onto the chair Bryan’s head laid helplessly on. The Tribal Chief, his special council Paul Heyman, and Jey Uso stand tall at the end of Smackdown. 

And with that Smackdown comes to an end. Announced for next week is a retro edition of Smackdown, and Cesaro v Seth Rollins is the first match announced for it. But that is all from me, Josh, on my first review. Thanks a lot for reading. See you for the Raw review on Tuesday!